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13 Foods You Have to Try at the Women's World Cup This Summer

Apr 11, 2015

So you’re going to Canada to watch hot, talented women play football and you’re wondering “What should I eat while I’m there?” Here’s a Tasty Guide (arranged by the cities in which the games will be played) to foods you can only get in Canada. Well, technically they are imported to many countries around the world but they just taste better when you get them from the source, OK? Bon appétit.
Vancouver, B.C.
If your home base is in the same place as the final match, the three local foods to try are: salmon, Saskatoon berries and Nanaimo bars. These no-bake treats originated in Nanaimo and are typically made with graham-cracker crumbs, coconut, walnuts, vanilla custard and chocolate. Pacific salmon come in all colors and sizes, and include many different species such as Chinook, Chum, Coho, Sockeye, Cutthroat, Steelhead and Pink. Saskatoon berries are similar to blueberries, are rich in antioxidants, and are considered a “superfood” – we all need more above average food in our lives.

Nanaimo Bars


Coho Salmon

saskatoon berry

Saskatoon Berries

Edmonton, Alberta
Watching the games in Edmonton? Meat lovers, be sure to try the famous Alberta beef, considered among the world’s best. Alberta is also deemed the cattle capital of Canada (their milk is supposedly some of the best too).
alberta beef

Alberta Beef

Winnipeg, Manitoba
It gets pretty cold in Winnipeg (like -30°C), but when it warms up the chokecherries (wild black cherries) ripen and are used to make jams, jellies, juices and wine. Arctic Char is also a delicacy here – a cousin of salmon but genetically closer to trout (it’s also sustainably caught!).



Arctic Char

Ottawa, Ontario
The capital of Canada, Ottawa sits on the border of Québec. Purple garlic, a rare variety, is in abundance here and should be consumed in as many dishes as possible. Ketchup chips (yes, they taste just like their namesake), on the other hand, should be eaten on their own or perhaps with a side of Dill Pickle chips or Munchies snack mix… Artificially flavored or not, these are downright delicious.
purple garlic

Purple Garlic


Ketchup Chips

Montréal, Québec 
Canada has some amazing exports, but none are as great as its maple syrup. Québec is the largest producer of maple syrup in the world, accounting for about 75 to 80 percent of the supply. Maple syrup is perfection (best drunk straight from the bottle – I know, as I do it frequently). The hottest and trendiest export right now is poutine – french fries slathered in gravy and cheese curds. It’s a heart attack on a plate, so delicious and savory you can’t stop eating it. But the “under the radar” Québecois delicacy is their trademarked BeaverTail (beaver, hehe), or Queues de Castor as it’s known in French. It’s fried dough shaped like a beaver (hehe) tail, topped with apples, chocolate or candy… Lezzies, can you really resist?
maple syrup

Maple Syrup





Moncton, New Brunswick
Wild blueberries and blueberry blossom honey are most adorned in this province, as Canada is the world’s largest exporter of the wild variety. Oysters are also highly valued here… Aphrodisiac, anyone?

Wild Blueberries

blueberry blossom honey

Blueberry Blossom Honey


New Brunswick Oysters

What are your favorite Canadian foods? Tell us which ones you’ve tried. Let us know in the comments!

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