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Bi-Curiosity: The Fine Line Between Friends and Lovers

Jun 11, 2015

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  • Sizzy Rocket’s ‘Bestie’ Music Video Explores Bi-Curiosity In Friendships

    The Huffington Post | By JamesMichael Nichols

    When you’re queer, drawing a clear line between friends and lovers can sometimes get tricky.
    Queer musician Sizzy Rocket’s new video “Bestie” explores this reality, inspired by a one night stand the singer had with her best friend. The video is humorous and campy, referencing “unintentionally erotic” ’80s workout videos — a move that Rocket says is intended to subvert the male gaze.
    The Huffington Post chatted with Sizzy Rocket this week about her inspiration for “Bestie.”
    The Huffington Post: What inspired this video?
    The song was inspired by a real night that happened between me and my best friend, and the video idea just popped in my head while I was writing it. I really wanted to showcase a campy aesthetic and embody the male gaze while pointing to it in a tongue-in-cheek way, and exercise videos in the ’80s are a perfect place to draw from because they’re unintentionally erotic. It’s purposefully over-sexualized, and Dorian, the director, really took it to another level with the watermelon and the banana sit-up. It’s meant to make you laugh but also show you how easily and even unknowingly we exploit femininity and the female body.
    How does the person who inspired this song/video feel about it?
    She’s the coolest and she loves it. We laugh about it together, which is what you really should do about situations like that. Laugh it off and dance it off.
    How would you describe your musical style/aesthetic?
    My style, especially on my record “THRILLS” which will come out later this year, can’t really be pinned down to any genre. I’m inspired by New York electroclash like Peaches and Scissor Sisters, but Drake and Frank Ocean were also huge influences. I’ve been listening to a lot of Perfume Genius. I like everything from aggressive hip hop to bubblegum synth pop, but the beauty about a classic song is it can transcend genre. Queen comes to mind — they’re my favorite.
    What’s next for you?
    I’m going to start playing a lot of shows and keep making unexpected visuals. I’m putting my second single out in July that will come with a zine, and I just wrapped my album. I’m just excited to be putting a record out in the world — who knows what’s next!
    Want to see more from Sizzy Rocket? Check out her viral track from last year, “Girls.”
    Read the article on Huff Post Gay Voices here.

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