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Bridgerton Season 3: Will there be an LGBTQ+ lesbian love story (and sapphic kissing!)?

Jun 13, 2024

Bridgerton Season 3: Will there be an LGBTQ+ lesbian love story (and sapphic kissing!)?

Source: Us Weekly

Dear Reader, Bridgerton Season 3 kept us glued to our screens with its signature blend of opulent costumes, scandalous gossip and drama, and finally the promise of queer love! While we eagerly devoured every stolen glance and scandalous whisper, we couldn’t help but wonder… where are the sapphic storylines we’ve been craving and will they be the central story line of Season 4?

Whispers in the Ton suggest that Season 3 will not only feature LGBTQ+ characters, but also delve into their experiences navigating love and desire in a society that wasn’t exactly rainbow-friendly.

But one thing’s for certain: 

Bridgerton is about to get a whole lot queerer. It’s time for the sapphic spotlight!

Lesbian and Queer Representation in Bridgerton

A cast of Bridgerton looking curious about the Lesbian and Queer Representation in Bridgerton

Source: mxdwn

The Queen Charlotte spinoff gave us a taste of that sweet queer love (Brimsley and Reynolds, anyone?), but we want more than crumbs, darling. We want the whole damn feast! And guess what? We’re getting it.

Bridgerton & The Future of LGBTQ+ Love Stories

“I want to see more queer joy on my screens and that was definitely a priority for me when I stepped into the showrunner role.”

Jess Brownell

Showrunner Jess Brownell herself has promised us a full-blown queer storyline that will make us swoon, sigh, and scream for joy. This commitment has thrilled both fans and the cast, including Nicola Coughlan (Penelope Featherington).


As many #Bridgerton fans theorize about a potential queer storyline for Eloise, we asked actress Claudia Jessie for her thoughts on her character’s romantic journey. 💕

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Francesca’s Flirtatious Finale

Francescas and Michaela in Bridgerton Season 3

Source: Tyla

Hold onto your corsets, ladies! The ton’s abuzz with whispers of forbidden love and we’re here for it. The Season 3 finale dropped a bombshell with the introduction of Michaela. The lingering looks between them have us shipping this potential pairing like nobody’s business! 🏳️‍🌈

Michaela, who? 👀

The lingering looks between Francescas and Michaela in Bridgerton Season 3

Source: Grazia

Michaela is Francesca’s husband’s female cousin (who, in the books, was a dude named Michael). Talk about a plot twist! 🤯 Clearly she’s more than just a relative.

Now, we know some of you sticklers for tradition might be clutching your pearls and hate the storyline and such, but we at HER say…

 “Rejoice! 👑 We can’t wait to see how these stories unfold!”

Your Lesbian BFFs at HER

Finally, a period drama that’s not afraid to show some queer joy! 🌈 

Love is Love

“When we started talking about queer representation on the show, we started with a discussion that this is a show about happily-ever-afters, and that we’re not interested in queer trauma – that we really want to see queer joy.”

Jess Brownel

Sure, some purists might be scoffing, but showrunner Jess Brownell has made it clear: Bridgerton is all about happily-ever-afters, not heartache.

Eloise Bridgerton: Ditching Dukes for Damsels? 💅

Claudia Jessie (Eloise in Bridgerton) portrait which Claudia Jessie said, "There’s a strength in her that I think a queer storyline can connect. I’ve always been touched by that as a notion with Eloise. But yeah, there’s definitely room for all of that."

Source: Teen Vogue

The ever-independent Eloise, played by the talented Claudia Jessie, captivated audiences with her thirst for knowledge and disdain for societal expectations. While the Ton is buzzing about who she’ll marry, we’re buzzing about who she’ll kiss. 😉

Could her rebellious spirit translate to a blossoming queer identity? Could this be the Gentleman Jack of Shonda’s imagination? Fans on Reddit have been buzzing with this theory, and Claudia Jessie has even hinted at a queer storyline for Eloise.

