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Queer Dating Horoscopes – Let HER and Astrology Find You a Match!

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Oct 30, 2023

Queer Dating Horoscopes – Let HER and Astrology Find You a Match!

Mercury might not be retrograde, but you should definitely listen to the universe 365 days a year since it can help you shortcut your search for a soulmate. “But how?” you may ask. 

Well, astrology is the key to narrowing down your path, allowing you to look for the most compatible personalities in just one word: their zodiac sign.

We’re not telling you to reject people instantly because you don’t vibe with their sign, but hey, if the pattern is pattern-ing, taking those precautions might be the perfect call. And if you don’t know how to pick a partner based on their birthday, don’t worry! Let us teach you everything we know about the planets, the stars, and love.

 Woman looking into a crystal ball, reflecting the zodiac signs

Source: New York Post

What is astrology?

The #1 astrology website in the world, Cafe Astrology, defines it as the belief in the direct influence of the planets on someone’s character at the time of birth. These are thought to move a person’s destiny, although free will plays a significant role in everyone’s life.

Astrology is a cosmic language, a divination practice that has been used for thousands of years, from India and Mesoamerica to Greece and England, to explain our personalities, lives, and even destinies. It is based on which position celestial bodies are in when an event occurs, that being massive affairs and, of course, birth dates.

Woman looking at her phone, surrounded by a zodiac sign wheel

Source: Martin Co

In modern astrology, the main points considered to build a birth chart, which is basically your astrological DNA, are the zodiac signs. They consist of 12 constellations surrounding the Earth, and as it rotates and moves around the Sun, the sign changes.

Should I believe in astrology for love?

You can believe everything you want! But if you want to know, there is a specific ramification of astrology called synergy. This is the most accurate practice when it comes to love predictions. It is thorough and detailed and can teach you how to make the most of your connection.

“Synastry is the branch of Astrology concerned with how one person’s planets interact with your planets, thus creating a unique synergy of energy flow between the two of you. Astrologically speaking, it’s possible to know if someone is attracted to you and whether or not you share a mutual affinity.” — Anonymous Astrologer

Willow and Tara smiling close to each other, from the TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Source: Dazed

Now, if you don’t want to go through all that, you can do what the girlies have been doing since before the existence of teen magazines: read your horoscope!

How to read your horoscope

You can make the classic move of looking for your birthday and reading what’s ahead for that zodiac sign; that’s reliable, accurate enough, and fun! But if you want to make the most of a love horoscope, there are 4 essential aspects you should consider: Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus. If you don’t know them, you can look up a birth chart calculator and use your birth date and time to find out!

When you know all 4 of these signs, you can take your time and read each one, taking what resonates and leaving what doesn’t. This is because horoscopes tend to cater to a large group of people, and doing this will make it more specific to your situation.

Astrologer Nina Kahn says: “The exact details of your sun sign’s horoscope may not be as spot-on as they would when reading your rising sign, but the overall essence of the astrological advice will probably still ring true.”

Your Sun

This is the one everyone knows, dictated by the month you were born in. The Sun in your chart represents the ego, your conscious mind. It makes up most of your personality, what drives you, and who you will become. Your higher purpose is linked to your sun sign, and if you don’t usually relate to the stereotypes or memes, it’s because you’ll usually have to grow into the positive traits and work on the negative ones.

Your Moon

The Moon sign is in charge of your emotions. It is your inner world and can tell you what you need to feel safe. Your desires, your feelings, and your mood. All of these are essential qualities when considering who to date and who you let in your life in general. 

Your Rising

Your Rising sign, also known as the First House, tends to be mistaken as the shallow part of ourselves, as it dictates our physical appearance and how people perceive us, but it’s so much more than that! You should immediately look up the Rising sign when you feel like your Sun doesn’t quite fit you, as it also evokes much of your personality and self-image.

Your Venus

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and attraction, so we should definitely consider it when looking for the perfect partner. Your Venus sign explains how you love and want to be loved, and it can help you understand yourself and your boo a lot better when it comes to a relationship.

So, now that you understand all these signs, you’re ready to check out what the cosmos has ahead for your love life!

