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Charting Chrishell Stause’s Boundaries in Selling Sunset

Robyn Exton

Nov 08, 2023

Charting Chrishell Stause’s Boundaries in Selling Sunset

Ever wondered what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a reality TV star, navigating both professional drama and personal growth? Well, brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as we delve into chrishell stause boundaries.

In the glamorous yet cutthroat world of real estate depicted in “Selling Sunset”, Chrishell Stause stands out. Not just because she’s charming or photogenic but due to her resilience amidst turmoil. How does she do it? What kind of magic dust has she sprinkled on her relationships?

We’re about to pull back the curtain on how this selling sunset star tackled ongoing feuds with fellow castmates while fostering healthier connections.

This isn’t merely some celebrity news story. Instead, you’ll delve into Chrishell’s transformation from a people pleaser to someone who confidently sets her own boundaries.

Chrishell Stause’s Journey to Developing Healthy Boundaries

The high-stakes world of Selling Sunset, the hit Netflix series, is a playground for drama. Yet amidst it all, one sunset star stands out: Chrishell Stause.

The Role of Workplace Conflict in Shaping Chrishell’s Boundaries

This 42-year-old actor and realtor has been a pivotal figure throughout season 7. Her journey is marked by feuds with other cast members like Nicole Young and model Marie-Lou Nurk.

Chrishell chose to take the high road when confronted with conflict, even going so far as apologizing to Nicole after their heated quarrel. But instead of accepting accountability, Nicole turned away from reconciliation—a move that led Chrishell towards setting firmer boundaries within her personal life and professional career at The Oppenheim Group.

Finding Balance Between Personal Growth and Professional Challenges

Navigating through tear-filled confrontations and jaw-dropping revelations can be challenging. However, our reality TV favorite did more than just survive; she thrived.

In spite of ongoing workplace conflicts affecting her emotional wellbeing, she managed to keep an unwavering focus on self-improvement throughout Season 7—making sure her personal growth didn’t get sidelined amid office disputes.

Moving From People Pleaser To Self-Assured Individual

No longer feeling the need to please everyone around her was a significant turning point for this Selling Sunset star. As we witnessed during Season 7’s biggest moments—the fallout with Amanza Smith or disagreements within The Oppenheim Group—she stood firm in asserting her own needs while also maintaining a level of professionalism that made her stand out among fellow castmates.

Indeed, Chrishell’s journey to developing healthy boundaries is nothing short of inspiring.

The Impact of Chrishell Stause’s Relationship with G Flip on Her Personal Growth

Season 7 of the hit Netflix series, “Selling Sunset,” offered viewers a surprise: Chrishell Stause and G Flip tying the knot in Las Vegas, officiated by none other than an Elvis impersonator. This bold move sparked questions about Chrishell’s personal growth and her journey towards establishing healthier boundaries.

The Wedding That Shocked Everyone

This unexpected union between the ‘selling sunset’ star and Australian musician marked a significant turning point for Chrishell. She seemed to break away from being perceived as a social climber, focused more on genuine connections rather than just maintaining appearances.

In fact, it was through this relationship that she started prioritizing her feelings left aside for a long time due to workplace drama or celebrity news buzz. As one might say, she stopped losing brain cells over what others thought.

G Flip didn’t merely play second fiddle in this transformational journey either. They played an instrumental role in helping Chrishell establish stronger boundaries while still managing intense emotions often experienced under the reality TV spotlight.

Finding Balance Amidst Chaos

The couple demonstrated how essential it is to create space for individual growth within relationships. Despite ongoing feuds at Oppenheim Group or heated quarrel episodes making headlines – they stood together strong. It goes without saying; their love story wasn’t just another plot twist but served as a catalyst igniting the self-improvement flame within our beloved estate agent herself.

The Evolution of Chrishell Stause’s Relationships on Selling Sunset Season 7

Our beloved estate agent and reality star, Chrishell Stause navigated some stormy waters.

The Fallout with Amanza Smith

A jaw-dropping revelation this season was the fallout between friends Chrishell and Amanza Smith during their Cabo vacation. Following a tense dinner where feelings left unsaid surfaced, an ongoing feud began that became one of the biggest bombshells of the season.

