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Our Favorite TV Couples (Part II)

Mar 18, 2015

Part II. How many of us have gotten so involved with lesbian characters/couples on TV that when one of them leaves, dies (why do they always die!?) or walks away, we literally stop watching the show?
Here we are again. Back to the good stuff. Don’t panic if your “spirit couple” didn’t make the top 7 this time around. More to come after Part I and Part II. Comment with your fav(s)!
lena & stef
#7. Stef & Lena from The Fosters – Quite possibly our favorite couple of all time. Sure, let’s just raise 8 million kids, be awesome, and still find time to look good and keep things fresh. Let’s also try out some kicka** careers. What.
dandelion & crazy eyes
#6. Dandelion & Crazy Eyes from Orange Is the New Black – Whether you admit it or not, you loved this “couple”. And you’ve always wanted someone who would throw her pie for you. Chocolate and vanilla Swiiirrrrrl.
bette & tina
#5. Bette & Tina from The L Word – You want to be the person they’re looking at in this photo. Because you love them so much. And you’re so glad they got back together. Sometimes, a little distance does a – ridiculously hot – body good (I’m looking at you, Bette).
delphine and cosima
#4. Cosima & Delphine from Orphan Black – We all know THIS one… Never trust a hot blonde French student in a lab coat. Too bad nobody told Cosima. And we’re so glad they didn’t.
brittany & santana
#3. Brittany & Santana from GLEE – Not a big deal or anything, but Brittana got married in the final season of GLEE. And I cried. From sheer joy (and jealousy).
emily & naomi
#2. Naomi & Emily from Skins – We all wish we could fall in love with the girl of our dreams when we’re 12 years old. Thank goodness Emily finally came around. Lesbians win. #Naomily
carol & susan
#1. Carol & Susan from Friends – Talk about a throwback! (Poor Ross.) These two were the “original” TV lesbian couple. Remember that time they got married before it was even legal? Baller status.

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