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Top LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Salons for a Fabulous Cut in Las Vegas

Feb 16, 2024

Top LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Salons for a Fabulous Cut in Las Vegas

Imagine a place where you can be unapologetically you, with every snip and buzz of the clippers reinforcing your sexual identities. That’s what queer-safe salons are all about. These havens for hair celebrate individuality, offer respect, and ensure everyone feels more comfortable than ever before.

In Las Vegas’ top 8 inclusive spots, it’s not just about looking good—it’s about feeling seen. From pride cuts to drag queen-hosted events, these salons do so much more than styling; they’re building community one haircut at a time.

Ready to dive in? You’ll discover why these spaces matter deeply to those who frequent them and how you can join the party—and leave with fabulous hair too!

Why queer-safe salons matter

Finding a salon that embraces every aspect of your identity, including your sexual orientation and/or gender identity, is vital. Queer-safe salons in Las Vegas are more than service providers; they are resource centers for the LGBTQIA+ community, offering a space where individuals across the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientations, including transgender people, non-binary people, and intersex people, can feel valued. These salons fully capture the essence of inclusivity, going beyond the lgbt acronym to embrace the wide variety of experiences within the LGBTQIA+ community.

The power of inclusive clippers

A stylist cutting the hair of a queer woman in a Las Vegas inclusive and LGBT friendly salon

In these salons, the power of a haircut transcends the physical. Stylists understand the importance of respecting each client’s gender identity and/or expression, creating styles that reflect their internal sense of self. Whether a client’s identity falls under the transgender umbrella term, they experience romantic and/or sexual attraction differently, or they have specific sexual or romantic orientations, these stylists are skilled in crafting looks that affirm and celebrate these diverse identities.

Mental health & snipping away stereotypes

These inclusive salons and barbers are pivotal in dismantling cultural expectations and stereotypes about appearance. They recognize that sexual orientation and/or gender identity are just parts of a person’s whole identity. By providing a safe space where people can express their identity and/or orientation without fear of judgment, these salons are essential mental health resources, especially for vulnerable groups like LGBTQ youth.

Spotlight on salons & barbers

Colorful and vibrant sign welcomes you to Las Vegas, Nevada, a city known for its inclusive and LGBTQIA+ friendly atmosphere

Las Vegas boasts a selection of eight queer-safe salons and barbers, each offering a unique experience. These aren’t just places for a haircut; they’re sanctuaries for self-expression and acceptance. Here, the LGBT community, including trans people, non-binary people, and asexual people, can find stylists who not only understand their unique hair needs but also their journey and experiences. These salons and barbers stand as beacons of the queer community, offering more than just hair services—they offer a place where every client is seen, heard, and celebrated.

In Las Vegas, there are eight queer-safe salons and barbers that are changing the game. These spots aren’t just about a trim or color; they’re sanctuaries where you can be your full self, with stylists who celebrate every wave, curl, and kink of who you are. 

Heads Will Roll Salon

Heads Will Roll, a Las Vegas and Texas-based salon and beauty agency, celebrates diversity and embodies an LGBTQ+ friendly vibe. Established in 2014, they offer skilled hair and makeup services across the United States for weddings, events, and more. With 15 years of combined experience, their team stays up-to-date with trends and education, creating unique and memorable experiences. They exceed expectations, maintain high cleanliness standards, and aim to build lasting relationships.

“I’ve been going to Dottie for a few years and she is truly an artist to her craft. She nails the desired haircuts that I want every timeand styles the hair beautifully. My haircuts grow out so well with her too. She is very detail oriented and very thorough. Also, she is a gem of a human being and so great to chat with. I just got my hair cut from her and I have gotten many compliments! Thanks for all you do, Dottie!”

Amanda Rice

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop is a haven for those seeking an exceptional haircut experience. With a diverse team of skilled stylists and barbers, a music-themed ambiance celebrating legends, and an unwavering commitment to individuality, Floyd’s 99 Barbershop stands out. They offer a full spectrum of services, including haircuts, hair color, fades, beard trims, straight razor shaves, and soothing massage shampoos, all topped off with a relaxing shoulder massage.

“I’m a regular at Floyd’s, but in San Diego. This was my first time at this location. Called in and they randomly set me up with Anna K. Glad they did. She got the style I was going for without hesitation. Also, she provided great recommendation on hair product and treated me like I was on her A-list. Will definitely be coming back to her. 🤙🏽”

Richardson Sunga

Look Style Society

Explore Look Style Society, a premier Las Vegas beauty salon, for a luxury experience. They offer a full spectrum of salon services, including hair, nails, and skin, with a unique twist – supporting independent beauty professionals. Their diverse artist lineup, from hairstylists to estheticians, ensures you receive top-notch care. Beyond the typical services, they also provide teeth whitening and body sculpting. With two convenient locations open late, Look caters to your beauty needs.

