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HER: Building Communities Online, and IRL

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Oct 04, 2023

HER: Building Communities Online, and IRL
  • Ever felt like a misfit in an environment made for the opposite? That’s how navigating the online dating scene as a queer woman can feel. The majority of apps aren’t designed with us in mind, often leaving us feeling overlooked and underrepresented. 

    HER, on the other hand, flips this narrative on its head. It is not just another dating app—it’s an entire ecosystem that empowers queer women to connect authentically.

    The HER app: A safe space for queer dating

    HER was designed specifically for the queer community. 

    In the heart of San Francisco’s tech hub, our very own Robyn Exton applied her day job skills to a cause close to her heart. With no more than coding classes under her belt and a burning desire to help queer women find love, she started developing HER.

    This wasn’t just another venture capital-funded tech company with empty promises; it was something personal and deeply needed within the LGBTQ+ community. From lesbian bars in Toronto currently disappearing at alarming rates due to gentrification or straight cis men invading mainstream apps – finding safe spaces has always been tricky.

    What sets HER apart from popular dating sites isn’t only its focus on queer people but also its commitment to building communities beyond online interactions. It’s not just about swiping left or right based on potential matches’ pictures; it’s about connecting individuals with similar interests and experiences through their shared identities.

    While meeting people may seem daunting initially, remember that everyone here understands your journey because they’ve walked a similar path.

    We strive to be more than just another dating app

    HER is more than a dating app or “a lesbian Tinder”; it’s a safe space for queer women, non-binary individuals, and those discovering their sexual orientation.

    Unlike mainstream apps that often sideline LGBTQIA+ users with limited options or awkward encounters with straight cis individuals, HER gives everyone an equal chance to find love. 

    The difference is tangible: there are no ghost accounts or inactive users taking up valuable search real estate. Everyone using HER wants to engage genuinely within our vibrant community, whether through messaging matches directly or participating in public events listed within the app itself.

    If there’s one thing we should take away from all this: lesbian bars may come and go, but HER? We’re here to stay!

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    Taylor Gobar is the indomitable force behind HER's marketing strategy. Hailing from sunny San Diego, CA, Taylor's heart is set on Berlin, a city that pulsates with progressive values and politics. But for now, you'll find them shaking things up in the NYC political scene, passionately pushing for socialist policies in the Lower East Side. And if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Taylor's musical prowess at the city's karaoke bars, where they're known to belt out a tune or two. Because who said revolutionaries can't have a little fun?

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