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Dating for gamers: How to find your perfect Player 2 in the world of queer gamers

Robyn Exton

Sep 19, 2023

Dating for gamers: How to find your perfect Player 2 in the world of queer gamers

There’s nothing like having a Princess Daisy to your Princess Peach, a right hand that will help you level up! Some of us want that IRL too, and if you don’t know how to find another LGBTQ+ gamer that will match your interests and cuddle you after a long WoW session, we’ll gladly help.

A couple of women playing video games in bed, with pizza and some drinks. Both have short hair and tattoos, one is kissing the other on the cheek.

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Navigating the dating for gamers world as a geek

Dating within a “nerdy” community is like discovering a hidden easter egg in the vast world of romance. Just as characters unlock worlds in your favorite RPGs, gamers gain experience by crafting new connections. After all, they can be masters of communication, thanks to countless raids, dungeon crawls, and cooperative quests, they just need to canalize in the social area.

Woman with a game controller sitting on a couch; only the bottom half of her face is seen.

You should see having geeky interests as an advantage in dating for gamers. The abundance of social gatherings like conventions, LAN parties, and tournaments sets the gaming dating scene apart. Events like these offer opportunities to roll the dice of fate, meet potential Player 2s, and explore the thrilling possibilities of co-op love.

And don’t forget, just as acquiring power-ups, spending time together in virtual worlds can strengthen your real-world bond, and playing with your partner sounds like a dream come true. So don’t be shy and go get yourself a gamer girlfriend, boyfriend, or while dating…

About being a gaymer

Being a gay-mer is akin to discovering a secret questline within your favorite game—a unique journey within the gaming world. The LGBTQIA+ flag has been unfurled high in the gaming realm for a while now, bringing greater inclusivity and representation to both the games and the community. 

These progressive changes mean that queer players can find characters and storylines that resonate with their identities. Some queer rep that we love include:

  • Ellie Williams – The Last Of Us
  • Judy Alvarez – Cyberpunk 2077 
  • Tracer – Overwatch
  • Birdo – The Mario Bros franchise
  • Krem – Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Neeko – League of Legends
  • Kung Jin – Mortal Kombat
Characters from the videogame ‘The Last of Us,’ Ellie and Dina, slow dancing and looking at each other lovingly.

Source: The Gamer

With more gay representation in video games, gaming spaces have become a sanctuary for parts of the community, even though the other half is still flooded with straight, name-calling bros. Fortunately, platforms like Discord or Twitch allow rainbow-coded gamers to have a safe space while playing online.

10 dating tips for gamers

Take notes and gain some real-life XP with our dating advice for all gay gamers out there!

Level-up your profile

Crafting a dating profile is like optimizing your character’s skills and abilities. Showcase your unique personality traits, but don’t forget to equip it with your gaming interests for an added critical hit.

Choose compatible games

Finding someone who shares your gaming preferences is like discovering a powerful combo. Discussing favorite titles can lead to epic quests and adventures, and be open to trying their recommendations too.

Those who game together, stay together

Invite your potential Player 2 for a co-op gaming session. After all, you’re embarking on an adventure, so treat it as such!

Two women playing a videogame and laughing, both are sitting upside-down on the couch.

Attend gaming events

Consider conventions and parties the best for meeting other geeky gays! Chat with people with cool cosplays, or have a meet-cute while queueing for an autograph. The key is to be respectful and friendly.

Effective communication

In the realm of relationships, clear communication is as vital as a well-timed headshot in an FPS game. Openly express your feelings and expectations with your date!

Support your aspirations

Encourage each other’s goals on and off screen, like achieving that elusive 100% completion. Supporting your partner’s aspirations is like a powerful buff in the game of love.

Respect the differences

Embrace the diverse gaming tastes within the community. Trying new games together is like exploring uncharted territories and will enhance shared experiences.

Balance gaming and romance 

Just as in-game resources need to be managed wisely, find the right balance between your gaming life and your love life. That means prioritizing offline dates too.

Share your gamer stories

Swap gaming anecdotes to create a deeper connection. These stories are like legendary tales of your shared adventures, adding a personal touch to your love story.

Teamwork in love

Just as in multiplayer games, teamwork makes the dream work in relationships. Face life’s challenges as a united front, using your co-op skills to conquer them!

Inspiring stories from gamers in love

Take a look into the world of gaming love adventures that you’ll simply adore.

Look into your gaming circle

A friend hangout. Two of them are focused on playing a videogame, while the other two are eating snacks while they watch.

“I met my SO through online gaming. He was in charge of recruitment, and that’s how we met. Things didn’t get serious until a year later. We had time to work together on a competitive level and as friends before/after raid. So, that was a good basis for a relationship in my book. We realized we had a lot in common and enjoyed talking with each other, so we decided to take things to the next step. Two years later, we are moving into a nerd-cave together and couldn’t be happier. So, my advice is to stick with a gaming community you really enjoy. It may take some time, and a lot of people come and go, but as long as you enjoy the people around you, you will find them eventually. Plus, you already know you have gaming in common 🙂 which most likely leads to other common interests as well!”

Reddit user Roibin

Gay-mer girls exist!

Girl playing on a gaming PC, she is wearing a headset and looks happy. Blue background and lightning are predominant.

Source: Shequality

“Well as a girl in a gay relationship I found out that coming across gay girl gamers wasn’t all that uncommon. My s/o and I both like the same type of games (Fallout, Skyrim, Dragon Age, etc.) and we also found games that we liked to play co-op (Stardew Valley and Eldevin), so it’s not impossible, but I haven’t met many girl gamers who were 100% het.”

Reddit user Mintclip

Trust HER on your next quest

Dating apps are like the treasure chests of the digital realm, hiding potential love interests behind their virtual doors. Choosing the right app, much like selecting the perfect weapon, can significantly impact your quest for love.

HER is the perfect dating app for gamers, not only because it is targeted to the LGBTQIA+ community but because of its plenty of forums that will let you meet as many nerdy gays as you desire. So download HER today and start swiping and mingling! 

As we bid farewell to this epic journey through the world of dating for queer gamers, it’s time to equip our trusty weapons and reflect on the treasures we’ve uncovered.

Remember that love, much like a legendary item, is worth seeking. It may require patience, strategy, and perhaps a few respawns along the way, but the rewards are boundless. So, take a leap of faith, roll the dice, and embark on your personal romantic adventure. 

Happy gaming, dear readers, and may your love story be filled with pixels, power-ups, and the promise of a legendary ending!

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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