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Chapstick Lesbian Meaning

If a lipstick lesbian is the hyper-femme one in a gay relationship, a chapstick lesbian is her low maintenance girlfriend waiting for her to finish getting ready already. A chapstick lesbian is the kind of wash-and-go dyke who wears the same jeans and white tee every day, occasionally changing their jacket from denim to leather depending on the season. 

A chapstick lesbian is not quite a lipstick lesbian but not quite a butch either. They’re strong, but their lips are as soft as down pillows. 

What do chapstick lesbians look like?

Chapstick lesbians are similar to soft butches, or “futches” (combination of femme and butch). They are not quite mascunline-leaning enough to be considered butch, but not feminine-leaning enough to be femme. They don’t like to be pampered, but know how to take care of themselves. They love a good skincare routine, as long as it doesn’t take too long. 

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These lesbians tend to have naturally glowy skin and only need some Ponds lotion to stay moisturized. They keep a tub of Working Hands by the bed next to their Vaseline lip balm. They own three different pairs of Birkenstocks and f*cking love to go hiking. They want to build you a house, but will start with a dog house first. Plaid is the only pattern they’ll wear. 

Chapstick lesbians are strong, but their lips are as soft as down pillows. 

This is part of our official queer glossary – check it out!