“I visited today as my friend highly recommend David Quan. The experience was great, he knew exactly how to correct my hair color, make my hair soft and healthy again. He did an amazing job cutting my hair as well. As my hair was coloring, I also got my nails done with Magdalene; she was wonderful and reasonably priced. They were friendly and fun, and the salon wasn’t full of gossip or overly loud music. Which I appreciate.”

Savannah Ward

Sinister salon

Sinister salon, nestled in Las Vegas’ artsy district, is an edgy haven founded by Blake Attebury in 2021. A tribute to goth, rock, and all things witchy, this alternative salon is far from ordinary, yet all generations are embraced. Their mission: craft hair as unique as you are, minus the intimidation. Quality products, expertly explained. Services include cuts, colors, and styles. Welcoming all ages, races, and identities, be mindful that mature themes may linger.

“This past Saturday was my second time coming into the salon and I love the place so much already!! Ashlee and Nadia made my Twilight Sparkle-colored hair dreams come true and I could not be more grateful for them! Ashlee is so nice and easy to talk to, and I really appreciate her telling me to speak up about my colors if something isn’t hitting the way I want it to. I’m not very good at speaking up for myself even concerning things like the hair that is growing out of my head😭 so I’m glad she could see through that and help me get it to where I wanted. This is the first salon where I’ve felt comfortable in a long time and I’m so happy to have found it!”

Isabella Privetera

Changes Unlimited

Changes Unlimited, a charming family-owned beauty salon, is your go-to destination for stunning weekly sets, vibrant colors, luscious perms, and exquisite hand-painted nail art.

“Carol is an experienced and pleasant person to get a hair cut by. I went in with hair that looked like an 80s carpet on the back, from a previous experience at a different salon. She fixed it right up. I am happy with my experience and hair cut there. I will be going back time and again to have Carol do my hair. Thank you!”

Jamay Takushi

Curl Up N Dye

Discover Curl Up N Dye, an iconic Las Vegas hair salon that’s been making waves since 1990. They’re not just about hair; they’re about creating unique trends and offering a spectrum of services, from haircuts to stunning colors and extensions. This LGBTQ+-friendly salon keeps you on-trend and feeling fabulous, with a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

“I needed a haircut and I went here because I loved the name. It’s pretty awesome and right up my alley. I booked online which was so simple. The person doing my hair was Falyn. She was so nice and welcoming. I had a great convo with her and she did a great job with what I wanted. I wanted a trim, layers, and bangs. Overall was pretty cool. I will be going back!”

Beatriz Romero

L salon

L salon is a haven for anyone looking to embrace their unique style and personality. Run by master hair stylist, colorist, and extension specialist Liana, who boasts 20 years of experience in the hair industry, L Salon offers an array of services for all hair types and textures. From unisex hair cutting to coloring, blonding, smoothing treatments, and hair extensions, Liana’s expertise shines. Originally hailing from NYC, Liana has graced Las Vegas with her talents for seven years.

“I really loved the way she washed my hair and scrubbed my head really strongly like my grandmother did (who also used to own a salon in town). I never had a stylist wash hair like that so it immediately made me feel comfortable. Tiffany is so sweet and a really hard worker. Her and her husband keep the salon very clean. He works the front desk and I really enjoyed talking with him. I am soooooo beyond HAPPY with my haircut! It’s curling beautifully again and feels nice and lightweight again. Tiffany will be my stylist for the next 20 years, god willing! Thank you so much for the wonderful haircut! You are so talented ❤️”

S. M.

Vanity hair studio

Lesbian client getting a stylish haircut at Vanity Hair Studio, one of the top LGBTQIA+ inclusive salons in Las Vegas

Source: Google

Visitors praise the excellent service, with one mentioning Angela’s patience, especially with toddlers. Vanity hair studio offers an inclusive atmosphere, appreciated by clients who describe their experiences as wonderful. Wendy’s skill in crafting layered haircuts has left customers delighted, while others have enjoyed great attention and affordability.

“Are you looking for that place well this is the place!!❤I am very happy with the experience,service,prices and quality of the job is done here.The staffing is wonderful they all are I love Mary but they all great.”

Coral De La Fuente

Community connections

Imagine a place where people experience that hair isn’t the only thing that gets to shine—your identity does too. That’s what queer-safe salons and barbers offer, becoming vital threads in the fabric of our LGBTQIA+ community. It’s here that those snips and clips blend with heart-to-heart chats.

Events that curl toes

The buzz isn’t just from clippers at these spots; it’s laughter, music, and celebration as well. Picture this: You walk in for a trim but find yourself amidst an impromptu pride parade prep party. These stylists don’t just create stunning looks; they throw events like drag queen-hosted dos which are guaranteed to put a spring in your step.

Suddenly you’re not just getting styled—you’re making memories and joining an ever-growing family who knows how fabulous you are both inside and out.

Partnerships that part hair

Beyond shaping bangs or beards, these inclusive establishments partner up with local LGBTQIA+ organizations. They provide more than cuts—they give back support, solidarity, and resources to ensure everyone feels welcome both within their walls—and beyond them.