In Jessie’s own words: 

“There’s a strength in her that I think a queer storyline can connect. I’ve always been touched by that as a notion with Eloise. But yeah, there’s definitely room for all of that.”

Claudia Jessie

Cressida Cowper‘s Coming Out & A Potential Connection with Eloise?

Eloise and Cressida's Relationship in one of Bridgerton scenes which they are sitting with each other

Source: TheWrap

Adding fuel to the fire, actress Jessica Madsen, who portrays Cressida Cowper, recently came out publicly during Pride month. This has fans speculating about a potential same-sex storyline for Cressida.

A little birdie (ahem, actress Jessica Madsen herself) tells us that Eloise and Cressida might end up together this season! 💅 These two scheming socialites have more chemistry than Lady Whistledown has secrets. 👀

The Cast’s Excitement for Queer Representation

This season, our leading cast, Nicola Coughlan, is dropping hints about queer storylines finally taking center stage. Coughlan hopes for a “leading queer love story” on the show. Could a love story between two dazzling duchesses be on the horizon? We’re crossing our fingers and hoping for the best!

Where to Watch Bridgerton Season 3

Netflix is your one-stop shop for this delicious dose of Regency-era romance, no matter where you are in the world; It is available on Netflix worldwide.

Bridgerton Season 3 Spoilers: What’s in Store for Eloise?

Will Eloise and Cressida’s Relationship Develop? 

Eloise and Cressida's Relationship in one of Bridgerton scenes

Source: Tumblr

Season 3 could explore the complex dynamic between Eloise and Cressida, potentially leading to a romantic connection. Could a spark ignite between these two fiery personalities? Only time (and a whole lot of stolen glances) will tell.

Balancing Historical Accuracy with Queer Joy 

Bridgerton has always pushed boundaries, and this season is no exception. Bridgerton isn’t afraid to shake things up, even when it comes to the strict societal norms of the Regency era. 

While same-sex relationships were definitely taboo 🙄back then, the showrunners are determined to give us the queer love stories we deserve which includes the challenge and authentic queer storylines with happy endings.

Bridgerton Season 4: The Future of Queer Love

While details are still under wraps, it’s looking like the next chapter in the Bridgerton saga might be Benedict’s turn to find his happily ever after. But don’t lose hope! Showrunner Jess Brownell is committed to weaving LGBTQ+ stories into the tapestry of Bridgerton, hinting at future seasons where queer romance could blossom. Could Eloise or Cressida be the next to find their happily ever after? We’re crossing our fingers and hoping for some steamy sapphic scenes!

Is Queer Representation on the Horizon?

With Jess Brownell at the helm, the future of queer representation in Bridgerton looks brighter than ever. Fans can anticipate more diverse love stories in upcoming seasons. Who knows, we might even see some love triangles or unexpected pairings that’ll leave you wanting more.

Will the Books Be Adapted? 

A collection of Bridgerton books / novels

Source: Town & Country Magazine

While the show has taken some creative liberties with the novels, fans are buzzing with the possibility of future seasons incorporating queer elements from the novels. This excitement stems from the possibility of exploring same-sex relationships for certain characters, a development that could resonate deeply with viewers who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community. The inclusion of these storylines would not only offer long-awaited representation but also add a fresh layer of complexity and intrigue to the existing narrative. 

So You’ve Finished Bridgerton Season 3… Now What?

If you’re craving more LGBTQ+ content with a historical twist, check out these recommendations:

  • Gentleman Jack (HBO)
  • The Favourite (Hulu)
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Hulu)

Bridgerton may not have delivered the full-blown lesbian romance we were hoping for this season, but with a future queer storyline confirmed and actresses like Jessica Madsen coming out, the future of LGBTQ+ representation in the Ton looks bright. Stay tuned on HER blog, Regency romance fans, because the next season might just be the one we’ve been waiting for!

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