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25 lesbian movies that you must see

Robyn Exton

Aug 04, 2022

25 lesbian movies that you must see

Have you updated your LGBTQ+ movie favs lately? This list of loveable lesbian characters showing the good, bad and everything in between is something that you can’t miss 🎥 🌈

There’s something for everyone here, including romances, thrillers, coming-of-age stories and musicals. Curl up and enjoy any of these movies for a solo night in, with friends, or with a hot date.

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In no particular order, each of these movies may find a new spot in your movie night rotation.”

Find these movies on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Max and more.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018)

Set in the 90s, The Miseducation of Cameron Post follows the story of protagonist Cameron Post after she’s sent to conversion therapy by her conservative parents after being caught having sex in her girlfriend Coley Taylor’s car 😱🔥. 

The film is a great take on individualism and finding your own freedom, and Chloë Grace Moretz and Sasha Lane as some of the starring characters is a plus.

Crush (2022)

Crush stars Rowan Blanchard and Auli’i Cravalho along the journey of aspiring artist Paige Evans joining the track team to get close to her crush. Things take a turn when she falls for her crushes twin sister. 

Follow this beautiful teenage love story that shows the all too real feeling of having a teenage crush.

Ride or Die (2021)

This film is based off on Ching Nakamura’s manga series Gunjō. The japanese drama follows the story of Rei (played by Kizo Mizuhara), who kills her friend’s abusive husband. After running for their lives due to the crime, along the way, they discover their feelings for each other. 

This action-packed movie will keep you on your toes, and another bonus is the Japanese lesbian representation 🇯🇵💕.

The Half of It (2020)

Another movie bringing Asian representation, The Half of It follows the story of shy straight-A student Ellie Chu who ends up falling for Aster Flores, the girlfriend of a popular football player. 

Written and directed by Alice Wu, she tells the story of Ellie falling for Aster after her boyfriend Paul recruits her to ghost-write love letters to his girlfriend Aster for him. Throughout the process, she begins to realize her true feelings for Aster.

The Prom (2020)

The Prom is directed by well-known director Ryan Murphy and is an adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name. 

Emma (played by Jo Ellen Pellman) is denied bringing her girlfriend (played by Ariana DeBose) to prom, so some underdog Broadway stars help her to use her voice and speak out for herself. 

This movie will have your foot tapping and singing by the end!

Pariah (2011)

Award-winning Sundance film, Pariah showcases the story of Alike (played by Adepero Oduye), a lesbian living in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene. She quietly embraces her lesbian identity because she’s unsure if her parents will accept her.

Alike’s mother introduces her to a colleague’s daughter, and there’s an instant love connection. Throughout the movie, we see a black teenager navigating her hidden identity, as well as touching on themes of pleasing immigrant parents versus pursuing your own happiness.

Rafiki (2018)

Rafiki is the first Kenyan film screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

In the film, we follow the love story of Kena and Ziki. Living in Kenya, where it’s not always accepted to be queer, they navigate family and political pressure to confirm.

I Can’t Think Straight (2008)

Here’s some queer South Asian representation! This film follows the romance of Tala (Lisa Ray), a young Jordanian of Palestinian descent, preparing for her wedding to Leyla (Sheetal Sheth), a British Indian.

The story shows the dynamics around being queer in South Asian culture and gives a dive into wedding culture as well.

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

You can’t miss this classic lesbian movie 😊

This one is about the story of Adèle, an introverted fifteen-year-old who forms a deep emotional and sexual connection with an art student Emma she meets at a Lesbian bar. While Emma’s open family is welcoming to Adele, Adèle’s family doesn’t welcome Emma. See how she navigates this journey in life and love.

Unpregnant (2020)

Unpregant stars Barbie Ferreria and Haley Lu Richardson. Seventeen-year-old Veronica discovers she’s pregnant and seeks support in driving cross country to get an abortion from her friend Bailey. 

Though it’s not the focal point of the movie, Bailey is coming to terms with her sexuality all while navigating teenage struggles.

Dating Amber

Both Amber (Lola Petticrew) and Eddie (Finn O’Shea) are closeted. Both are pretending to date each other, so everyone knows. Throughout the film, they learn to accept themselves and their respective sexualities.

