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35 queer polyamory memes you need to send to your partners ASAP

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Oct 03, 2023

35 queer polyamory memes you need to send to your partners ASAP
  • Ah, yes, autumn is finally upon us. You know what that means. Sweater weather, pumpkin-spiced everything, falling leaves. So, now that the weather is getting cooler, we thought it would only be right to keep you warm with a complete and total roasting of you and your gay polyamorous lifestyle. 

    Nothing says representation quite like a curated batch of 35 polyamory memes that are sure to attack you to your core.

    The best polyamory dating memes

     Polyamorous relationships can be a wild ride that teaches us about ourselves, jealousy, insecurity, honesty, communication, and how to share the ones we love. While non-monogamy can be a rewarding way to structure your relationships, it doesn’t come without a little inner turmoil. 

    Whether you are in a non-hierarchical poly dynamic or a spicy triad, these polyamory memes will speak deeply to the full range of emotions and experiences that come alongside being poly. As a meme king, I’ve tried my best to cover everything from the sheer power of solo polyamory to the everyday struggles of queer non-monogamy. 

    Fire up the polycule group chat because these memes are too good not to send to your boos, lovers, significant others, and even your girlfriend’s boyfriend’s theyfriend. Without further ado, let’s get this meme show on the road!

    1. Why are straight online dating apps like this?

    Source: Twitter

    Have you ever been dissociating on Tinder when you came across the five kinky, poly couples looking for a lesbian unicorn in a row that all happen to be carbon copies of Elon Musk and Grimes? No, but seriously, why do all of the hottest alternative girls end up dating guys who look like they could be cult leaders? This I will never understand. Thank god you’ll never run into that issue when you’re on the best polyamorous dating app in the world. 

    2. Listen, I don’t have a problem with polyamory, unless both of my girlfriends are ganging up on me. That’s where I draw the line. 

    A funny poly dating meme featuring three orange cats. Two of the cats have smushed their faces together and blocked out the third. It reads: “Polyamory is both of your girlfriends ganging up on you.”

    Source: Medium

    Nothing quite says a lesbian polyamory meme like two cats anthropomorphized as your girlfriends pouncing on you. The only thing worse than being in trouble with your girlfriend is, well, being in trouble with both of your girlfriends at the exact same time! But then again, it’s also kind of fun, cute, and kinky when they gang up on you. 

    3. There’s truly nothing better than having to explain to your friend’s mom how relationship anarchy works

    A polyamory meme that reads “Sexy, single, and ready to mingle?” More like, “Poly, hot and having to explain my situation a lot.”


    Poly, hot, and having to explain my situation a lot is the new sexy, single, and ready-to-mingle! But honestly, I can’t wait to live in a world where polyamorous relationships are normalized and we don’t have to spend all our time contextualizing the significance of our relationships to every stranger on the street.

    4. You might have heard of polyamory, but have you heard of polyamory? 

    A Tumblr screenshot from fangkid in front of a yellow and green background that reads: “A medieval weaponry shop run by three people all dating each other?


    Nothing like a good old-fashioned polyamorous blacksmithing joke to soothe a handy dyke’s soul. My only question is, do they offer a Groupon for this workshop? If so, sign me and my throuple up. We’re forging chain mail lingerie tonight. 

    5. Why do mono-normative people have to make everything so difficult? 

    A meme featuring a Persian cat with its hands outstretched and the text: “When polyamorous people watch romantic movies, they be like ‘just be poly!’


    Nothing hurts quite like cringing during a rom-com with the girlies. Why have a love triangle when you could have a bisexual triad and everyone’s dreams could come true? Life is so much more simple when everyone is poly? That is, as long as you don’t mind the radical honesty even when it hurts coupled with hours of endless processing… Polyamory is a personal evolution glow up!

    6. Not saying that everybody’s first polyam relationship was toxic AF, but… 

    Not saying that everybody’s first polyam relationship was toxic AF, but…

    Source: Minka Guides

    As many seasoned polyamorous veterans know, this shit takes practice. If you are new to polyamory, don’t panic. You don’t have to be perfect. You also don’t have to create the toxic environment known to gays. It’s called BALANCE.

    7. When someone tries to tell you that polyamory is just about having casual sex with multiple people

    Source: Instagram

    Haven’t you heard? Polyamorous stereotypes are out. Get in, loser, we are redefining everything we’ve ever learned about monogamous relationships to create our own definition of what love, intimacy, and connection can look like in a liberated state.

    8. Louder for the ones in the back

    The angry woman yelling at Smudge cat meme that reads: “Me explaining to someone that we can experience deep love and fulfillment in friendships as well as romantic relationships and that love isn’t a binary of platonic or romantic vs. Them being indoctrinated with the idea that the highest form of love is being in a romantic monogamous relationship.”

