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A Dating Site Where You Can Meet Single Asian Lesbian Women

Online dating fatigue is all too common these days among singles. We all know about “ghosting” — but with other recent trends like “breadcrumbing,” and “obligaswiping,” it’s no wonder mingling on the apps can be a little draining.

Things get even more complicated when you’re online dating as an Asian queer person. Even if you don’t want to meet only other Asians, online dating outside of your culture comes with its own set of challenges. The truth is, it can be difficult to find other LGBTQ+ women who can fully understand and appreciate the issues that you face. That’s why so many people in the Asian community prioritize finding other like-minded women for Asian lesbian dating.

For Asian queers, the HER app is a safe and welcoming community that celebrates the diversity of every culture and identity. It’s one of the top lesbian dating apps with Asian queers from Japan, Malaysia, China, Korea, India, and across the world. There’s no better place to connect with other Asian queers and LGBTQ women who appreciate who you are. When you can swap dating stories with other queer Asian women, you never know the kind of deep connections you’ll find until you give it a try.

Match with Queer Asian Women

To this day, there still aren’t currently any apps that are safe and welcoming of both heteronormative relationships and marginalized communities at the same time. Only Asian queers and other QPOC can fully understand the discrimination and fetishization that are so common on many of the apps and sites. That’s why it’s often better to start with an app where you know there are plenty of other queer Asian women.

With that said, lesbian Asian dating sites are still so few and far between. Over the years, popular Chinese lesbian dating apps like Rela and Lesdo announced they were shutting down, leaving millions of users unsure of where to find love. There are also very few Indian lesbian dating sites and other apps geared toward East Asian LGBTQ+ women. So where does that leave the Asian queer community to date online safely?

Wherever you’re from, matching with queer Asian women has never been easier on HER. Our app is a safe place for you to connect with like-minded women either in your area or abroad. If you’re going on vacation, HER can even connect you with other LGBTQ+ Asians in other cities for friendship or more. With over eight million users and counting, there are plenty of queer Asian singles waiting to get to know you. Most importantly, they’ll understand you on a deep level because they’ve shared many of the same dating struggles and life stories.

Our Personals Can Help You Find True Love

Rather than adding to your online dating fatigue by spending countless hours swiping left and right, the personals on HER can help you find true love. Our lesbian Asian dating site is designed to be interactive and encourages chatting with other queers — whether you’re looking for the East, West, or South Asian lesbian personals.

HER is available in 113 countries and multiple languages, making it easier than ever to find your person. Some countries in Asia are still much less open-minded about LGBTQ+ dating, especially out in public. It can be awkward to approach a cute girl at the bar or at your local coffee shop and pray that she’s also queer. Fortunately, our lesbian Asian dating app is a much better alternative to trying to pick up women in person if your home country has a limited LGBTQ+ community.

Although HER is incredible at helping you find your match, it isn’t just for finding romance — the app is a safe place for you to find and connect with your queer Asian community for friendship as well. Since you can change your relationship status on your profile, you can let other queers know you’re interested in getting to know them platonically. You can find out about social activities and HER-sponsored events near you, catch up on the latest news, and join discussions in the forums on almost any topic you can think of. Share your best dating horror stories and get a laugh from women who have been there too.

Above all, whether you’re looking for friendship, casual dating, a relationship, or your forever person, HER is one of the best lesbian Asian dating sites out there right now. While it’s true that not everybody’s story is the same, connecting with culturally similar people can help you feel understood and heard. It’s not always easy dating in the Asian community, especially as a queer person. While no doubt learning from other cultures and identities can help you grow as a human being, sometimes finding your Asian queer community is exactly what you need.

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HER was created by queer women to bring queer people together from all walks of life in a safe and welcoming platform. You can find other Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Indian women, and more on our free LGBTQ+ dating app. It’s also a secure place to keep an open mind about interracial dating as well — there are millions of culturally aware queer women in our inclusive platform from all over the world.

HER is available for download on Google Play or the App Store for free. Try the app and see for yourself how many Asian queers in your area are searching for the same things you are. Who knows, your person could be right around the corner!