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HER Unveils Dec 19 as Chosen Family Tuesday!

Dec 18, 2023

HER Unveils Dec 19 as Chosen Family Tuesday!
  • Grab your besties, your lovers, and your sapphic disco finery: Chosen Family Tuesday is queering the holiday season!

HER, the sapphic dating app everyone adores, is shaking up the holiday calendar by introducing Chosen Family Tuesday on Dec 19. This day challenges the conventional holiday narrative that often revolves around blood relatives – not exactly the queer narrative, right, darling? In our world, ‘family’ is wonderfully diverse and fluid. Whether your Mother is the one teaching you to strut in a ballroom or the one who whispered, “Be a good little girl,” Chosen Family Tuesday is all about diving into the holiday spirit with a distinctly queer twist. It’s a day to celebrate with those who shape our lives in more ways than one – a toast to the holiday season with an unapologetically queer flair! 🌈💃🕺🎉

HER celebrated the inaugural Chosen Family Tuesday with a one-of-a-kind dining experience in NYC. The dinner party took place at Ladybird, in the East Village, a long-standing sanctuary for queer artists, writers, musicians, and activists. This gathering served a dual purpose: fostering community connections and championing LGBTQIA+ initiatives. This year, HER and Ladybird donated proceeds to support a renowned LGBTQIA+ organization.

Robyn Exton, Founder and CEO of HER, highlights a unique aspect of the sapphic community. “The concept of chosen family is central to our experiences,” she explains. “For us, the lines between friends and lovers often blur, creating rich, multifaceted relationships. This dynamic is a lifeline, especially given the mental health challenges many of us face. In 2023, loneliness is more than just a personal issue; it’s a widespread concern that we have to counteract by coming together. That’s why we’re launching Chosen Family Tuesday. It’s not just a gathering; it’s a celebration of our unique bonds and a chance to be unapologetically ourselves. This day is about acknowledging and cherishing the unconventional yet profound connections that define our community.”

To learn more about HER’s Chosen Family Tuesday fundraiser visit:

Happy Holigays from your friends at HER!


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