    Source: Minka Guides

    This is one of my favorite polyamorous memes, only because I’ve gotten in back-and-forth yelling matches about this very topic at the family dinner table with my romantic friend sitting across from me and shoveling bread into their mouth. No? Just me?

    9. Speaking of family dinners

    A polyamorous relationship meme of Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, and Timothée Chalamet dressed up in fancy outfits all holding hands at a movie premiere with text that reads: “When your nan tells you to bring your ‘little friend’ for a visit”

    Source: Minka Guides

    That feeling when you—as a bisexual queer—bring both of your poly partners over to your grandma’s house, and while it wasn’t what she was expecting, she confesses to you about that time back in the day when she was dating multiple guys at the same time who knew about each other. Of course, they didn’t call it polyamory back then, but we love an intergenerational poly bonding sesh. 

    10. Don’t make me Batman you

    A funny polyamory meme with Batman slapping a bad guy reading, “I may be bisexual, kinky, and poly, but that doesn’t mean I’ll sleep with you!”

    Source: Kamala Devi

    Let’s just end the polyamorous stereotypes that we all want to sleep with everybody all the time, right once and for all—Batman style. 

    11. Are anyone else’s abandonment issues on full display in polyamorous relationships? 

    Source: Instagram

    For the record, this also happens when you take more than 24 hours to reply to my message. Text me back. I’m trying to love you.

    12. I’m just here until the queer polycule is big enough to recreate Ocean’s Eleven 

    Source: Instagram

    Imagine rolling up with the polyamorous squad to a bank and trying to explain kitchen table poly to the teller while all of your partners sneak into the back and successfully empty out the vault. They wouldn’t know what hit them!

    13. What good is a third for if not to break the ‘where are we eating tonight’ stalemate?

    Source: Twitter

    No really. Can someone please find me somebody whose kink it is to research the best, affordable restaurants in town and book us a table for three?

    14. Spooky season is upon us, time to start the séance babe

    Source: Instagram

    This polyamory meme is a mood and a half. If you have a really strong opinion about polyamorous relationships, do yourself a favor, and 100% please keep that to yourself. 

    15. Sorry, but if you liked Scooby Doo as a child, you are polyamorous by default

    Fulfill your destiny
    byu/Too_Caffinated inmemes

    Source: Reddit

    I don’t make the rules. Also, we all knew Velma was a lesbian from the get-go. 

    16. Be honest, polyamory is really about leftovers

     A relatable polyamory meme of Bobby from King of Hill with sunglasses on, a purple drink in hand, and a polyamorous heart floating in front of him. It reads: “Me watching my partner pull up with their partner after a date, and I see the to-go box.”

    Source: Ned Hardy

    Who needs Uber Eats when you eat like a king every time your partner and metamour go out together? More date night please, but let me choose the cuisine.

    17. If by man you mean non-binary genderqueer heartthrob, then I am your man

    A meme of an Black in a white bathrobe pouring orange juice for his woman that reads: “Every time I do something nice for my girl other girls ask “Where can I get a man like you” Right here baby I am poly.”

    Source: Ned Hardy

    What’s better than treating your girl right? Treating all of your girls right! 

    18. Nothing says gay panic quite like being a polyamorous lesbian panicking every time a hottie walks by

    A meme with a person in a full rainbow outfit with a rainbow headpiece freaking out with the words “When you’re a polyamorous lesbian, and you see any remotely fem person [GAY PANIC]”

    Source: Img Flip

    This is the legal definition of gay panic right? Also, to be fair I have the same reaction to any remotely butch person as well… both/and baby!

    19. Nobody takes significant others away from Blossom, and I mean nobody! 

    Source: Instagram

    One secret superpower of the Powerpuff Girls is their unique ability to shower all their polyamorous partners with love and affection. And by Powerpuff Girl, I mean me.

    20. Normalize an appropriate number on the guest list for polyamorous people, please!

    Source: Instagram

    Either that or I’m rocking my hoop skirt to every function from here on out. 

    21. Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather were in a lesbian polyamorous triad, prove me wrong

    Source: Instagram

    Did anyone else project all of their lesbian throuple dreams onto the fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty? They were formative to my childhood. And people dare say that non-monogamous queer representation didn’t exist in the media of the 1900s!

    22. That feeling after you’ve finished reading the Ethical Slut for the first time with your partner… 

    Source: Instagram

    There is nothing quite like learning about polyamory for the first time. Body? Rocked. My mind? Blown. You’ve finally figured it out—you might be polyamorous. So how many partners do you want, and what are your boundaries? No clue, I literally just got here.

    23. When the lease is up for renewal, and you have to decide who from the polycule is gonna be your new roommate 

    Source: TikTok

    If you’ve survived your first year of a polyamorous relationship, congratulations! Now you get to navigate the particularly fun task of safeguarding your spot in the house. 

    24. Where are all my cuddly asexual cuties at? 

    Source: TikTok

    Who can honestly keep up with the varying sex drives of all of your polyamorous partners? How about we just keep it PG and cuddle on the couch instead? I’ll bring the soft toys. 

