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Build Your Brand: Community Posts on your Profile

Apr 28, 2020

HER’s newest update involves adding your feed posts to your profile. The opportunity to become an LGBTQ+ influencer is here. By posting high quality content into the HER Community, all of your posts will now be available on your profile for people to see. What better way to get to know you and see what you’re about?

Let’s picture that you have found someone interesting and want to see more about them after reading their bio and fun facts. Just scroll down on their profile until you see “Posts” and then you will be able to see all of their posts, and what communities they have participated in.

iOS view
Android view

To successfully build your brand in HER, you want to post quality content. Photos, memes, gifs, conversation starters – all of these will draw people to your profile and allow you to connect in more personable ways. Remember, this means people can see all of your posts. So if you need to do some editing, you can remove your posts using either the trashcan icon (Android), or selecting the ellipses (iOS). Now who’s ready to be a HER influencer?

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