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We tried this condition-specific chocolate and it actually works!

Robyn Exton

Jun 10, 2022

We tried this condition-specific chocolate and it actually works!

I was lucky enough to get to try two different types of chocolate from the Functional Chocolate Company. I hadn’t heard of the company before, but when I learned that each type of chocolate has… Well… A function, I was intrigued. The fact that it’s ethically sourced and environmentally conscious is a bonus!

The first bar that I got to try was their Carefree Chocolate, which is meant to help soothe an anxious mind. So, I had a few squares of the minty flavored chocolate before I headed to a concert, since I definitely get anxious around crowds. I was pleasantly surprised by the velvety melt that this chocolate has.

The mint flavor tastes natural and it’s well balanced with the other ingredients. I get nervous (good thing they sent me the anxiety chocolate, eh?) about mint chocolates because so often it tastes artificial and “toothpasty”. Definitely not the case! It’s a very subtle but lovely hint of minty goodness I had a great time at the concert and honestly don’t remember anything about the crowds or feeling uneasy- so I’m going to count that as a success!

Carefree Chocolate seems like it would be a great addition to your first date getting ready routine. Calm any first date nerves that are creeping in, treat yourself with some “you can do this” chocolate, and get a nice touch of minty-fresh breath for a good first impression.

The other bar that I got to try was their Rhythm Chocolate. This bar is a gingersnap accented chocolate aimed to reduce the icky feelings that come along with PMS. This was my favorite bar of the two. It has a very nice creamy texture, though these bars are vegan and no cream is involved. What I liked about this bar is the slow warmth provided by the ginger. It’s neither overly sweet or overly medicinal. It’s a perfect balance of a delicious candy treat and something that feels good for your body. 

I see you, Functional Chocolate Company! Sometimes we all just need a little nudge of help, and if it’s chocolate flavored, even better. I know that in the future, I’ll definitely be trying the sleepy blend 👀 Thanks for giving me a chance to try them. 

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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