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No. 1 on the Lesbian Romance chart

Nov 12, 2014

By Kacie
Clare Lydon’s just released her second novel, The Long Weekend, the tale of seven lesbians and two gay men who head to the seaside for five days away. There’s tension, sex, secrets and lies, and it’s already hit No.1 in the UK Lesbian Romance chart in its first week. We spoke to Clare about her new book and here’s what she had to say.

Tell us a bit about your new novel…
The Long Weekend is the story of nine university friends who rent a house by the sea for five days. Tension, fine food, booze and revelations stud the weekend, leaving relationships in the balance and friendships on the line.

What gave you the inspiration for the book?
The characters are all friends from university, and I have done a few weekends away with my own university mates. However, there’s never been half as much drama as there is in the book, for which I’m thankful! I think everyone can relate to weekends away with a lot of people in a confined space. Add in alcohol and historic tension, and I think we can all imagine what happens next.

You said it’s hit No.1 in the UK Lesbian Romance chart. So there is romance involved? 
There is. Geri is the single lesbian of the bunch and she meets a love interest. I’ve been told the resulting sex scene is so steamy it made one of my friends blush when she read it on the tube, which I’m quite proud of! There’s romance between the lesbian couples involved too, of course.

…who wants to read that sex scene right about now?

Do you think we can learn how to romance women by reading lesbian romance novels?
Absolutely! I’ve got some great one-liners in both of my books so readers should pay attention. My characters are all very realistic and flawed, so you can also learn what not to do! In my first book, London Calling, the lead character has a disastrous one-night stand and deals with it terribly – as happens in real life. In this book, there are definite lessons to be learned about relationships and romance too – some good, some bad.

Do any of the characters use any dating apps?
Not in this one, but in my next novel online dating will certainly be on the cards as my lead character, Kate, searches for love. Perhaps she’ll use Her, you never know…

So you’re working on another novel?
Yes and this one is a follow-up to London Calling of sorts. It’s not the story of Jess & Lucy, but rather it focuses on Kate, Jess’s flatmate and sister-in-law. Of course, the backdrop is again my home city of London, and there are familiar characters waltzing around throughout which should please fans of London Calling.

Finally, what’s your idea of the perfect date? 
Swanky hotel, posh dinner with my wife, then onto a low-lit piano bar for cocktails and lounging.


The Long Weekend is out as an ebook on Amazon now, with paperback coming soon. Clare’s first novel, London Calling, is also available to buy. 

For more: or follow Clare on Twitter: @clarelydon

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