HER - Dating and Social App for LGBTQ+ People

Community Guidelines


At Her, we connect the dots in the lesbian community. We believe in creating a safe and fun space for queer women around the world.

We’ve created some Community Guidelines that should help explain what our general community vibes are. You’ll get a sense of what we chat about, how we talk and what is cool and not cool to do in the Her community.

Keep it positive, supportive & open.

Her is a place where people can come to speak openly and freely about themselves, their families and their lives. We don’t judge, we don’t discriminate and we don’t try and make anyone feel bad. Support each other, give advice and positive guidance and make this the kind of space you would like to spend time in.


Keep it clean.

There are so many places on the internet filled with pussy & dick. With swearwords and hardcore sex pics everywhere you turn. Her is not that place. So keep swear words and sex talk to a minimum, especially in communal areas. Make the tone one you’d be happy to see when you show the app to your friends and family.


Take care of each other.

One of our favorite quotes is “Be Kind. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle you know nothing about.” Listen to the other people in this community, hear their stories and support them, however way you can.


Be True To Yourself.

We are an open community based on real identities and the absolute truth. We ask all users to upload photos that show who they are and are real images of themselves. This means having a main profile picture that clearly displays your face. This is so important to us, to keep trust and belief in this community. If people can’t trust you, how can you trust others? And more to the point, you’re all damn sparkling disco dragons, why would you ever want to be anything or anyone else.


Some specifics…



Her is an app that is open to all female identified, trans, genderqueer & non-binary gendered people. We’re absolutely looking at opening this up further in the future but if you’d really like to be a part of the community and feel that this is your kind of community, just send an email to support@weareher.com and we’d love to hear from you.



We are big fans of threesomes, of all kinds of sex. But unfortunately one of our rules is that you can not proactively seek out a threesome in our community. Queer women have had a pretty tough time in the past being continually asked for threesomes in very unwanted circumstances. So Her is a threesome free space. If you ask another user to join you and your partner for a threesome we will remove your account. However! We 100% support your love of threesomes and strongly recommend some fantastic apps like 3ndr and OkCupid to go find your unicorn.