HER - Dating and Social App for LGBTQ+ People

Community Guidelines

HER App Guidelines:   HER Community Guidelines are here for YOU. To make HER a place where everyone can unapologetically be themselves, feel safe and build wonderful relationships that are based on trust, identity and community.   What we LOVE seeing:

  • Supportive:
    • There will be lots of opinions in the community – respect others comments, engage in fun humor and be appropriate. No judgement, no drama.
    • We want to encourage love, open minds, and comfort.  
  • Inclusive:
    • Diverse content to connect the commonalities among people in the community
  • Have a good time:
    • Whether in person or on the app, we want you to fully enjoy the community we have within HER

Copyright Issues:

  • It is required to have a profile image of yourself to verify your identity.  We understand not everyone feels comfortable/safe enough to do so, we will be releasing a tool in the near future to help with this.
  • Only post photos of yourself.  Don’t post photos of anyone else, unless you are included in the image.  If it doesn’t belong to you, don’t share it.
  • Third party content can be shared, but don’t take credit for content that is not yours.

Speaking of Photos and Posts: Here’s what not to do:

  • NUDES – sorry, we can’t #freethenipple in the entire app until Apple & Google change their policies.  There is a NSFW (not safe for work) Community for these posts, all NSFW content must stay in this Community.
  • NO bullying or shaming behavior – here you can sit with us.  Everyone has their preference, do not judge if they are different than your own.
  • NO fake news.  Just. Don’t.
  • NO self advertising. Kik, snap, phone numbers, all that can go down in the DM’s
  • NO purposeful triggers. Everybody has a story, be respectful
  • NO spamming or scamming.  You will be removed from the app
  • NO cross posting.  Any post seen more than three times (either in one Community or across more than one Community) will be removed

Any post or profile is at liberty to be removed by HER staff or HER moderators if they do not comply with the community rules   R-E-S-P-E-C-T All HER users are automatically a member of this community.  We are all different shapes, sizes, colors, identities and that’s pretty badass that we can share this space together.  We have a zero tolerance policy on HER for any phobic, discriminatory, aggressive, shaming, abusive/harassing, trolling, attacking and/or graphic behavior.  Treat people the way you want to be treated (as cheesy as it sounds, you know it’s true) and report those who aren’t following these guidelines in any way, shape or form.   Age is only a number… And in this case the number is 18+.  No one under the age of 18 is allowed on the app.  We know FOMO is real, but you can follow us on all of our social media platforms until you reach 18 🙌   Threesomes: As much as we love unicorns, please don’t come to find yours within the app.  Open relationship? Polyamory? Loving freely? Awesome! Anything else will be removed from the app   Illegal Activity: Any behavior breaking the law of your local territory will be removed and made available to relevant authorities.   NSFW: This Community is a safe space to explore and freely express yourself.  Please be aware of the following when posting:

  • Shame-Free:  There will be no judgement for people’s preference in this Community.  Any disrespect will be removed and the profile at liberty for suspension
  • No Copyright/Revenge Posts:  This Community will not tolerate revenge porn, posts from Pornhub, Redtube, etc., trafficking, or selling of photos.  If it doesn’t belong to you, don’t post. If this has happened to you, please share the post to support@weareher.com so we can remove it immediately.
  • No Sharing Personal Details:  Yours or anyone else’s in the Community.  Numbers, insta’s, snaps can all go down in the DM’s. Sharing anyone else’s information will result in an immediate suspension.  
  • No Bodily Fluids:  We understand some people are into it, but we will not be having them inside the Community. (Squirting is the exception).

Profile Suspensions: Profiles are suspended for breaking any of the community guidelines, engaging in illegal activity and fake profiles.  If you feel that your profile does not fit the reasons listed above, please contact support@weareher.com with the following information:

  • Email address linked to your Facebook account
  • Your Instagram username
  • First and Last Name and/or Nickname on the app

In App Safety: Fake people and Fake profiles have no place on HER.  While we do all we can to prevent this from occurring, we want you to have the resources to safely navigate this online space.  If at any point you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or that the person you are talking with is suspicious please do the following:

  • Report the profile by tapping on their profile.  Underneath their profile image, there will be three dots “…” with the word “More” and it will be sent directly to our review team
  • If it is a more serious issue and you feel in danger, please contact local authorities and then share the profile to support@weareher.com before reporting the profile
    • To share the profile you tap on Me > Top right corner tap on “…” > Choose share profile

This also includes safety of your children.  We love seeing baby photos, but save them for an alternative safe space      Need Help? We understand everyone has battles that they are working through.  Here are some resources to help you fight, and seek the support you need.  You’ve got this. Most of these resources are available in the USA, Canada, U.K and Australia, but have links to worldwide resources.

  • PFlag – PFlag is the nation’s largest family and ally organization.  
  • GLAAD:  Transgender Resources – GLAAD amplifies the voices of the LGBT community by ensuring that the stories of LGBT people are shared through the media
  • OStem –  Out in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is a non-profit professional society focused on LGBTQ people in the STEM community
  • The Canada Lifeline – a registered non-profit committed to positive mental health and suicide prevention in Canada and Worldwide
  • Australia ReachOut –  ReachOut is Australia’s leading online mental health organisation
  • Black Dog Institute – a translational research institute that aims to reduce the incidence of mental health illness and the stigma around it

Questions about the community rules?  You can ask questions in the HER community or contact support@weareher.com   Terms and Conditions    Privacy Policy