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HER Celebrates Anal August 2023 with a  “Girl Dinner” Giveaway

Aug 08, 2023

HER Celebrates Anal August 2023 with a  “Girl Dinner” Giveaway
  • Contest Breakdown & Booty Celebrations

    Oh hey, booty enthusiasts, welcome to Anal August! You know at HER, we’re all about breaking barriers and making pleasure an inclusive and fun journey for everyone. To amp up the celebration this year, we’re thrilled to announce our partnerships with Lovehoney and Cute Little Fuckers. Brace yourself, this is going to be a wild ride!

    How to WIN Anal August

    We at HER believe anyone can “win” Anal August by practicing fun, safe, and consensual booty play. However, we also know that a little extra spice can go a long way in heating things up.

    Throughout August, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep a sharp eye on our social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We’ll be serving up a tantalizing combo of expert advice, sex-positive affirmations, personal stories, and more to help everyone navigate the exciting waters of anal play.

    But wait, there’s more! We’re also throwing in a sizzling giveaway. Oh yes, you heard right! In partnership with Lovehoney, we’re offering you a chance to win some fantastic toys that we’ve been absolutely gushing about. 

    Here’s the deets: The HER x Lovehoney August Giveaway is your ticket to pleasure town! We’re celebrating Anal August by giving away a Lovehoney Anal Starter Kit to five lucky winners! This contest kicks off on August 1st at 12am EST and runs till the clock strikes midnight on August 30th EST. 

    The giveaway goodies include:

    – Lovehoney Classic Silicone Beginner’s Butt Plug

    – Lovehoney Discover Water-Based Anal Lubricant

    Winners will be announced on our Instagram page on August 31st.  Remember, you need to be 18 years or older and living in the US to enter this contest. Prizes will be awarded at random to the lucky winners.

    CLF Giveaway Details:

    This month, the HER team is partnering with CLF to giveaway five Shimmer toys via our social media. Follow us at @hersocialapp on Instagram and turn on those post notifications for your chance to win!

    About Our Partners


    First, in our line-up of pleasure superstars, we have Lovehoney, the champion of sexual happiness worldwide. They’re not just an online retailer, but a full-on pleasure playground that encourages everyone to confidently explore their sexual desires. Their ethos? Sexual happiness should be within everyone’s reach, no matter your experience level.

    Lovehoney is a treasure trove of everything that can make your knees weak and heart race, from a vast range of sex toys and erotic lingerie to a plethora of intimate gifts. They’ve brought sexual happiness to millions globally and are renowned for their discreet packaging, ensuring your little secrets remain just that.

    The brand has been serving pleasure seekers for nearly two decades, continuously evolving and improving its offerings based on consumer feedback. They even have their own Lovehoney-branded products, bringing top-notch quality at reasonable prices.

    But Lovehoney isn’t just about products; they’re on a mission to normalize conversations around sex and pleasure. They host a thriving online community where customers can share experiences, get advice, or simply hang out with like-minded pleasure enthusiasts. So, whether you’re shopping for your first toy or looking to add to your collection, Lovehoney has got your back (and your front, and everything in between)!

    Cute Little Fuckers

    Roll out the rainbow carpet for Cute Little Fuckers! This is the ultimate place where playfulness and pleasure unite, creating an inclusive and joyful environment that screams authenticity and fun. Queer-owned, trans-owned, and disability-owned, CLF has redefined what a toy company can be, and we’re totally here for it!

    Cute Little Fuckers, or CLF as they’re adorably known, is all about inclusivity. They’ve created an array of charming, monster-themed toys that defy gender stereotypes and make everyone feel welcome. But, these toys are more than just their quirky looks. Each design is thoughtfully crafted to provide diverse forms of stimulation, accommodating different bodies and preferences.

    One of the coolest things about CLF is that their toys come with their own personalities and stories, fostering a sense of community and storytelling in a realm that is often overlooked. From Princette Puppypus who loves cuddles, to Starri who’s a joyous genderqueer star, each toy encourages you to explore your sexuality in a playful, non-threatening way.

    CLF’s commitment to making sexual expression accessible to all aligns perfectly with their inclusive ownership. They are continually striving to break down barriers and taboos in the most fun and engaging way possible.

    About HER

    HER, the dating app designed for LGBTQIA+ women & gnc folks, has always been an advocate for sexual health and exploration. By celebrating Anal August, we want to normalize discussions around anal play, provide information on how to engage in it safely and stress the importance of consent, communication, and comfort. It’s all about empowering individuals to discover what feels good for them.

    Evie keeps queer journalists updated about everything going on at HER. Reach out if you're doing a story on HER, Robyn, or FLINTA dating.

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