Love horoscopes for queer folks  – With most and least compatible zodiac matches

The year is close to an ending, and if you want to have a boo’d up cuffing season, then get your dating advice from the universe herself, specifically catered to LGBTQIA+ cuties like you. 😉


This year might’ve felt a little slow in the love department, strange for such an energetic person like yourself! But the wait is worth it if you’ve decided to settle down. Luckily, the solar eclipse on October 14th will set up the beginning of a love rush, allowing you to work on yourself first, especially on the thing that was stopping you from getting close to someone else. When that’s resolved, you’ll see how everything will flow perfectly, and suddenly, opportunities will fly to you. 

You’re fierce, lively, and ambitious. Find someone who matches that energy or becomes your #1 cheerleader! 

  • Most compatible – A fair and calm Libra or a flexible and extroverted Gemini.
  • Least compatible – A Cancer homebody or a stubborn Taurus.

Successful example: Charlie Hunnam (Aries) and Dakota Johnson (Libra), who met on the set of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and are happy together.


The planet of love rules you, and 2023 has been filled with challenges to prove that. Why? Because you’re a natural lover, yet have refused to provide yourself with the love you desire. So go on solo dates, make peace with the past, and shower yourself with the romance you wish to attract. You’ll see how fast your match will appear when you believe you deserve it.

Down-to-earth, loyal, and sensual are three things that shouldn’t be taken for granted. You’re a catch!

  • Most compatible – A dedicated Scorpio or a providing Capricorn.
  • Least compatible – An ever-changing Aquarius, a Sagittarius daredevil.

Successful example: The dreamy love interest in the 2000s, John Corbett (Taurus) and  Bo Derek (Scorpio).


The beginning of the year was indeed exciting in the area of love. You’ve probably lived a few rom-com-worthy moments that made you realize the bare minimum doesn’t cut it. Now, after a period of miscommunication, there comes clarity. A new chapter filled with romantic gestures and a fantastic ability to set your boundaries straight and find the type of connection you actually desire.

Being social and adaptable, you might think you can match anyone, but does everyone deserve that match? 

  • Most compatible – A spirited Libra or an interesting Aquarius.
  • Least compatible – A mysterious Scorpio or an escapist Pisces.

Successful example: Irish heartthrob Cillian Murphy (Gemini) and his long-time partner Yvonne McGuinness (Libra).


2023 has had eye-opening moments when it comes to your love life. The year started strong with decisions regarding your relationships and a lifelong purpose. How you perceive yourself has changed, and with that, how you perceive a partner, so the last three months of the year are focused on looking for friendship within love, knowing how to have fun, and trusting people on a deeper, more genuine level. That will make a few dreams come true, darling.

You’re nurturing, intuitive, and highly empathetic. You thrive on in-depth emotional connections, so find someone that’s willing to dive deep.

  • Most compatible – A reliable Capricorn or a generous Virgo.
  • Least compatible – A detached Aquarius, an impulsive Aries.

Successful example: Comedic powerhouses Kristen Bell (Cancer) and Dax Shepard (Capricorn).


This has been the year of things getting real for you, whether a relationship reached the next level or the simple thought of settling down after a handful of sneaky links. Now, October and moving forward, the planets are asking you to be more direct about what you want, either on your HER dating profile or your first date. The time to play games is over. It doesn’t mean you can’t have casual things, but have them with respect and communication so all parties involved are happy and thriving.

You’re known for being confident, charismatic, and vivacious. You love to shine and be admired, so go find that!

  • Most compatible – A curious Aquarius or an adventurous Sagittarius.
  • Least compatible – A reserved Virgo, a secretive Scorpio.

Successful example: Actors and creators of “Robot Chicken” Clare Grant (Leo) and Seth Green (Aquarius).


Your birthday season was pretty wild with so many retrogrades and cosmic lessons to learn, but if there’s something a Virgo loves, is being good at things, and you rocked it! The thing is, you don’t have to be so analytical about relationships. Now it’s time to trust your gut and flirt your way into a romantic fantasy full of whimsy and remarkable gestures. Allow yourself to be loved the way you desire, even if you’re afraid to admit it.

With your detail-oriented, practical, and reliable traits, you seek stability and order in relationships, and you deserve it!

  • Most compatible – A patient Taurus or an empathetic Cancer.
  • Least compatible – An unpredictable Aries, a free-spirited Sagittarius.

Successful example: Country music powerhouses Faith Hill (Virgo) and Tim McGraw (Taurus).


