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Tampa Baes: Meet the Cast

Nov 01, 2021

Tampa Baes: Meet the Cast

Looking for your next reality TV fix? Look no further than Tampa Baes!

Premiering on Amazon Prime Video on November 5, the eight-episode docuseries follows a group of young lesbian friends living in Tampa Bay.

It is full of queer love and drama you won’t want to miss!

Meet the Cast

Haley (@itshaloworld)

After Haley was rejected by her family aged 18, she discovered the gay hotspot. She and her girlfriend Murphy quickly became the ‘it’ couple of Tampa. Haley’s mantra is, ‘anything a man can do, a woman can do better!’

Brianna, aka Murphy (@murphyenterprise)

Haley’s partner Murphy is a self-made entrepreneur who dabbles in real estate and investing. Her ‘take no s***’ attitude has served her well in business and in love, and she’s always unapologetically herself.

Jordan (@ijayy_whit)

Jordan is a fiercely loyal nurse who came to the Bay for love and stayed for the sunshine and the community. She embodies the work-hard-play-hard lifestyle, hitting the gym as much as she hits the clubs.

Cuppie (@cuppie_)

Nurse Cuppie is the group’s peacemaker and overcame struggles with anxiety attacks by channeling her energy into the gym. While she tries to avoid drama and confrontation, sometimes the drama still finds her.

Shiva (@shivapishdad)

A first-generation Iranian-American and accomplished microbiologist, Shiva still knows how to let loose on the weekend! Born and raised in Tampa, she was always the class clown and social butterfly, and those labels have stuck with her.

Olivia (@imoliviamullins)

Olivia is the life of the party, without all the drama! The bartender lives for the nightlife scene and attends music festivals but always tries to be the voice of reason when things get ugly.

Sarah, aka Mack (@mack_ddyy)

Mack is another of the true locals on the scene. Creative to her core, she loves the local art and music scenes and loves being among a community of creatives. But look out, ladies, Mack is on the hunt for ‘the one.’

Marissa (@religiouslyrebellious)

Marissa is a first-generation Greek American and the nurse on a COVID ward. She loves spending time with her big family, although they drive her crazy sometimes, and her girlfriend Summer.

Summer (@summerviixi)

Summer has been with Marissa for four years and moved to Tampa from Jacksonville to be with her. Now, she’s fallen in love with the city and the close-knit LGBTQ+ community that lives and thrives there.

Ali (@alimyers7)

Ali also came to Tampa for love. She left Houston to be with her girlfriend Nelly, and her favorite thing to do is go on date nights. She keeps her circle small, but she’ll fight the corner of those she loves.

Nelly (@nellyellee)

Dominican New Yorker Nelly has a thriving business as a permanent makeup artist. She has a killer sense of humor but also likes to keep it real and be direct.

Mel (@therealmelpoz)

Artist Mel loves exploring and traveling when she’s not creating incredible custom murals for businesses. She loves Tampa Bay but says that everyone knows everyone, and that can lead to drama.

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