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15 openly bisexual celebrities

Robyn Exton

Sep 20, 2022

15 openly bisexual celebrities
  • Bisexuality is beautiful – and, while there have always been openly bisexual people, more celebrities than ever are proudly identifying with the label. If you’re here, you might be wondering which ones fall into this camp. 

    We’re always happy to signal-boost bisexual representation because it’s a label that’s not always well-understood and still comes with some inaccurate stereotypes. So here are 12 famous bisexual babes to help clear things up and put faces to a label. 

    Heads up: since sexuality is often fluid and we think people should get to decide their own labels, we’ve only included people who have identified as bisexual. That means we’ve left off celebrities who were merely rumored or assumed to be bi, or those who used to identify as bisexual but have since chosen a different label or no label at all (think: Kesha).

    Janelle Monáe 

    Source: Janelle Monáe on Instagram

    There’s no easy way to sum up Janelle Monáe or their career. She’s a singer-songwriter, producer, rapper, actress and style icon who can’t be boxed into a narrow label. That concept applies to her sexuality and gender identity, too.

    In 2018, she told Rolling Stone that she identifies with both ‘bisexual’ and ‘pansexual’ labels – but that she’s still learning about herself. As if she weren’t already amazing enough, Monáe is offering a real-time masterclass in giving yourself space to evolve and feel out which labels ring true to you.

    • Learn more about bisexual dating and how to connect now with bi, queer and open-minded folks.

    Lili Reinhart

    Source: Lili Reinhart on Instagram

    The Riverdale and Hustlers star first came out as bisexual in a 2020 Instagram story urging others to join an LBGTQ+ protest supporting Black Lives Matter. Reinhart told Nylon in 2021 that she and her loved ones knew about her bisexuality from an early age, but she was hesitant to share that part of her life publicly.

    Ever since coming out, though, Reinhart has been gloriously outspoken about her bi pride. That includes pushing back against biphobia, tweeting “F*ck that shit.” Hard yes.

    Cardi B

    Source: Cardi B on Instagram

    Rapper Cardi B has smashed records with hits like “Girls Like You” and “WAP” and permanently influenced hip hop. She also happens to be bisexual, saying in 2018 that she’s had experiences with “a lot” of other women. 

    One other thing that most Cardi B fans already know about the songwriter is that her Twitter clapbacks are brutal. That includes responding to biphobic assumptions about her marriage to a man. Bi people are valid and it’s hard to imagine a more memorable (or more Cardi) way to say so.

    Angelina Jolie

    Source: Angelina Jolie on Instagram

    If this A-lister needs any introduction, maybe we should start with her humanitarian efforts. Angelina Jolie is well-known for her advocacy in education, women’s rights and refugees’ rights, including acting as a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

    Of course, she’s also an Oscar-winning actress and frequent fixation for tabloids, though she’s expanded her movie career into producing, writing and directing films like Unbroken and First They Killed My Father. And even when bisexuality was less accepted or understood, Jolie has been open about her feelings toward women — she told Barbara Walters in 2003 that “of course” she’s bisexual.

    Adelaide Kane

    Source: Adelaide Kane on Instagram

    Aussie actress and model may be famous for her roles in shows like Reign and Teen Wolf, but she was a 100% relatable and hilarious angel when she explained her bisexuality on TikTok for the first time. 

    With the caption, “This has been sitting in my drafts for weeks,” Kane essentially let us know that, despite being super nervous to come out as bisexual, pretty much no one was bothered – or even surprised. She later confirmed the news on Instagram, posting “spoiler alert, I’m not straight.” Great, as if we needed yet another celebrity crush. 

    Jason Mraz

    Source: Jason Mraz on Instagram

    If you were on planet Earth in 2008, there’s a decent chance you heard the smash hit “I’m Yours” at some point – but you might not have known that its singer-songwriter Jason Mraz is bi. He briefly mentioned having experiences with men, but would later leave a cheeky hint at bisexuality in a love letter penned to the LGBTQ+ community

    Since then, Mraz has spoken openly about his journey to being out as a bisexual man, saying that the experience “gave me even more empathy and more compassion for those who are taking that journey every day.” 

