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All the things you need to achieve big bisexual energy: Movies, songs, & a bonus bi-energy quiz

Robyn Exton

Jun 19, 2023

All the things you need to achieve big bisexual energy: Movies, songs, & a bonus bi-energy quiz

What is bisexual energy? Is it a look, is it a way of speaking, or is it simply… a vibe? 

Bisexual culture is all about picking out the most random and harmless activities, pieces of clothing, or anything that has the colors of the bi flag, and saying it has bisexual energy.  So that’s probably why you might have seen this enigmatic term floating about the internet. Whether you’re a bisexual making a joke about being unable to choose between soy milk or oat milk, or not being able to leave the house without rolling up your jeans, bi energy can be stereotypical, while others are the most random things. 

The true meaning of bisexual energy, really, is that you own and love who you are regardless of what others think. But truly, at the end of the day, all bisexual energy is good energy.

Sometimes, when you’re bisexual and proud, you want to scream it from the rooftops. But you can’t always do that, can you? So what other ways to show it off? 

Whatever your choice – and who says you have to choose, anyway? Achieve the ultimate “bi-bes” with our list of bisexual energy movies, songs, and more. But first, find out how much bisexual energy you give off with our quiz. 

The ultimate bisexual energy quiz

Not to jump the gun, but we must ask: are you bi? Yes? Then you’ve got big bi energy!

In all seriousness, you don’t need to check a list of stereotypes to be considered bisexual. It doesn’t matter who you’re dating at any given moment if you like women more than men or non-binary people more than anything else. If you’re bisexual, then you have bisexual energy. It’s really that simple! 

But if you must know, here are some statements that bi people might say scream bi energy. Can you relate to any of them? It’s quiz time!

I love making bi puns.

Just because you love a good pun doesn’t mean you have to be all bi yourself, right? No? I’ll see myself out… 

Gif from Bye, Bye, Bye music video by N*SYNC, but the subtitle reads Bi Bi Bi as in bisexual, instead of Bye, Bye, Bye as in goodbye.

Source: Giphy

I experience bi panic, like, daily.

Bi panic refers to the sense of confusing, sometimes flustering, feeling bisexuals get when they realize they are attracted to people of varying genders. You can experience it when watching Pirates of the Caribbean because you can’t get enough of Elisabeth Swan or Will Turner, or you can experience it while walking down the street. 

If you experience this one a lot, then that’s called bisexual disaster energy right there! 

I can’t walk out of my home without rolling up my jeans.

It’s a joke, but bisexuals really seem to love rolling up their jeans. 

If you’ve answered yes to most of the questions, especially if you answered yes to the first one, then congrats! You’ve got big bi energy.

Bisexual energy movies

We’ve previously broken down 27 must-see bisexual movies: find the best bi films to stream on Hulu, Netflix, and more, but here are some more of our favorite movies that, whether they include bi characters or not, exude bisexual energy.

Barbie (2023) is for the bis

Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie wear matching neon pink and yellow 80s-themed roller-skating outfits as Barbie and Ken in the 2023 film Barbie.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Are you excited for the new Barbie movie? Somehow the movie gives off major chaotic bi energy when we have Barbie and Ken taking on the Real World. It’s like, what bisexual doesn’t want a him-bo following them around on adventures, anyway? 

The Batman (2022) is also for the bis

At sunset, Catwoman and Batman face each other in their superhero costumes, with the city of Gotham in the background in a promotional still from the 2022 film The Batman.

Source: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Catwoman is canonically bisexual in the comic books, and her bisexuality was only briefly alluded to in The Batman (2022). Regardless, seeing Zoë Kravitz and Robert Pattinson – who has big bisexual daddy energy right there – on screen together? The bis were eating this one up in 2022 and still are!

Thor: Ragnarok (2018)

Valkyrie, played by queer actress Tessa Thompson, walks toward the camera confidently in front of a battle and fallen soldiers.

Source: Marvel

Long touted as the best Thor movie of the franchise, this one also get the attention of many bisexuals. When Tessa Thompson played Valkyrie, a canonically bisexual character with very confident bisexual energy, the gays and bis loved it! It also might have to do with the fact that Tessa Thompson is queer herself. It’s even more gratifying when queer and bisexual celebrities get a chance to play a queer role too!

Songs with bisexual energy

Chanel by Frank Ocean

Cover art for the Chanel track by Frank Ocean.

Source: Frank Ocean

As far as bisexual musical artists go, Frank Ocean is up there. In this Blonde song, Frank Ocean iconically sang, “My guy pretty like a girl / And he got fight stories to tell /I see both sides like Chanel / See on both sides like Chanel.” It wouldn’t be the first time that Frank has referenced bisexuality with his beautiful lyricism. 

Getting bi’ from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Pete Gardner plays the saxophone, wearing sunglasses in front of the bisexual flag.

Source: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

YouTube commenter Mia del Aguila said it perfectly: “I never thought I’d need a video of a middle-aged man singing about his bisexuality, and yet I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” 

Girls Kissing Girls by Ahli

Source: Instagram

Non-binary singer-songwriter Ahli has a song for bisexual enbies. According to the singer, this song is for the bi enbies “at work, thinking about being bisexual, and planning on kissing a bunch of your friends during pride month?”

Make Me Feel by Janel Monáe

Janelle Monáe dances between a man and a woman (Tessa Thompson)

Source: Janelle Monáe/YouTube

This Prince-inspired beat and choreo will have you falling in love with bisexuality all over again. And we love to see the music video starring Tessa Thompson as Janelle’s on-screen lover.  Thank you, bicons!

As for yourself, don’t forget that you’re a bicon, too. Whether you roll up your jeans or listen to Frank Ocean, doesn’t make you more or less bisexual than the next bi person out there. So long as you accept yourself and surround yourself with others who accept you as bisexual, you’ve got all the loving bi energy you need! 

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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