But it wasn’t all gloom for our sunset star. An unexpected turning point came when she repaired her friendships with Mary Bonnet and Heather Rae Young from The Oppenheim Group after a long time apart. Selling Sunset Season 7 showed us that even amidst chaos, bonds can be mended if you’re willing to put in work.

In navigating these tumultuous relationships while juggling her real estate career at The Oppenheim Group led by boss Jason Oppenheim (not without its fair share of drama.), Chrishell demonstrated how important healthy boundaries are – both personally and professionally.

This change wasn’t just evident within group dynamics but also extended into her personal life as well – hint: Elvis impersonator. Yes, you heard right.

A Surprise Wedding That Shocked Everyone

In what could only be described as a Vegas-style plot twist straight outta reality TV playbook, viewers were treated to scenes from Stause’s surprise wedding to Australian musician G Flip officiated by none other than an Elvis impersonator.

This single season witnessed Chrishell Stause not just as an estate agent, but a woman who’s learning to prioritize her relationships and set healthy boundaries. As the saying goes – what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Editor’s Note: 

Season 7 of ‘Selling Sunset’ was a whirlwind for Chrishell Stause, featuring stormy friendships and surprising reconciliations. Through navigating personal drama while balancing her real estate career, she demonstrated the importance of setting healthy boundaries. The highlight of this journey was an unexpected wedding to musician G Flip in Vegas, proving that not everything that happens there has to stay a secret.

Chrishell Stause’s Struggles and Triumphs in Establishing Boundaries on Selling Sunset

Navigating the high-stakes world of luxury real estate is no easy feat, but Chrishell Stause, a star from the hit Netflix series ‘Selling Sunset’, has managed to do just that while setting healthier boundaries. She encountered plenty of obstacles along her journey.

One notable challenge was Chrishell’s ongoing feud with fellow Oppenheim Group agent Nicole Young. Despite taking the high road by apologizing, Nicole continued their disagreement, adding fuel to an already heated workplace environment.

Bre Tiesi threatened to leave The Oppenheim Group due to dissatisfaction with her income and office relationships. This put even more strain on Chrishell as she had to balance maintaining peace at work while asserting herself amidst these conflicts.

In one shocking instance during sunset season 7, Bre confronted Chrishell about being a social climber—an accusation that left viewers reeling over its harshness.

Triumphs Amidst Challenges

The biggest bombshells often come when you least expect them – take for example Amanza Smith joining The Oppenheim Group out of nowhere. Yet despite all this drama unfolding around her, Chrishell held strong. Her efforts were rewarded when she made amends with Mary Bonnet after some misunderstandings caused a rift between them—a testament not only to her strength but also showing how healthy boundaries can mend friendships in unexpected ways.

A clear turning point for Stause was realizing it’s okay not always be “nice girls.” After many tear-filled confrontations, Chrishell emerged more self-assured than ever before.

Whether it’s navigating the cutthroat world of real estate or dealing with dramatic co-stars on a reality TV show, Chrishell Stause’s journey towards establishing healthier boundaries has been an inspiring one to watch unfold. Her ability to stay grounded amidst chaos is truly commendable.

Editor’s Note: 

relationships. Chrishell Stause’s strong will and resilience in ‘Selling Sunset’ is a clear example of how setting healthy boundaries can lead to personal growth and maintain peace, even when caught up in the whirlwind of high-stakes real estate deals and intense workplace drama.

The Importance of Boundaries in Chrishell Stause’s Personal and Professional Life

Establishing healthy boundaries is crucial for everyone, but when you’re a reality TV star like Chrishell Stause, it becomes even more important. The hit Netflix series ‘Selling Sunset’ gave us a front-row seat to her personal life and professional career.

Balancing Personal Growth with Professional Challenges

In Season 7, we saw how maintaining strong personal-professional boundaries helped Chrishell manage the intense emotions stirred by tear-filled confrontations and shocking revelations. Being part of the high-stakes real estate world meant dealing with plenty of drama at the Oppenheim Group.