    Mara Wilson

    Source: Mara Wilson on Instagram

    Calling all Matilda fans: the star of your favourite Danny Devito joint grew up to be cool as hell and, incidentally, is bisexual. In 2016, she told Twitter followers that she had started embracing bisexual and queer labels and that the LGBTQ+ community had always “felt like home.” 

    Wilson has mostly eschewed the Hollywood spotlight in favour of her own projects, but she opened up to in a two-part interview about struggles with sexuality, fame, imposter syndrome and which American Girl doll she had as a kid (hint: not Samantha). 

    Lil Wop

    Source: Lil Wop on Instagram

    Coming out can be whatever you want – a big deal, a small, no deal at all. And the former Gucci Mane label rapper Lil Wop demonstrated how to keep things casual with an adorably laidback Instagram post saying that he “likes guys and girls” and that it’s “whatever.”

    Larry Saperstein

    Source: Larry Saperstein on Instagram

    Starring as Big Red in the amazingly titled High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Larry Saperstein is another celeb who took to TikTok to casually let fans know he’s bisexual. During Pride Month in 2021, Saperstein posted the video with the caption “is it really that unexpected tho”. 

    Unexpected or not, the announcement was adorable, especially when you see how many times “BI KING” shows up in the comments.

    Sawyer Fredericks

    Source: Sawyer Fredericks on Instagram

    If you’re a fan of the US version of The Voice, you might remember the youngest male contest to ever win the competition – Sawyer Fredericks, who would later come out as bisexual on Instagram in 2022. The singer and musician admitted that, when he was younger, he “didn’t know there were more options besides Gay and Straight.” 

    In one of the sweetest parts of his post, Fredericks notes that he was privileged enough to only experience support from those around him and sent his sympathy to anyone who had experienced anything less. 

    Aubrey Plaza

    Source: Aubrey Plaza on Instagram

    Aubrey Plaza – the actress, comedienne and sullen dreamboat of Parks and Rec fame – made countless women’s dreams come true in 2016 when she told the Advocate that she falls “in love with guys and girls.” 

    The Grumpy Cat kindred spirit has played her fair share of queer characters and grew up with lots of gay friends and family, so it wasn’t surprising to learn that she enjoyed her status as a favourite of the LGBTQ+ community. But her revelation cemented that she was also a member of the LGBTQ+ community herself: “I know I have an androgynous thing going on, and there’s something masculine about my energy. Girls are into me – that’s no secret. Hey, I’m into them too.” 

    Phew, that confidence (insert heart-eyes emoji here). 

    Margaret Cho

    Source: Margaret Cho on Instagram

    Longtime queer icon and Pride festivities veteran Margaret Cho is a talented comedienne, actress and now podcast host. You might recognise her from movies like Fire Island or an especially, um, memorable guest star turn in series 30 Rock

    Despite growing up in a gay-friendly part of San Francisco, Cho told the Huffington Post that she experienced a problem still common today: “[people] were aware of gay men and lesbians but they didn’t understand bisexuality.” Though she has said the issue persists, it hasn’t held her back – she’s a regular at Pride events around the world.

    Best of all, she has some of the greatest reasoning ever for settling on the bisexual label rather than pansexual: “I like ‘bisexual’ because it’s kind of 70’s .There’s something very chic about that word.”

    Stephanie Beatriz

    Stephanie Beatriz talks 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and 'In the Heights' and being bi
    Photo from The Trevor Project

    “I’m choosing to get married because this particular person brings out the best in me. This person happens to be a man. I’m still bi.”

    Lilli Reinhart

    Lili Reinhart Gets Candid About Her Decision to Come Out as Bisexual |  Entertainment Tonight
    Photo from Entertainment

    “Although I’ve never announced it publicly before, I am a proud bisexual woman.”


    mxmtoon, bisexual celebrity
    Photo from Inside

    “There’s not enough songs in the world where people can listen to it, and it doesn’t have any sort of gender to it, and it doesn’t say like, ‘Boy-oy-oy.”

    Robyn Exton

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