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Find your sapphic aesthetic: lesbian outfits to inspire your wardrobe

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Mar 23, 2023

Find your sapphic aesthetic: lesbian outfits to inspire your wardrobe
  • Hey queens, are you ready to elevate your fit game? Before we get into the specifics, let’s talk about the importance of fashion in the LGBTQIA+ community.

    For many people, clothes are a way to express their identity and connect with others who share their interests and values. Joining a subculture, or community can be as simple as donning the right clothes!

    And it’s not just about looking the part, but about sending a message. Clothing can be used to signal your sexual orientation or gender identity, from wearing your flag colors, to wearing clothes that help you feel gender euphoria, to hinting with a flannel.

    When you find the perfect outfit, it can be like armor, giving you the confidence to take on the world

    So, whether you’re thinking of coming out or just need to revamp your style, check out these aesthetics all lesbians are bound to love.


    We’ve all seen it trending on TikTok and Instagram. If a picnic at the prairie and drinking tea are your ideas of the perfect date, then cottagecore is for you.

    Think flowy dresses, puffy sleeves, and floral prints – all inspired by the cozy and romantic atmosphere of a countryside cottage. What’s not to love about that? Cottagecore is dreamy and big on honoring wholesome, poetic lifestyles. I’m in — after all, imagine a world where the only things you have to worry about are baking pies and picking wildflowers for your girlfriend.

    For many lesbians, this look is a way of reclaiming a feminine aesthetic that has often been dismissed or ridiculed in mainstream culture. It’s about celebrating femininity in all its forms, but also about slowing down and enjoying the little things in life. 

    Dark Academia

    When we say dark academia, my mind goes straight to Jo March in Greta Gerwig’s version of ‘Little Women.’ From the tweed blazers and corduroy pants, to the oxford shoes to the checkered skirts – all in shades of black, navy, and gray. It’s like dressing for a cozy autumn day in a library, surrounded by ancient tomes and leather-bound journals.

    This style is all about embracing the intellectual side of life, immersing yourself in the classics of literature and philosophy, and feeling a little bit broody while you’re at it. Let’s not forget about the accessories – round glasses and fountain pens are all essential for the full effect.

    For some people, it is a way of rebelling against the shallowness and superficiality of modern culture (something most lesbians can relate to), embracing depth and substance, and rejecting the idea that everything has to be bright and shiny all the time. 

    Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment


    Born in the 90s, this musical genre and its aesthetic have resurfaced in the past couple of years. At the core, grunge is about embracing a rebellious, counter-culture vibe that’s perfect for all lesbians who love to rock out and break the rules.

    What do you need for the look? Ripped jeans, flannel shirts, combat boots, and a whole lot of attitude. Channel your inner rockstar and express your anger, frustration, and passion through your clothes and accessories. Most importantly, reject the mainstream and embrace the underground.

    And let’s not forget about the music – this aesthetic is deeply connected to the punk and alternative music scenes. So get that cassette player and melt with the sound of protest, justice, and badassery.

    Source: Vogue


    This unique style is perfect for the gals who prefer the masc lesbian look, with fits inspired by the streets of New York. It’s all about sporting statements but comfy pieces that scream, “I am a cool, confident lesbian. And cozy with it too.”

    Oversized hoodies, distressed denim, and statement sneakers – all in bold, eye-catching colors and prints, are the staples to achieve this kind of look. If you think streetwear is the aesthetic that suits you the most, one tip we could give you is to get inspiration from the energy and diversity of the city, as well as the people and places around you. Pair your outfit with the freshest lesbian haircut, and you’re good to go!

    Source: Pinterest


    Astrology lesbians, unite! 

    Witchcore is the ultimate vibe for all the lesbians out there who love to embrace the mystic and magical side of life. 

    Inspired by iconic witches in media, like Nicole Kidman in ‘Practical Magic (1998),’ it consists of flowing dresses, hats and veils, and statement crystal jewellery, and of course, moody, mystical colors like deep purples, greens, and rich blacks. It’s like dressing for a gathering in the middle of the woods on a full moon night. Kinda spooky, yet somehow incredibly chic and modern.

    Of course, the aesthetic comes with a lifestyle that invites you to connect with your inner goddess and celebrate your bond to the spiritual world and nature. From casting spells or just hanging out with your coven (the group chat), the witchy vibe is the ultimate look for all the mystical lesbians out there!

    Source: A Curious Fancy

    Business casual

    Love a good suit? You don’t have to wait for the next queer wedding you’re invited to or another fancy event to wear them, just gotta style them right for everyday life.

    With tailored blazers, stylish vests, and your favorite pair of trousers, you can create an incredible look that you can rock in and out of the office. A suit can feel very powerful, and you can find a balance between looking polished and dapper while still feeling comfortable and confident. For a more casual, everyday kind of vibe — you can pair your fit with some sneakers, or even throw on a cool matching beanie to give off an I’m-effortlessly-cool kind of je ne sais quoi.

    Business casual is an aesthetic that brings elegance and professionalism to any setting, and even some of our favorite lesbian and queer icons, like Janelle Monae and Kristen Stewart, have been known to rock the business casual look on and off the red carpet.

    Source: The Huntswoman

    Full glam

    Have you heard of ‘bimbofication’? Bimbo has been a reclaimed term in recent years, previously used to call pretty women “dumb.” But now, the rhetoric has changed, and the girlies have started using this word to embrace the feminine things they left behind in order to prove their intelligence. Think: full glam makeup, sequins, glitter, and the color pink. In other words, it’s like being a real-life Barbie, and owning it!

    If you can relate to the previous description, then don’t be afraid to rock a bold makeup look,.I’m talking winged eyeliner, lashes, glitter, contour, and the prettiest lipstick you can find. Pair it with either a floor-length gown or the tiniest crop top and mini skirt you can find, it’s your choice, babe.

    This is all about radiating glamorous, confident, and luxurious energy, no matter the budget, you just need the vibes and good skills with a beauty blender. Don’t forget: lesbians can be as feminine and glam as they want.

    Source: Harper’s Bazaar Australia

    So there you have it, my lovely ladies! We hope that you find within these unique aesthetics the style that works with your personality, identity, and comfort as a lesbian woman navigating the fashion world.

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    Renee Fonseca is a bisexual and bilingual writer with experience through multiple digital channels, always embracing her passion for creativity.

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