7 Queer and Lesbian Tumblrs You Should Be Following

Feb 01, 2016

7 Queer and Lesbian Tumblrs You Should Be Following
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  • If you are on Tumblr, you’re probably already following most (or at least some!) of these awesome gay blogs. They go from pictures of cute couples kissing to lesbian pop culture GIFs to coming out advice. It’s your perfect dosage of queer right on your Tumblr dash.
    Did your favourite blog make it? If not, let us know what your favourite queer Tumblr is in the comments!
    Check out the list of 👌 Tumblrs  👇:

    1. lesbian-superstar

    Megan McEvoy runs her blog from New Haven, CT! Pictures of cute couples, gay celebrities, or TV characters  that catch her attention are automatically posted to her blog for all of her followers. Megan’s blog is a cute, happy, celebration of lady love.



    2. redefiningpossible

    She created to remind herself and others that weird people have more fun because they’re not a4.fraid to unleash their inner Wild Thing. So if you would consider yourself a boundary pushing, thrill seeking Maverick then you might enjoy taking a scroll through her blog! 



    3. idrathergoforgirls

    Alex is from Italy but currently lives in the UK. Her blog is all about girl aesthetic and cute lesbian couples. Queer girls that like a personal perspective on things, music, quotes will like this blog! All-in-all, Alex’s blog is a place you can ask for advice, confide to her about anything, or simply reblog posts you relate to.



    4. cantcontrolthegay

    Karolina runs her blog from Poland and posts tons of gay GIFs from TV shows, movies, and web series. It also contains a variety of personal thoughts and the best weird jokes that come to her head. Two words that summarize her blog: Hella gay.



    5. lovegaygirls

    Lovegaygirls is ran by Nathasja from the Netherlands. She mostly posts photos of cute lesbian couples and curates advice posts for people who are confused or just want to know more about their sexuality. A great place to ask for help or relationship tips.


    6.  L-e-s-b-o-t

    Becky is from England and exclusively posts LGBT couples and gay related posts. Any girl who fancies girls would love her blog because it consistently feeds her followers gay goodies every day.



    7. Secutelesbian

    Laura is the blogger behind this blog on sexuality and life advice. She’s from Germany and shares a variety of different things with her followers including personal perspectives, pictures submitted by others, and pretty much anything related to the lesbian community.


    Did your favourite blog make it? If not, let us know what your favourite queer Tumblr is in the comments! We’ll be making more of these lists in the future! 💃

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