The Perfection

A lesbian thriller? Sign us up!

Follow troubled musical prodigy Charlotte and a new star student on the dangerous path they end up going down due to their choices. You’ll be on the edge of your seat.

Duck Butter

These two women are fed up with their relationships (with men), so they decide to spend 24 hours with each other to see if they can do better. This movie gives a whole new meaning to lesbian love. 

To Each, Her Own

Part of a conservative Jewish family, Simone is working up the courage to come out as a lesbian to her family when she develops a crush on a dashing male chef.

The movie does a great job of touching on the fluidity of sexuality and attraction on a spectrum.

Nina’s Heavenly Delights

After Nina’s father dies, she has to move back home to Glasgow to help keep her family’s restaurant going. She meets Lisa who owns half of the restaurant and romance ensues. For delicious-looking food, lesbian love and more, watch this film.

Life Partners

Sasha (a lesbian) and Paige (straight) are best friends. Their friendship is threatened when Paige falls for a new guy and it changes their bond. If you love to laugh, this movie will have you in tears. 

Happiest Season

Get into the holiday spirit with this quirky Christmas movie centered around protagonist Abby Holland’s (played by Kristen Stewart) plans to propose to her girlfriend Harper Caldwell (Mackenzie Davis). She finds out on the way to her parents’ house to spend Christmas that she’s not out to them yet.

This movie will tug at your heartstrings and make you laugh and cry.

Saving Face

Wil is busy balancing her career as a surgeon while trying to please her traditional Chinese mother. Unfortunately, her mother doesn’t approve of her relationship with her girlfriend Vivian. 

When her mom shows up with surprise news it rocks Wil’s world. This movie will definitely keep you on your toes all the way through.


This lighthearted teen comedy is a great palate cleanser in a sea of iffy lesbian films. Though Amy is a lesbian and Molly is straight, the characters are shown in a relatable way navigating the ups and downs of life as a teen– with a touch of humor.

This movie is great because each character is dynamic and shown as way more than their sexual identity.

The Kids Are All Right

This one’s for all of the lesbian moms out there. A middle-aged lesbian couple is confronted by the donor of their children. They navigate the struggle and decision of what to do in the best interests of the kids.

This movie needs some work because it does feature non-lesbian actors playing the role of lesbians, but it’s a great story representing an often underrepresented group.

The Four Faced Liar

This film centers on a friend group with two couples and a lesbian friend. One friend Molly is bored with her relationship and looks elsewhere when she falls in love with lesbian Bridget.

Come to this movie for a reassuring dose of reality and a whole lot of laughter.

Room in Rome (2010)

This romance movie happens in the city of love and follows the developing connection between Alba and Natasha. The connection blooms at the most unexpected time and unexpected place. This movie is erotic, steamy and passionate, so come prepared.

The Handmaiden (2016)

This is a screen adaptation of Sarah Waters’ novel Fingersmith but changed from taking place in Victorian England to Japanese-occupied Korea. As a lady starts developing feelings for her handmaiden, it becomes a sinister, erotic mystery. The handmaiden is tasked with tricking her out of her inheritance which adds another layer.

Come for passion, struggle and dark humor.

All About E (2015)

The plot of this movie is enough to hook you alone: An Lebanese lesbian DJ is on the run with her husband– who she only married out of convenience. She took a bag of money and headed on the run to escape the pain of staying closeted to her parents. When she hides out in the club where her ex-girlfriend Trish used to work, sparks are still flying. 

Has this plotline won you over yet?

Elisa and Marcela (2019)

It’s one more on the list of lesbian movies on Netflix ✨

A love story based on a true relationship that took in Galicia, Spain Elisa and Marcela tells the tale of the blossoming relationship between the title characters. Taking place in 1885, their love became a friendship and evolved into lesbian love at a time when even speaking the word lesbian was considered taboo. In 1901, Elisa masqueraded as a male to trick a priest into marrying them.

The film is not perfect, as it misses some of the depth of Elisa and Marcela’s relationship, but it’s a stark reminder of how much has changed with being a lesbian in society.

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