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Top 25 Queer Community Landmarks of 2022

Robyn Exton

Jun 01, 2022

Top 25 Queer Community Landmarks of 2022
  • For most of us, the house has been our top hangout spot for the past couple of years. With Pride season coming around, we know there are millions of LGBTQ+ folks that will be getting ready for their first IRL Pride and haven’t had the chance to experience some of the iconic venues and local community institutions that mean so much to the queer community.

    Queer spaces have provided a haven of familiarity and faces for decades. From blogs to zines, to parties to dive bars; they’ve navigated changing leases, rent prices soaring, advertisers changing expectations, and venues being lost. They have remained resultant through it all for the love and passion of creating something connecting for our community.  

    This Pride, HER is honoring the Top 25 Queer Landmarks of the LGBTQ+ community across the world. We want you to hear about these spaces and people, search them, follow them and attend their parties IRL. Pride is a time to celebrate our whole community and these winners are part of that Pride.

    Winners have been celebrated with a Pride Pin in HER, that all users attending Pride Festivals in their city can add to their profiles from today.

    Simply click here to add your local city so others can see you are attending Pride and check out the winner from your community.

    United States

    1. Cubbyhole, NYC

    Cubbyhole is the iconic NYC bar serving the LGBTQ community and its allies since 1994. Perfect for a fun night out with your best pals, and maybe not too many as this place gets packed, early! And while you’re there – don’t forget to look up. Enjoy their happy hour serving drinks, wine, and beer, Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 2-6.


    1. Cuties: Los Angeles, CA

    Cuties was one of the first sober spaces to open for the queer community in LA. Black-owned and operated, they prioritise creating community space for queer folks. Although the pandemic led to the closing of their physical venue, they hold a variety of events including their color party, readings, nite market, and queer family picnic. Be sure to check their extensive calendar of events to attend with your squad!

    1. El Rio: San Francisco, CA

    Beginning as a Leather Brazilian Gay Bar in 1978, the space has transformed over the decades into a venue for queer folks across the community to host events and come for a drink any night of the week. For queer women, Mango, has been running for 26 years and El Rio is the space that gathers the community outside, on the balcony and in the sun for their day time magic.


    1. Legacy Walk: Chicago, IL

    History buffs will love this outdoor LGBTQ history in Chicago’s Lakeview neigborhood. Also known as Boystown it houses the ten pairs of 25 foot tall decorative steel rainbow pylons that define Chicago’s LGBT community. Biographical markers commemorating the life and work of notable queers, who’s achievements shaped the world, grace each pillar.

    New memorials are added each year, while the older ones are “retired” and displayed in the Visitor Center, set to be opened soon.


    1. Wildrose: Seattle, WA

    Women owned and operated since 1984, Wildrose is a gay bar staple in Seattle. Sporting a lively atmosphere you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable night drinking and dancing. With focussed events and parties different nights of the week, including karaoke night. Make sure you don’t miss out on their infamous boozy slushies.


    1. CC Slaughters: Portland, Oregon

    Located in eclectic Portland, Oregon, CC Slaughters was a lively gay bar open seven days a week. Unfortunately CC Slaughters didn’t survive the pandemic, like so many other places, but the owners and the space still deserved the recognition for creating a home for the queer community of Portland for so many years.


    1. Cheer Up Charlies: Austin, TX

    For the vegans out there, Cheer Up Charlies colorful cabin bar is the spot for you. You’ll enjoy live entertainment at the large outdoor music venue, with perks like kombucha on tap, organic juice blend cocktails, local beers and biodynamic wine. 

    You and your squad can have an afternoon get together or go for nightly events including musical performances and movie screenings.


    1. Sue Ellens: Dallas, TX

    Sue Ellens is Texas oldest lesbian bar. Music lovers and social butterflies come here for their dose of queer excellence. There’s something here for everyone with live music, DJ’s, karaoke and social mixers on the list of weekly events. 

    The spacious venue has two covered patios, a game room and full service bar on each level. Dance your pants off with your besties or enjoy a low key night with your date.


    1. Pearl Bar: Houston, TX

    “LGBTQ bar that specializes in lesbians”, is the promise that Houston’s Pearl Bar makes to you, and we’re all here for that kinda of promise. For all of the WLW this joint offers dancing, drinks and events (Crawfish, anyone?) to keep each visit better than the next.

    During pride month they have events every day. Show up for Pearl Bar.


    1. My Sister’s Room: Atlanta, GA

    Award winning lesbian bar My Sister’s Room has been Atlanta’s number one lesbian bar for 24 years. A safe space for WLW, you’ll be sure to find something you enjoy here. Nightly drag shows, burlesque shows, comedy and karaoke are some of the events on their calendar. A community staple, they are known for being a safe space to gather, build community and find new friendly faces.


    1.  Gossip Grill: San Diego, CA

    San Diego’s Nicky Award winning Gossip Grill is a queer women’s bar, where everyone’s welcome. Seven days a week check out the full patio bar and restaurant with an open dance floor. The vibe of this club is unmatched with feminine inspired art, chandeliers and an outdoor patio bar with fire pits. Combine that with the American comfort food menu and you’ll feel right at home.


