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10 Simple Steps for Attracting Your Dream Woman

Apr 25, 2015

10 Simple Steps for Attracting Your Dream Woman

Step 1: Get Clarity. What are you looking for in a partner? Do you want someone quiet or someone outrageous? Are you looking for Ms. Right for tonight or Ms. Right for life? Getting clear on what you want is the first step in finding it!
Step 2: Get Ready. Are you over your ex? Are you ready to be in a relationship? You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to be emotionally ready to start dating again.
Step 3: Get Excited. Your attitude is everything. Get excited about attracting your dream woman. Your positive attitude will keep you motivated and radiate positive energy to everyone around you!
Step 4: Get Confident. Take a deep breath and repeat after me, “I am awesome. I am sexy. I am a great catch!”. You are a unique, wonderful person and you are the only you there will ever be! Let your inner light shine and be confident in who you are – it’s super attractive.
Step 5: Get Out There. Create an online dating profile (on HER, perhaps). Go to Meetups, potlucks, Tegan and Sara concerts… Go anywhere your dream girl might be. You can’t attract her if she never sees you.
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Step 6: Get Talking. Your dream woman needs to get to know you so start talking! If you feel shy, just ask her questions about herself to break the ice. Ask her what she’s drinking, who her favorite character is on OITNB, or what she studied in college. It doesn’t matter what you talk about, just get talking.
Step 7: Get a Date. If you make a connection and you’re both interested, set a date! It can be grabbing coffee next week, meeting up at the dog park, or going all out for dinner and a movie.
Step 8: Get a Great Attitude. You may have just met the woman of your dreams, only time will tell. If you did – awesome! If you didn’t, that’s okay. Some women will become friends, some will become lovers and some might be duds. That’s life. Focus on enjoying yourself and meeting new people.
Step 9: Get Back on the Horse. Dating is a sorting process. There are some women who will be right for you and some who won’t. If you don’t click, move on. The sooner you get back into the dating scene, the sooner you’ll attract your dream woman.
Step 10: Get Zen About It. Relax. You’re doing the work. You’re getting out there. You’re meeting women and you’re going on dates. Keep taking action and before you know it – she’ll walk right into your life with a big sexy smile!

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