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What does “butch lesbian” mean?

Feb 28, 2020

What does “butch lesbian” mean?
  • A butch lesbian is typically a lesbian with a more masculine-leaning style sense. Butch iconography includes: a stained white tank top, a shaved head, strong eyebrows, no makeup, Doc Martens, an old leather wallet, a broken wrist watch, a Calin Klein sports bra, an open button-down shirt, etc. etc. But “butch” is also a lot more than just fashion choices and personal grooming, it’s a whole vibe. 

    A butch lesbian is someone who has a more masculine-leaning style or energy. Their vibes exude sex.

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    What kinds of butch lesbians are there?

    There are fancy butches. Think bow-ties and wingtip shoes. There are King Princess-butches. (Verging into soft butch territory.) Think bucket hats and dirty Skechers. There are studs, which specifically refers to black butch women and nonbinary people (and should not be used by white people!) There are short-haired butches and long-haired butches. Butches who love gold accessories and butches who don’t own anything but a washcloth and overalls. 

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    What does it mean to be “butch”?

    Butch is more an energy than anything else. And there’s one thing butch women want to make clear: they aren’t imitating men. It’s their own individual interpretation of masculinity. As former Olympic swimmer and men’s wear model Casey Legler told The New York Times, “We exist in this realm of masculinity that has nothing to do with cis men — that’s the part only we [butches] know how to talk about.”

    Butch tends to be seen as the opposite of “femme,” which refers to a more feminine-leaning lesbian or queer woman. There are different gradients of butch, i.e. soft butch, which means someone who is somewhere in between a “butch” and “femme” person. But no matter where you fall on the butch spectrum, one thing I think we can all agree on: butches exude sex. They exude confidence. They are walking orgasms. 

    No matter if you’re a soft butch, hard butch, tall butch, short butch, ripped butch, thicc butch, “butch” is an aura. It’s an attitude. And if you’re butch and single, you should call us!!!! 

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