    1.  A League of Her Own: Washington, D.C.

    Located in D.C.’s trendy northwest, A League of Her Own is “A place for people who have not found their place elsewhere”. Though the space was created to be a safe haven for queer women, everyone’s welcome. You can be sure to feel at home because there’s no tolerance for intolerance, hate or bigotry.

    Visit their happy hour or many events for drinks and great company.


     12. The Midway: Boston, MA

    Bringing a variety of acts to Boston since 1987, The Midway has been the hub for watching diverse acts with a diverse crowd. The venue holds all kinds of events from live music to Queeraoke every Thursday. If you’re looking for unique and different, this is definitely the place to be.



    13. Glad Day: Toronto, CA

    Book lovers unite! Glad Day is the first queer focused Canadian bookstore and oldest queer bookstore worldwide. Get a large selection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit and queer literature here. 

    For those who want to get a fresh selection of queer literature monthly, they also offer a Queer Book Box. The monthly box includes two books chosen by Glad Day’s staff, as well as, merch made by Canadian LGBTQ+ artists.


    14. Lez Spread The Word: Montreal, CA

    Lez Spread The Word is an artistically driven print publication dedicated to producing by and for lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer women to defy stereotypical portrayals and give greater visibility to positive role models. A new issue is released every fall in over 20 cities across North America and Europe and some retail outlets across the globe. All work is created by lesbian, bi, trans, queer and non binary people. Its beautifully designed and leaves us swooooning every edition.



    15. Gay’s The Word: London, UK

    Another one for the book lovers, Gay’s The Word is the UK’s oldest gay bookstore around since 1979. It was set up by a group of gay socialists as a community space where all profit is invested back in to the space. The five person staff play a huge role in making the store experience personalized and intimate.

    The store has a wide range of books to choose from, as well as book and community events.


    16. Vanilla: Manchester, UK

    Vanilla is a lesbian bar in Manchester’s gay village. Since 1998, they’ve won many awards for being a dedicated safe space for lesbians. Over 1 million women have visited since opening for food, drinks and music. Expect a packed dance floor and drinks you can afford for a big night out, especially at Manchester Pride.


    17. Club Revenge: Brighton, UK

    This three floor LGBTQ+ bar and club experience is a gem in Brighton. For a pregame visit Bar Revenge on Brighton’s seafront for cheap drinks, DJ’s and entertainment before you step around the corner to the bigger venue Club Revenge. Giant neon queer flags adorn the dance floor and you can enjoy half priced drinks Sunday-Friday from 5-8 pm. You’ll never be bored with the photobooth, claw grabber and dancing cage the club offers.



    18. Barbieturix: Paris, FR

    This French collective works to challenge stereotypes surrounding lesbians and the entire queer community. Starting through their website, fanzine and parties, they have provided a positive space for lesbians to express themselves and have a good time for years. Their infamous Wet For Me nights at Machine de Moulin Rouge attracts nearly 1500 women every year. It’s packed and its very very chaud. Pride events are also their specialty, being held all throughout pride month.


    19. SCHWUZ: Benin, DE

    SCHWUZ is Berlin’s largest queer club around since 1977. A dedicated space for queer pop culture and providing all forms of artistic expression, enjoy free and paid events such as parties and fundraisers.


    20. St. Pauli District: Hamburg, DE

    Visit the most famous neighborhood in Germany for an experience to remember. Known for the Reeperbahn, St. Pauli Football and the harbor, there’s something for everyone here.

    Pay special attention to the Reeperbahn nightlife district where many popular artists got their start in the underground bars, including The Beatles. Find nightlife, clubs, markets, fairs and outdoor concerts to name a few things. Be sure to explore the side streets to find some hidden gem bars.

    21. La Gata: Frankfurt, DE

    Opened in 1971, La Gata is Frankfurts sole women only lesbian bar. Come for amazing music with an upbeat feel and a long list of drinks for every mood. You’ll be in ladies only company, except Sunday’s where men are allowed.

    22. Glockenbachviertel: Munchin, DE

    Known as the vibrant gay district of Munich, come here for the bars and nightlife to feel right at home. Catch the Gender-Ampel traffic light which features diverse and inclusive pedestrian characters. For those who aren’t a fan of the club scene you’ll still find a variety of art galleries, theaters and boutiques to pique your interest.


    23. Bar Buka: Amsterdam, NL

    Bar Buka is the #1 rated lesbian bar in Amsterdam. Their mission is to bring women together and bring a safe space to be yourself surrounded by like minded people. Come as you are, as there’s no dress code or strict door policies here.



    24. Moxy: Stockholm, SW

    Moxy is the largest lesbian club in Sweden, where everyone’s welcome. Parties, dinner clubs and cruises are some of the events you can enjoy. Music lovers will love the diverse playlists of all genres and there’s resident and international DJ’s frequently.

    They have events during Stockholm Pride Festival and parties all pride month.


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