These salons aren’t just about haircuts and color; they’re vibrant community hubs. They thrive on the belief that diversity should be celebrated, ensuring every visit leaves you feeling refreshed not only in appearance but also in spirit. Here, acceptance weaves through each interaction like a golden thread, binding patrons and stylists together in a tapestry of inclusivity.

Tips for your visit

Booking like a queer boss

A queer hair stylist creates a fabulous haircut for a lesbian client at an inclusive and LGBTQIA+ friendly salon in Las Vegas

Nailing an appointment at these sought-after spots is like snagging front-row seats to the hottest show in town—you gotta act fast. Start by marking your calendar with a reminder because these places fill up quicker than a drag queen’s dance card during Pride month. Make sure you’re on their online booking system, as it can be the golden ticket to securing that coveted slot.

Consultation communication

Kicking off your salon visit with clear communication sets the stage for hair magic. Before scissors come near your strands, have an honest chat about what you want and—just as important—what you don’t want. Bringing photos helps bridge any style gaps between words and visuals, ensuring you and your stylist are on the same fabulous page.

A great cut reflects who you are, so share bits of your personality or lifestyle that could influence your hairstyle choice. It’s this tailored approach that transforms good styles into ‘Oh wow.’ moments every time someone double-takes in admiration of your new ‘do.

You’ve got the scoop, and it’s time to strut out with confidence to your next salon visit. Let those rainbow flags soar high in every swish of your fabulous new ‘do. Remember, each snip is more than just a style choice—it’s a shoutout to who you are. Now that you know where to find these inclusive spots around Las Vegas, there’s nothing stopping you from rocking that look you’ve been dreaming about. It’s not just hair; it’s an armor polished by understanding hands—hands that know how important it is for every head turn towards acceptance.

So go on. Make your statement with scissors and style because when you step into one of these sanctuaries, every trim tells your tale. And if you want even more connection with our vibrant community after reading this piece? Well then, darling, download HER, join us, and keep slaying.

So, you’ve toured the heart of LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in Las Vegas salons. You’ve seen how crucial it is to have spaces that champion every color of the rainbow. Remember this: Inclusive clippers do more than trim—they transform lives. These spots snip away stereotypes and celebrate your true self with every cut. Keep this in mind: The top 8 queer-safe salons are not just about hair; they’re about community, connection, and finding a place where you belong.

Take this with you: Your next salon visit should be empowering—a space where conversation flows as freely as those fabulous locks. Bear this in thought: From pride cuts to drag events, these havens for personal expression go beyond beauty services—they’re stitching together stronger communal bonds.

Last thing—when booking that life-affirming appointment or chatting up your stylist, make it count. Because here’s the deal—you deserve nothing less than a head-turning hairstyle that lets your flag fly proudly! And hey, don’t stop exploring here—HER dishes out another 54 guides for endless LGBTQIA+ adventures.

FAQs: understanding LGBTQ+ terms and identities

Two women in love share a tender moment, their noses touching in a romantic gesture

In the vibrant landscape of Seattle’s salon scene, embracing the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community is crucial. This guide aims to clarify various terms and identities within this community, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their specific sexual orientation and/or gender identity, feels welcomed and understood.

1. LGBTQIA+ Acronym

Originally ‘LGBT’, this acronym has evolved to include a wider spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities. Each letter stands for:

  • L: Lesbian
  • G: Gay
  • B: Bisexual
  • T: Transgender
  • Q: Queer/Questioning
  • I: Intersex
  • A: Asexual/Aromantic/Agender

2. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

These are distinct aspects of each person. Sexual orientation relates to whom individuals are attracted to (e.g., straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual). Gender identity refers to one’s internal sense of being male, female, both, neither, or somewhere along the gender spectrum (e.g., non-binary, genderqueer).

3. Transgender Umbrella

This term includes anyone whose gender identity differs from the sex assigned at birth. It encompasses a range of identities, including transgender people, non-binary people, and those who identify under the broader genderqueer category.

4. Non-Binary and Genderqueer

These terms are used by people who do not identify strictly as male or female. Non-binary individuals may experience their gender as neither or a combination.

5. Asexual and Aromantic

An asexual person does not experience sexual attraction, while an aromantic individual does not experience romantic attraction. These orientations vary greatly, and some people may experience romantic but not sexual attraction or vice versa.

6. Intersex

This term refers to individuals born with physical sex traits that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies.

7. Inclusivity in Salons

For LGBTQIA+ individuals, including transgender and non-binary people, finding a salon that acknowledges and respects their identity and/or expression is vital. This includes using inclusive terms, understanding the unique needs of the LGBTQIA+ community, and providing mental health resources when needed.

8. Indigenous and Diverse Identities

Recognizing the intersectionality within the LGBTQIA+ community is important. This includes acknowledging the experiences and identities of indigenous and other marginalized groups within the community.

By understanding these terms and respecting each individual’s identity, salons in Seattle can create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all LGBTQIA+ clients.

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