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Here Are 5 Telltale Signs That Brands Are Queer

Sep 07, 2021

Here Are 5 Telltale Signs That Brands Are Queer
  • 1. They Aren’t Fortune 500 Companies

    Let’s start here: stop buying pride merch from corporations. Only four Fortune 500 companies have queer CEOs, and none are queer businesses.

    While Wet For Her might not be a leader in the adult industry with regard to company size, they are when it comes to understanding queer consumers.

    Not having a board of cishet investors means they are committed to doing what’s best for their queer consumers rather than making shady decisions to increase shareholder value.

    2. They Are Proud Beyond June

    Companies that are queer for queers are usually not shy about it.

    Simply navigate to the Wet For Her ‘about’ page and you’ll clearly see a mission statement that radiates pride through and through.

    Wet For Her doesn’t see queerness as an aesthetic that can be appropriated in June and discarded in July. They understand that queerness goes far beyond sporting a rainbow when it’s convenient.

    For them, queerness is integral year-round.

    3. They Offer Functionally-Queer Products Rather Than Just Aesthetically-Queer Ones

    My biggest pet peeve is lazy branding.

    Slapping a rainbow on toothpaste does not make it queer.

    You can easily tell when only straight people were involved in designing pride products because it reflects a rudimentary and often inaccurate understanding of queerness.

    Wet For Her understands its consumers through shared lived experiences.

    They create toys and pleasure-enhancement tools to meet real needs.

    Their finger extenders, for example, reflect an understanding of how many lesbians share intimacy while also providing attractive alternatives for those who want non-anatomical toys.

    4. They Employ Queer People

    I wrote this blog for Wet For Her; I’m queer.

    And as you can guess from the name, Wet For Her was founded by queers and obviously has other queers on staff.

    Most of us understand how hard it can be to find employment that allows us to safely be out in the workplace without being tokenized.

    Queer companies offer jobs in environments where diversity is more than just a buzzword.

    5. They Reinvest in the Community

    Queer companies often reinvest in non-profits that support our community.

    Wet For Her understands the incredible importance of funding organizations that support our wellness, like The Trevor Project.

    Now, it’s important to note that just because a corporation donates to a queer NGO doesn’t necessarily make them allies.

    Pretty insidiously, corporations have recently started donating a menial percentage of their Pride merchandise sales to queer non-profits as a PR stunt to deflect appropriation accusations.

    That’s not the same thing as providing support to the community.

    Brands run by queers know the difference, and so do consumers.

    BONUS: They Offer Healthcare

    This isn’t backed up by any data and should only be taken as my opinion… but queer companies place humans over profits.

    That means offering absolutely necessary benefits to their employees rather than hoarding profits at the executive level.

    Bonus points for those who participate in profit-sharing; if sharing wealth and joy is not the definition of queerness, I don’t know what is!

    *In paid partnership with Wet For HER

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