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Explore Top Lesbian Sex Positions for Ultimate Pleasure

Robyn Exton

Mar 04, 2024

Explore Top Lesbian Sex Positions for Ultimate Pleasure

Exploring the world of lesbian sex positions can open up new avenues for intimacy and pleasure, breaking free from heteronormative myths. From the best oral sex positions and techniques to scissoring to the sapphic remix of reverse cowgirl — we’ve got you covered.

This guide dives into empowering positions like facesitting and 69, showing how they prioritize both partners’ enjoyment. Plus, we’ll share tips on using sex toys to elevate your experience. You’ll also learn our best tips on how to mix things up in the bedroom courtesy of strap-ons and tribbing because, let’s be honest — who, if not us (and your best friends), would give you the real low-down on the showdown. 

So, buckle up, divas! It’s time to understand how crucial ongoing consent and open dialogue are to the foundation of every healthy partnership and learn the best lesbian sex position tips out there.

The best lesbian sex positions 

Exploring lesbian sex positions is a journey into pleasure, intimacy, and breaking free from heteronormative myths. Navigating through various forms of intimacy is essentially about discovering the pleasures and connections that resonate best with you and your companion.

The importance of inclusive sex education

Inclusive sex education recognizes the diversity in sexual experiences. Dr Eleanor Draeger highlights the importance of moving beyond traditional narratives to embrace LGBTQIA+ realities. This approach empowers individuals with knowledge that resonates with their experiences.

Grasping the full spectrum of lesbian intimacy techniques unlocks fresh pathways for bonding and fulfillment among couples. It dismantles misconceptions, showing that intimacy isn’t confined to penetration but flourishes through creativity and mutual exploration.

Learning about different methods not only boosts one’s own enjoyment but also strengthens the ties in partnerships by valuing open talks, agreement, and collective happiness in finding new experiences.

Fun oral sex positions (and fool-proof tips)

Facesitting or queening

Facesitting, also known as queening, is where one partner sits on the other’s face. This position gives control to the sitting partner and allows for direct clitoral stimulation. For enthusiasts of oral pleasure, this position serves as an ideal junction for both giving and receiving.

This power-packed position lets you dictate the pace and offers an intimate eye-to-eye connection if you lean back slightly. Plus, a wedge pillow can make it more comfortable for both partners.

To ramp up the excitement, weaving in pleasure gadgets can significantly amplify the sensations. Think vibrators for added stimulation, or explore different erogenous zones for a mind-blowing experience.

The classic 69 position

The classic 69 position is all about mutual satisfaction—offering simultaneous oral pleasure to each other. It’s great because both partners are active participants, creating a unique bond of give-and-take.

Incorporating variations like side-by-side lying or adding pillows under your head can provide better angles and deeper access. Communication here is key; let your partner know what feels good.

The standing 69 position

Hear me out — this isn’t for everyone. Could I do it? I would rather not comment. That said, if you or your boo are stronger than I am (or get some extra help from the wall), the standing 69 position is a show stopper and bound to make you an unforgettable lover!

The Standing 69 is a dynamic and adventurous sex position where two partners engage in simultaneous oral sex while standing upright. In this position, one partner typically lifts the other, creating a vertical alignment that allows for intimate contact. It requires balance, coordination, and trust between partners, adding excitement and intensity to their sexual experience.

Incorporating sex toys for enhanced pleasure

Introducing playthings into your private encounters can significantly amplify the excitement and gratification. Strap-ons bring a dynamic element of penetration that’s both versatile and exciting. With a variety of strap-ons available, you can explore dominant roles or enjoy deeper penetration in positions like doggy style.

For those who crave mutual satisfaction, double-ended dildos are game-changers. They offer simultaneous pleasure, allowing partners to feel closer than ever before. In the midst of this, gadgets such as the Magic Wand elevate scissoring from merely enjoyable to cataclysmically blissful through supplementary excitement targeting the clitoris.

A Magic Wand enhances scissoring not just by adding an extra layer of pleasure but also by facilitating easier orgasms through consistent stimulation where it counts most. 

Prioritizing consent and communication in lesbian relationships

Diving into fresh roles and interactions in lesbian partnerships sparks excitement, yet building upon a bedrock of agreement and dialogue is crucial. These elements are not just about saying yes or no but about openly discussing desires, boundaries, and comfort levels.

Navigating power dynamics with consent means every partner has an equal say. Whether it’s finding a comfortable angle that works for both or experimenting with roles, the key is mutual respect and understanding. Ensuring every interaction enriches the bond between partners, we cultivate a deeper sense of unity and intimacy.

To make this journey smoother, always check in with each other before trying something new. Remember, what feels good for one might not be the same for another. So talk it out, laugh together, and keep exploring—with consent as your guide.

Exploring sensual tribbing and scissoring positions

The Intensity of Scissoring

Scissoring is not just a myth from the world of lesbian erotica; it’s a deeply intimate act that involves rubbing vulvas together. Engaging in this posture offers heightened pleasure through clitoral arousal, earning it high favorability among diverse pairs. But scissoring isn’t one-size-fits-all. Tweaking the tilt and force enables a tailored experience that zeroes in on the sweet spots, ushering in earth-shattering climaxes.

Variations like standing scissoring or using pillows for support make this position adaptable to different comfort levels and physical abilities. Introducing playthings into the mix while scissoring can elevate the experience, ushering in heightened pleasure.

Venturing further into the realm of thrilling escapades, perusing manuals on tribbing and scissoring stances unveils innovative concepts and methods uniquely crafted for lesbian duos in pursuit of a memorable encounter.

Comfortable tribbing variations

Tribbing extends beyond traditional scissor-style interactions; it encompasses any motion where partners rub against each other’s bodies with intentionality behind every touch. Whether it’s thigh-to-vulva contact or grinding against your partner’s abdomen, tribbing variations cater to diverse preferences while focusing on mutual pleasure.

Finding comfortable angles ensures both partners fully enjoy the experience without strain or discomfort—pillows often come in handy here too. Moreover, eye contact during these moments adds an extra layer of intimacy that deepens the connection between partners.

Adding variety with strap-ons

Doggy style with a strap-on isn’t just about taking on a dominant role; it’s an invitation to explore pleasure from new angles. By using different types of strap-ons, partners can discover diverse sexual experiences that might have seemed out of reach. Here’s a look at various strap-ons for every scenario.

The versatility doesn’t stop there. A lesbian strap-on sex position like the dominant doggy allows for deeper penetration and provides both partners the chance to control the rhythm and depth in mutually satisfying ways.

You can also unleash the power of the reverse cowgirl sex position (tried and true), and ride your partner (or be ridden) backwards while either you or they are wearing a strap on. 

Thus, if you’re eager to elevate your intimacy or seek positions that offer more comfort, embracing a strap-on during those close encounters could unveil an array of fresh opportunities.

Lesbian sex for the win!

Diving into lesbian sex positions unlocks new levels of intimacy and pleasure. You’ve seen how facesitting and 69 focus on mutual satisfaction, blending the thrill of control with the joy of giving.

Incorporating gadgets such as harnesses or buzzing stimulators into your lovemaking can introduce a tapestry of sensations, fostering both novelty and a more profound bond. Always keep in mind, the bedrock of this adventure hinges on mutual agreement and open dialogue.

Tribbing and scissoring introduce you to a spectrum of sensations tailored to your desires. And when it comes to adding excitement, don’t shy away from experimenting with different tools for those unforgettable moments.

Venturing down these paths enriches not only the realm of carnal delight but also fortifies the ties that bind. Lesbian sex positions are more than techniques—they’re a celebration of connection, understanding, and love.

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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