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Spice Up Your Love Life with These Dating Game Questions

Robyn Exton

Jan 23, 2024

Spice Up Your Love Life with These Dating Game Questions

Ever wondered how well you really know someone? Imagine a game where each card drawn is a doorway into the colorful garden of another’s soul. That’s what dating game questions are all about—unlocking secrets, peeling back layers, sharing laughter and sometimes squirming in your seat.

You’re sitting there with that person who makes your heart skip, or maybe it’s just a screen between you two for now. The air crackles with curiosity; what will they reveal next?

Come along on this journey through playful queries and heartfelt confessions. By the end of this adventure, you’ll not only have new conversation starters but also keys to understanding hearts just like yours—and isn’t that quite the treasure to uncover?

The art of sapphic dating: Engaging questions for LGBTQ+ connections

Picture this: you’re on a first date, and the vibe is electric. You want to dive deeper than the usual “what’s your sign?” or “got any siblings?” So what do you ask? Welcome to sapphic dating, where meaningful conversations create unforgettable connections.

Setting up your game for success

Dating should be fun, right? That’s why playing games like 21 Questions can make it even better. But not just any game – one that celebrates who we are in the LGBTQ+ community. To get things rolling smoothly, here’s a pro tip: pick questions that resonate with both of you. Whether it’s about dream jobs or favorite cartoons from high school days, these prompts are surefire ways to spark joy and connection.

If two heads are better than one, imagine what happens when more join in. The 21 Questions game welcomes everyone; players take turns choosing questions or dishing out answers—no pressure if someone wants to skip their turn.

Sparking connection with unique first date questions

Beyond small talk lies an ocean of untapped conversation starters waiting for you and your date to explore. For instance, have they ever imagined themselves as a Disney character whisked away on adventures? Or maybe there’s a celebrity couple they look up to?

To keep things spicy but sweet – think candy bar level indulgence – try asking about their weirdest gift received or favorite junk food binge-watch combo. Flirty questions also add zest; chat about whether they prefer summer heat waves or crisp fall breezes (hello, favorite season.). And let’s face it; finding out someone else shares our love for ice cream flavors can bond us faster than glue sticks.

Creative conversation starters for deepening relationships

Moving past initial dates into something real requires swapping stories over shared experiences—or laughing together at absurdities. Ask them which book has stayed open on their nightstand the longest—every reader loves sharing tales behind pages turned late into the night.

Sometimes taking turns answering gets old, so mix it up. Have each person answer back-to-back questions without missing a beat—it adds challenge while keeping score unnecessary (unless that’s your thing). From comparing pizza topping preferences to guessing partner shoe sizes, a couples’ game night can reveal hilarious and unexpected insights about one another. This way, you’ll keep the laughter flowing and the connection growing.

How to play the 21 questions game in LGBTQ+ dating

Gearing up for a game night with your date can be as thrilling as swiping right on someone who shares your love for mint chocolate chip ice cream. The 21 Questions game is perfect, especially within the sapphic dating scene where meaningful conversations are key.

The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity; it’s just you, your potential partner, and a list of questions that reveal layers beneath those initial impressions. But first things first—creating an environment that feels safe and comfortable is crucial because let’s face it, asking someone about their dream job or worst habit out of the blue can be quite daunting.

To start off smoothly, ensure everyone understands how to play: two or more players take turns choosing from a question list or answering what another player asks. Remember, when playing with multiple people at, say—a bachelorette party—it’s important everyone gets their turn both asking and answering questions.

Moving beyond typical small talk could involve prompts like “If you were a Disney character based on personality alone, who would you be?” These playful inquiries encourage laughter while subtly opening doors to deeper dialogue without feeling like an interrogation session from high school detention.

Variations that keep things interesting

As much fun as following rules can be (said no one ever), feel free to mix things up. Perhaps each person has ‘skip’ options they can use if they hit a question too personal—because sometimes we’re not ready to share our biggest fear over cocktails and candy bars. Alternatively, set some ground rules where certain topics are off-limits until further down the relationship road. It keeps the mystery alive but still allows room for connection.

Tailoring questions to your crowd

Finding common ground through shared experiences brings us closer together—that’s why tailoring your questions toward LGBTQ+ individuals matters so much here at HER project events (where no one asks, “So which celebrity couple do you think will last?”). For instance:

  • “What cartoon character did you look up to growingly because they represented something missing in mainstream media representations?”
  • “Which queer public figure has influenced your views on gender identity and sexual orientation?”
  • “Which is your favorite quote?”
  • “What is one queer trope you can’t stand and one that you love?”

Beyond small talk

Imagine this: You’re at a bachelorette party, but instead of playing the newlywed game, you’re diving into deep waters on your first date. Think less ‘What’s your favorite color?’ and more ‘If your life was a movie, what would be the title?’ Why settle for vanilla when there are so many other flavors to explore?

Dream jobs aren’t just about titles; they reveal our passions. So why not ask, “If every job paid the same, what would you choose?” This isn’t just any dating question—it’s a ticket straight into someone’s aspirations and values.

Sure, knowing their shoe size or star sign can be fun facts down the line—but how much better to discover which Disney character shaped their childhood dreams? Now we’re getting somewhere interesting. These sapphic partners’ prompts aren’t random—they’re bridges connecting one story to another.

If laughter is an aphrodisiac, then quirky queries like “Which celebrity couple do we most resemble?” will surely spice things up. And as night falls and moods deepen along with conversations about biggest fears or prized possessions—we start seeing beyond profiles and preconceptions into real human complexity.

Have fun and try question cards

For something more structured yet equally engaging, try using question cards—a staple at most queer parties—and turn answering questions into a playful challenge between friends or lovers alike. Picture dry-erase boards revealing if both know each other’s weirdest gift received (bonus points if it was from each other.). And hey—if keeping score adds excitement for competitive souls among us, then tally away.

Avoid typical traps by steering clear of yes-or-no dead ends; instead, aim for open-ended wonders such as “Tell me about someone who influenced your life greatly” because every person has stories waiting to unfold—a treasure trove better than any candy bar jackpot.

So, you’ve ventured through the art of dating game questions. You now have a toolkit for laughter and deeper bonds.

Remember, every question opens doors. Whether it’s sapphic romance or LGBTQ+ connections at large, these inquiries are your keys to more intimate moments.

From icebreakers to flirty teasers, they set stages for authentic exchanges. They’re not just queries; they’re bridges to hearts and minds.

Dive into conversations with newfound confidence. Embrace each answer as a step closer to understanding one another better—and isn’t that what we all seek?

You’re equipped now—use these games wisely! Spark joy, foster connection; let love bloom from playful discovery!

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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