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Pansexual and Proud: How These Influencers Are Living Their Truth

Robyn Exton

Dec 08, 2021

Pansexual and Proud: How These Influencers Are Living Their Truth

Pansexual? What’s that?

The term ‘Pansexual’ has become more mainstream in the past few years due to celebrities and influencers making the term more commonplace. Originally stated as pan-sexualism, by Sigmund Freud, in his theory that sexual instinct plays a primary role in all human activity, mental and physical, the term has come a long way in describing an attraction to people, regardless of gender.

Pansexual History

The meaning used today was coined around the 1990s and is thought to have become popular in BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) kink communities. The ’90s saw a wave of sexually fluid people recognizing their truth and embracing their labels. This reclaiming of their labels in the queer community stemmed from a lifestyle and movement that continues into the present day.

Representation Today

Today, the Pansexual flag is used proudly by those who embrace this identity; and a multitude of online communities, such as r/pansexual on Reddit, various Tumblr, and Instagram communities, and the HER app, are available for Pansexual individuals to find solidarity and support. The journey continues offline though and is often an introspective look inward to discover the true self.

In today’s media, many celebrities and influencers, including Janelle Monaé, Angel Haze, Alyson Stoner, Rina Sawayama, Demi Lovato, Gigi Gorgeous, and even Deadpool — yes, you heard that right — identify proudly as Pansexual. Their stories remind us that no matter how big we are, the most freeing feeling is living in our complete truth. In each of their stories we see a humbling journey from start to finish, and we are reminded that living Pansexual and proud is the most rewarding outcome of them all.

Janelle Monaé: Bold, Edgy and Free

Source: Wikipedia

Janelle Monaé Robinson, better known as simply Janelle Monaè is no stranger to embracing her differences. Known for her edgy, alternative pop anthems, she captivates others with her fun vibes and funky suits. It’s hard to resist singing along to hits like “Make Me Feel” and “I Like That”

Monaé originally was elusive regarding her sexuality, dropping hints in her music about her love interests. In 2018, as a companion to her album Dirty Computer, she released Dirty Computer: An Emotion Picture, depicting her as Jane, an android, remembering her memories with her love interests Zen (Played by Tessa Thompson) and Ché (Played by Jayson Aaron). It was rumored at the time that Thompson was Monaé’s girlfriend; though she never confirmed this rumor. The album also gave other hints regarding Monaé’s sexuality, with songs like “Pynk” essentially being an ode to the female anatomy. 

Monaé was not always so free regarding her sexuality though, as she revealed in her candid interview with Rolling Stone. Growing up in a devout Baptist family in Kansas, her family was less than accepting of her sexuality when the album came out. She reveals going to therapy at one point because she felt that she had a “computer virus” that needed cleaning. Reading about Pansexuality helped her to realize she identifies with the label. Through healing and self-reflection, she realized that it’s okay to be a “dirty computer”, stating that the album represents imperfection. Today, Janellé Monae is not only a pop icon but an example of what it’s like to live Pansexual and Free.

Rina Sawayama: Cyberpunk Pop Princess

Source: Wikipedia

Rina Sawayama is known for making a statement. The British-Japanese R&B pop singer is known for hits like “Cherry”, “Come de Garçons (Like the Boys)” and “XS”. She’s been open about facing judgment from her family for pursuing music and through both of her albums Rina and Sawayama, she sings through her journey to self-acceptance.

Sawayama originally identified as Bisexual, but in an interview with Vice now states she identifies as Pansexual. Stating in the article that she’s “never written a song about a guy”, she always knew that she was interested in more than men. 

The road to self-acceptance was not easy for Sawayama though, as she faced judgment from her mother when it came to her interest in women. From the age of nine, when her mother caught her kissing a girl, this was a conversation that the two of them avoided having. She also struggled with bullying when attending the University of Cambridge, being one of only a few non-white students at the predominantly white university. She began to find acceptance at one of the few LGBTQ venues around the university. This had a great impact on her accepting her sexuality. The journey is still ongoing though, telling Vice that she currently dating a man tends to raise many conversations about people in straight-passing relationships and whether they belong in queer spaces. As the conversations roll on, one thing is clear: Rina Sawayama is embracing her Pansexual identity.

Gigi Gorgeous: Fourth Times a Charm

Source: Wikipedia

Gigi Gorgeous, real name Gigi Loren Lazzarato Getty, has been candid about her journey to being her true self on her Youtube channel over the years. Her most recent video titled “coming out for the last time…” details her realization of her Pansexuality through her spouse Nat Getty’s transition. Stating that she is “coming out for the fourth time”, she goes on to recognize that she didn’t fall in love with Getty because of his gender. She described being Pansexual as “falling in love with the soul of somebody” and discusses that she fell in love with her husband because of the person he is.

Gorgeous’s journey inspired millions of viewers on her Youtube channel, where she documented her transition, as well as growing through realizing her sexual identity.

What can we learn from these stories?

Source: Whut? on Pinterest

Through the stories of these influencers and many others who do not have a big platform, the journey through realizing that you identify as Pansexual can often be a long one. Even within the community, people in straight-passing relationships question whether they belong. The aim should be acceptance and love of all, no matter what gender your partner is. Pansexuality is about falling in love based on feeling and we should be proud.

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Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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