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5 ways an LGBTQ-friendly spiritual advisor can help you find love

Oct 26, 2021

5 ways an LGBTQ-friendly spiritual advisor can help you find love

  • Finding love with a spiritual advisor

    Everyone can face obstacles when it comes to finding love, and they can feel impossible to overcome. An outside perspective can help you gain clarity and help you move forwards. 

    We spoke to spiritual advisor Alison Shine at Keen Psychics, to find out more about how they help LGBTQ+ people to find love.

    Breaking unhealthy cycles

    ”Sometimes, the healing from past relationships continues on far after the ‘break-up’. Having a spiritual advisor is like having the behind-the-scenes play-by-play of all of your possible paths. 

    “Sometimes we unconsciously repeat past karmic cycles, so we end up in similar relationships and situations. Seeking clarity is choosing to stop that cycle, so you can open yourself up to a new possibility of love that serves you in ways you couldn’t have even imagined.”

    Accepting yourself

    ”Only the bravest of souls come here to learn from the most difficult lessons. If you identify within the LGBTQ spectrum, you should know that you’re special on a soul level. Since we incarnate on the planet to experience growth, you have chosen quite the journey! 

    “It may be that you decided in your soul contract that you would learn from having an identity that didn’t fit the ‘norm’. There is an incredible amount of insight you can gain from this unique perspective and the world is lucky to have you in it!”

    Overcoming judgement

    ”Unfortunately, many who are simply choosing their authentic path feel judged. Focus on the love you have for yourself and strengthen your relationship with your inner being first.

    “This is your truth and no one can take this away from you. Don’t let close-mindedness block you from discovering your own form of spirituality. Remember, love is love. It’s as simple as that.”

    Choosing the right path

    ”Love and navigating relationships are one of the most difficult soul lessons we have here on Earth! A spiritual advisor will not only give you the permission to feel all of your feelings but can give you intuitive insight into why you are feeling this way. 

    “Spiritual clarity gives you tools to know the best next step. Knowing exactly how to attract your soulmate or how to choose the right relationship is a huge weight that can be lifted off your shoulders.”

    Finding your soulmate

    ”A spiritual advisor can not only help you find your soulmate but also help you navigate your relationship when you find them! It can help to know if there are any blocks or disconnects that are preventing you from finding your ideal partner in the first place. 

    “Sometimes, we have plans in our soul contract that we need to fulfill first before we are ready to meet a soulmate. If you don’t know what these are, you might feel like you’re going in circles when really you’re just looking in the wrong direction.”

    Check out Keen’s Favorite Queer and LGBTQ+ Friendly Advisors below. And ICYMI, watch our IG Live with Keen Advisor, Alison Shine here.

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