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Our Favorite TV Couples (Part I)

Dec 05, 2014

How many of us have gotten so involved with lesbian characters/couples on TV that when one of them leaves, dies (why do they always die!?) walks away, we literally stop watching the show? Yeah, I’ve done it. I’m looking at you Chicago Fire.
In college I wrote a paper on lesbian characters in main stream media and most of the networks were nowhere near the type of LGBT visibility we’re seeing today. It’s incredible to have witnessed the transformation. The relationships feel more genuine, the love more realistic, and the struggles more sincere.
Don’t panic if your “spirit couple” didn’t make the top 7 this time around. Part 1 is only the beginning. There’s plenty of time for Bette & Tina.

#7. Karma & Amy from Faking It – Let’s kick it off with our favorite fake lesbian couple. I’m still holding my breath for Karma’s real coming out party, but Hey, at least we kept Amy! Win.

#6. Marissa & Alex from The O.C. –  The relationship we’ve been dreaming about since 2005. A relationship with Olivia Wilde. Thanks to FOX we had messy bi-sexual emotions on mainstream television almost 10 years ago. Marissa and Alex, although short-lived, was a huge step for lesbian visibility in the media.

#5. Gail & Holly from Rookie Blue – Probably the sweetest lesbian love story of any show about rookie cops in TV history. It might also be the only one. Any “Peck” fans reading this, huge shout out! Serious question: long hair or short?

#4. Lauren & Bo from Lost Girl – I see absolutely nothing wrong with a show about a bi-sexual succubus who makes out with almost everyone she meets. But what Bo has with Lauren is special, we’re certain.

#3. Alex & Piper from Orange is the New Black – One of the most dysfunctionally wonderful lesbian couplings since Sappho’s time. And the best part, it’s loosely based on real life. We love you, Vauseman?

#2. Callie & Arizona from Grey’s Anatomy – I have so many feelings about these two. But seriously, any time a lesbian pediatric surgeon and a bi-sexual orthopedic surgeon get together, I want to know about it.

#1. Shane & Carmen from The L Word – [spoiler alert] I think we can all agree that Shane is an idiot. Nobody leaves Carmen at the alter. Nobody. But they’re still one of our favorite on-screen couples because, look.

BONUS: Willow & Tara *or* Willow & Kennedy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Honestly, what do you think? This is a hotly debated topic amongst lesbians everywhere and I really want to gather some solid data from the field. Comment and let us know your thoughts. (Also, please let me know if you’ve never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then watch it immediately… all 7 seasons.)
I leave you with this, because Naya Rivera is kissing Heather Morris. Long live Brittana!

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