    25. When you pour your cup of coffee and get ready for a whole day of avoiding eye contact with everyone you find hot

    A hilarious polyamorous meme showing Kermit the Frog with a cup of coffee with text that reads “Poly and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.”

    This polyamory meme is a little too relatable for me. Why am I always Kermit the Frog and everyone who I date is, like, way out of my league? 

    26. That’s what I call queer wizardry. 

    byu/The_Box_of_Biggleton inpolyamory

    Source: Reddit

    Ever find yourself accidentally in two separate polyamorous relationships that you didn’t even know were a thing until you Googled “funny polyamory meme” and saw this photo? If so, I’m seriously impressed with your power of manifestation. You should be making money off of that.

    27. This one is for my wholesome polyamorous gays 

    A relatable polyamory meme of a fairy tale garden party with teddy bears and children sitting across a table with text that reads “me & my queerplatonic polycule having white claws in the yard after our weekly Covid test”

    Source: Know Your Meme

    Some people say the pandemic is “over,” but my polyamorous partners and I stay testing and sipping white claws in the back garden

    28. Toxic monogamy culture is watching Season 3 of “You” and understanding the murder part, but non-monogamy? NO, THANK YOU! 

    Source: Instagram

    In all reality, we know bisexual men are truly optimized men, and I will continue to watch the trashy and unbelievable plot lines of “you” until Joe Goldberg turns into a pumpkin. 

    29. Raise your hand if you are in love with your friends

    Source: Instagram

    This one is for all my relationship anarchists and solo polyam fam out there who know that platonic intimacy and friendship love are unlike any other and should never come second to any romantic partnership ever. This is your daily reminder to call your friends and let them know how much they mean to you.

    30. Some are born polyamorous, some achieve poly, and some have polyamory thrust upon them

    Source: Instagram

    If your first queer relationship also happened to be your first non-monogamous relationship, then you really were thrown into the deep end girl! The learning curve is no lie, but I’m glad that you are still here with us, fully alive and intact. You will make it!

    31. Pros and cons of solo polyamory

    Source: Instagram

    The best part about solo polyamory is being alone. The worst part of solo polyamory is cooking dinner for yourself. Am I right?

    32. One of the perks of being polyamorous is that dating someone is never a good reason not to date someone else

    A meme with a guy on the telephone in a black blazer with text above that reads: “When you ask a relationship anarchist if they’re dating anyone.” The movie subtitles read: “-I wondered if you were dating anyone.” “-I’m dating everyone. Why?”

    Source: Minka Guides

    Okay, I know I just said that polyamorous people don’t want to date everybody, and technically that’s true! But hear me out. If you’re a relationship anarchist, you could also be dating everybody. Anyone who is asking me who I’m dating should probably just date me. 

    33. This could be us but you playing 

    I often feel like I am the only one in the world that wants this kind of relationship
    byu/abbydaby inactuallesbians

    Source: Reddit

    You could be cuddling with Snorlax on a couch with your hot queer polycule while we game, but instead you’re waiting for your cis het boyfriend to text you back? Dump him and get over here!

    34. That part though 

    Source: Instagram

    The idea of having multiple partners sounds so lovely until you realize that you actually have to go on first dates and have actual conversations with people… You mean…  actually meet face-to-face with a handful of strangers and date them? Can we just skip to the partner part?

    35. We love a respectful date curfew

    A tweet that reads: “On my way to steal your partner* *and bring them back at a decent time so you can have your date night because I’m respectful of your relationship and polyamory isn’t a competition.”

    Source: Tumblr

    And finally to top it all off, we love a polyamorous dynamic where everyone is respectful, non-competitive, and genuinely wishes for the relational success and deep happiness of your partner’s partners. There’s nothing better than flipping the possessiveness of monogamy on its head and letting people know there is another way to conceptualize relationships and treat your partners. 

    So there you have it, the peak experience of polyamory meme culture! The best part about memes is that they capture a very specific feeling—the essence of IFKYK. Memes can remind us that we are not alone in our experiences of the world. This is especially crucial for marginalized people and underrepresented groups. I hope that you can relate to at least a few of these polyamory relationship memes. 

    The best thing about polyamory is that it challenges normative beliefs about desire, romance, and relationships that are worth interrogating. But also, polyamory is not for the faint of heart! It takes hard work, rigorous honesty, integrity, care, and communication. Regardless of whether monogamy or polyamory is right for you, we should all strive to bring those qualities into every relationship in our lives. 

    If you are looking for your next queer polyamorous fling, what are you waiting for? Get on HER today.

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    Dusty Brandt Howard is a writer & a fighter. He is a trans masculine cultural narrator who builds worlds with words. You can follow his thirst traps on Instagram, his writing on Substack, or find him at your local queer bar in northeast LA.

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