Rather than allowing the drama to overwhelm her, Chrishell chose to focus on self-improvement. Reflecting on her flaws was not an easy task but proved beneficial as she managed to strike a balance between work challenges and personal growth.

Boundaries became essential tools for navigating workplace dynamics that sometimes felt like losing brain cells. From ongoing feuds with fellow castmates such as Nicole Young, Mary Bonnet or Emma Hernan, being subjected to awful person allegations by Christine Quinn – all these could have been overwhelming without clear limits in place.

A significant turning point came during their birthday party trip to Las Vegas where tensions ran high among group agents including Amanza Smith and Jason Oppenheim. Despite this stressful situation which included jaw-dropping revelations about relationships within their circle (Romain Bonnet anyone?), Chrishell kept her cool showing off those much-needed boundary-setting skills.

Chrishell Stause’s Transformation from People Pleaser to Self-Assured Individual

Throughout Season 7 of the hit Netflix series Selling Sunset, we see a significant shift in Chrishell Stause. She transforms from a people pleaser, always trying to keep everyone happy, into an assertive individual who isn’t afraid to establish boundaries.

This journey wasn’t easy for Chrishell; she faced many heated quarrels and jaw-dropping revelations along the way. Yet these experiences became stepping stones on her path towards self-improvement.

A turning point came when she found herself caught up in ongoing feuds with fellow castmates Nicole Young and Marie-Lou Nurk. Despite attempts at resolution, including heartfelt apologies, it seemed clear that niceties were not going to fix this feud. But instead of letting these conflicts drag her down, they served as catalysts for change.

Her personal life also saw major developments during this season. An unexpected wedding in Las Vegas with G Flip led fans – and some fellow cast members – feeling surprised but delighted by the turn of events. This relationship has clearly played a key role in shaping her newfound approach towards setting healthy boundaries.

The Fallout That Led To Growth

The most notable tension was perhaps between Amanza Smith and Chrishell during their vacation in Cabo after a tense dinner confrontation left feelings hurt on both sides. However, even amid such conflict-filled situations, there was progress: through tear-filled confrontations and reality checks about being ‘fake nice’, Chrishell started recognizing her own needs over pleasing others all the time.

This transformation didn’t happen overnight. It was a result of Chrishell’s resilience and determination to stay true to herself, despite the pressures from those around her. This evolution is not only commendable but also an inspiring journey for all viewers navigating their own personal growth.

Editor’s Note: 

Season 7 of Selling Sunset showcases Chrishell Stause’s transformation from a people-pleaser to an assertive individual, setting boundaries in both her personal and professional life. Through conflicts with castmates and surprises in her personal life, she learns the importance of prioritizing herself over others’ expectations – an inspiring journey for all viewers.

FAQs in Relation to Chrishell Stause Boundaries

Does Chrishell Stause still work at Oppenheim?

Yes, Chrishell Stause is still a part of the team at The Oppenheim Group, selling high-end real estate.

Who has Chrishell Stause fallen out with?

In Season 7 of Selling Sunset, she had conflicts with Nicole Young and Amanza Smith.

Does Chrishell Stause actually sell real estate?

Absolutely. Apart from her acting career, she’s an active realtor working for The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles.

What size is Chrishell Selling Sunset?

If you’re asking about her physical measurements, that information isn’t widely publicized to respect her privacy.


Navigating the world of “Selling Sunset” isn’t easy. Chrishell Stause’s journey shows us that.

She has shown resilience in managing conflicts, balancing her personal life with professional challenges and setting boundaries to protect herself from unnecessary drama. Recognizing the significance of defining limits for ourselves is something we can all take away from Chrishell Stause’s experience.

Remember how she faced workplace feuds head-on? Or when she took responsibility for her actions during tense moments? These are powerful reminders of why chrishell stause boundaries matter so much – they allow you to grow personally and professionally without losing your sense of self.

In essence, this is about more than just celebrity news or reality TV gossips. It’s about transforming oneself into a confident individual who knows their worth – like Chrishell did!

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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