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Futch Meaning (lesbian slang)

Robyn Exton

Feb 29, 2020

Futch Meaning (lesbian slang)
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  • According to Go Magazine, futch is the new black, and we agree! “Futch” refers to any queer woman or non-binary person who is a little bit “femme,” more feminine-leaning in style and energy, and a little bit “butch,” more masculine-leaning in vibes. Some futch iconography includes: bolo ties, floral-print button-downs, bandana around the neck, cuffed jeans, snapbacks, jumpsuits, shoulder-length hair, and the occasional red lip. 

    A futch is a queer woman or non-binary person who is both “femme” and “butch.” See also: chapstick lesbian

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    Queer women tend to fall somewhere on the butch/femme spectrum. Some are butches or studs (Black or Latinx butches). Some are femmes or high femmes (femmes who spend even more time in Sephora) or lipstick lesbians. And then there are others who aren’t quite butches and aren’t quite femmes. They’d be soft butches, futches, or stems, a mix of femme and stud. 

    What is futch style? 

    Futches like to play with gender in their style. They’ll wear a suit, but pair it with a full beat. Or they’ll wear a dress with Vans, like Kristen Stewart actually did. They effortlessly switch between high-femme energy and tomboy chic. Some futches in the limelight include Hayley Kiyoko, King Princess, and Kristen Stewart. All of these women exude futch energy.

    A “futch” is basically a chapstick lesbian. They can turn out a look, but they’d prefer to keep it simple and stay moisturized instead. These soft, tender little butch femmes are the perfect mix or feminie and masculine energy. They have the barebones skincare routine of a straight man and yet never have a zit. Let’s give it up for these effortless hotties who represent all ends of the gender spectrum!

    Robyn Exton

    Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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