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Four Tips for Creating an Awesome Lesbian Dating Profile for Apps Online

Jul 10, 2014

Four Tips for Creating an Awesome Lesbian Dating Profile for Apps Online
  • Creating your profile on Dattch – The Lesbian App, can be a daunting task.  There are so many different ways you can describe yourself, it can be hard to know the best way to get people interested in your profile.  This mathematician, here, for example, created an algorithm to hack OkCupid and get more dates. We want you to meet women, lots of them, so we have a few top tips to help you become an expert in lesbian dating.

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    1) Upload more than one picture

    You might be really good looking and think one picture will do the trick but this is actually one of the things that will make people more distrustful of your profile.  Just one photo of yourself either says, ‘This is the only decent photo of me’, or ‘I’m too insecure to upload any more pictures’.  While either of these might be true, more pictures will prove that you’re open to the experience of meeting someone and that you have the confidence to engage with people. Try to make your pictures ones that were taken fairly recently – our motto is that if it ain’t recent, it ain’t decent.  One picture isn’t enough to help people get to know you and you’re hurting your chances of connecting with people.

    One picture, really?

    2) Ask a question on your profile

    In online dating, saying Hi is the hardest part, especially if the most original thing you think of to say is, well, “Hi”.  A question helps the other person start conversation in a normal and relaxing way.  Honestly, even “What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?” would do.  Try this – upload a photo of you on your last holiday and add the caption, “Ask me where I am!”  You’ve instantly given someone something to say to you.

    First messages don’t need to be this awkward.

    3) Don’t be self-deprecating and/or sad

    Saying you’re lonely and desperate to meet someone is not a turn-on.  It may be true, but when did the saddest girl at the party get asked to dance first?  You wouldn’t go around telling strangers you’re sad, so why do that in a lesbian dating app?  If you have to make it all about yourself, then at least focus on the good side.

    Save the sadness for your diary.

    4) Visuals are good

    A picture is worth a thousand words and if you add a funky filter to it, it must be worth like 1,250.  When you upload a new photo to your Dattch profile, there are a bunch of filters you can add to the image to make it really stand out.  And get creative with what you upload – we always say that 50 selfies are fun to take but boring to look at, so how else could you represent yourself?  Try pictures of the area you live in, your favourite restaurants, your pets or pictures from your favourite TV shows (Orange Is The New Black has been spotted on Dattch a lot!)

    Your profile will bring all the girls to the yard with our tips.

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