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Am I Androgynous? [checklist]

Robyn Exton

Jul 02, 2020

Am I Androgynous? [checklist]
  • Mainstream culture doesn’t make it easy for us to figure ourselves out. The rules for what men and women are supposed to look and dress like still have a pretty strong (strangle)hold on society, so how can you know if you’re androygnous or not? 

    Only you can answer this question, and that’s part of the joy and pain of getting to know who you are as a human. However, it never hurts to get a little guidance from your close friend, the internet! So we came up with a checklist that will hopefully shine a little light on yourself. 

    And remember: androgyny isn’t about your gender identity or orientation. It is about outward expression and style. Gay, straight, trans, cis…anyone can be androgynous. It’s all about appearance and what looks somewhere in between masculine and feminine, but doesn’t commit to either.

    So, the big question. Are you androgynous? 

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    Your style might be androgynous if…

    • You flit between both sides of the clothing store, men’s and women’s, as happily and indiscriminately as a honeybee looking for pollen.  
    • You notice great outfits and styles on people of every gender expression and start thinking of how you could replicate them using clothing from your own closet. 
    • You feel a spark of intrigue (or is it a tug of longing?) when you see someone whose clothing, hairstyle, makeup, and overall vibe make it hard to categorize them as either masculine or feminine. 
    • You have a sense that something doesn’t feel quite right when you wear certain outfits. 
    • You feel a tingle of excitement at the words “unisex” or “genderless.” 
    • Your skin crawls at the thought of having to commit to either a high femme or high masc look for the rest of your life. 
    Robyn Exton

    Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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