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Bar Wotever

Feb 06, 2013

Last week was our virign appearance at Bar Wotever. Headed down the RVT on a Tuesday night, not really sure what to expect but relying on the indicative name, it kicked off with THE BEST start we could have imagined. The charming and clearly skilled duo of Love Soup/Stew had waiting as we walked in the door one of the best value and belly filling meals we’ve had this year. Homemade soup with perfect crusty yet soft seedy rolls with their creamy and chunky white bean dip. For £3.50. Surely that’s unheard of in London? We were sold.
For years we’ve lived in this city and found ourselves wondering what really goes on across this giant urban sprawl. The obscure nights, the lone meetups, the hard to find bars. We don’t mean the Timeout list of London’s top secret bars (although we’re real suckers for those places too). But the real stuff, the real people and the real unexpected.
Well, Bar Wotever was a bit of that for us. Always someone new on stage, never a planned schedule. They showcase people that want to be heard. With a voice or a skill or a point of view. We listened to Claudia Moroni take us through her passion for portait photography and share tips on how to get into it yourself. And the tongue to floor to cheek Kittentits McGee with her muddied, gas marked, medusa-ed, burlesque. Both unique, both captivating and both wonderful.
And to top it all off, we had a couple of lovers sat in between us and the stage who were pashing like we hadn’t seen in a while. In the downtime, there was getting downtime. And we were loving it.
If  you ever find yourself digging for something different on a Tuesday night, we couldn’t think of anywhere better to send you than Bar Wotever. Date or no date, this is a place to make you smile.
Some Claudia Moroni shots:

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