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Sapphic Meaning + Flag

Did you also run into ” sapphic ” word and wonder what is it? It’s an identity some choose to use to describe their sexual orientation.

What does sapphic mean?

Sapphic refers to anything related to the Greek poet Sappho, who wrote about her attraction to “lesbians” from the island of Lesbos. It also refers to any woman or non-binary person who is gay af.

It’s an umbrella term that unites lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer and many other communities. It’s also connected to acronym WLW [Woman Loving Woman], but Sapphic also includes nonbinary people.

What is the origin of sapphic?

Sappho invented a four-line schema, or pattern, called the “sapphic stanza.” In addition to writing about her love of lesbians, she also wrote about her attraction to men. This means Sappho was technically queer/bi/pan, so all wlw (women who love women) are represented under the “sapphic” umbrella, not just lesbians. There’s even a sapphic flag so we can all remember what team we play for!

Now that you know who Sappho is, you can impress your HER date with some 7th-century love poems. It’s what Sappho would want. 

Popular questions are also asking what is the difference between sapphic and lesbian. That’s easy and you probably know by now: lesbian is preferring female romantic or sexual partners, while sapphic covers much more woman-aligned identities.

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Sapphic flag

The sapphic flag has two pink stripes on the top and bottom, symbolizing love. In the center there is a violet, which was historically given between woman to symbolize their sapphic love.

Sapphic flag with a two pink stripes on the top and bottom, symbolizing love

This is part of our official queer glossary – check it out!