Don’t tell Leos, but honestly, you’re kinda the main character when it comes to love this year. There’s been reciprocity, so your crush probably had their eyes on you. The cards are on your side with the October eclipse on your sign. You decide how things will play out based on your feelings and needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in a relationship because you should trust your standards! The right person won’t call you high maintenance, bestie.

You’re charming, diplomatic, and value harmony in all aspects of life, including love!

  • Most compatible – A passionate Aries or a charming Leo.
  • Least compatible – A reserved Capricorn, an intense Scorpio.

Successful example: Newlywedded model Barbara Palvin (Libra) and actor Dylan Sprouse (Leo).


The cosmic landscape looks good if you’ve worked on your confidence and self-perception. All Scorpios that have done their “homework” and are ready to receive love, even if you desperately try to deny that you want it, are about to embark on a huge surprise. A new path is opening up for you, one that you can walk while holding hands with someone special. Luck is on your side, sweetheart, so make the most of it and shoot your shot, send that DM, write a love letter, and do the grand gesture.

Intense, passionate, and fiercely loyal, you seek deep and transformative connections. You might love a challenge, but pick one that’s worth it.

  • Most compatible – A determined Taurus or a caregiving Cancer.
  • Least compatible – An independent Aquarius, a flirtatious Gemini.

Successful example: Kylo Ren himself, Mr. Adam Driver (Scorpio) and actress Joanne Tucker (Cancer).


You’re all about being playful, sexy, and fun. Adventure is your middle name, which also applies to your love life. Lucky for you, wanderlust is the keyword to end the year. If you’re already dating someone, a romantic trip will strengthen your bond. And if you’re a single pringle, pack your bags and book a ticket because the key to finding the one is to expand your horizons and go beyond your comfort zone. Or maybe it isn’t about a new place, but a new activity. Try rock climbing or the baking lessons you’ve always wanted; know that you should look for love in places you’ve never looked before.

You’re adventurous, optimistic, and always seeking new experiences. Make those sparks fly with the perfect sign for you!

  • Most compatible – An open-minded Aquarius or an enthusiastic Aries.
  • Least compatible – A cautious Capricorn, a sensitive Pisces.

Successful example: Fan-favorite TV doctor Katherine Heigl (Sagittarius) and Josh Kelley (Aquarius).


Sparks will be flying! Intimacy is your theme, and I know it might be scary for you to let someone in, but it will be so worth it. There is something special about this year in your love life: a situation that has been on the back burner for so long is about to light up! So get ready to get what you want finally. It’s your time to be confidently flirty and spontaneous because there is a certainty that it will work out for you in the end; embrace it and enjoy it!

Ambitious, disciplined, and reliable, you value stability and long-term goals. So go and find that happily ever after!

  • Most compatible – A sweet Cancer or a trustworthy Taurus.
  • Least compatible – A nonchalant Sagittarius, a spontaneous Gemini.

Successful example: Leaders in entertainment Jeff Richmond (Capricorn) and Tina Fey (Taurus).


The beginning of the year might’ve brought a little disappointment in your love life, but believe me when I say that everything happens for a reason, and the reason here is that with the lessons learned, you’ll be able to meet an actual match. It is crucial that you step out of your comfort zone and stop being paranoid about other people’s intentions. Part of being in a relationship is trusting that the other person won’t hurt you and being vulnerable at some level, and if you can’t do that, revisit why before jumping into your next love adventure.

You’re independent, innovative, and value intellectual connections, some people might call you a sapiosexual.

  • Most compatible – A social Libra or a dynamic Gemini.
  • Least compatible – A possessive Taurus, a traditionalist Capricorn.

Successful example: Comedy king and queen  Sacha Baron Cohen (Libra) and Isla Fisher (Aquarius).


2023 had a fair share of ‘canon events’ for you, and even if they lowkey sucked, now you know what to avoid and what to ask for in your next relationship. Be confident, and don’t be afraid to prioritize your needs. Why water yourself down when you’re a catch? If someone only wants a version of you that they created in their heads, they do not deserve you, sweetie. You are dreamy but also a real person, and it’s time to make others acknowledge that, too.

You’re creative and deeply intuitive, seeking profound emotional connections. Don’t settle for shallow relationships because you’re convinced that no one understands you.

  • Most compatible – A compassionate Capricorn or a devoted Scorpio.
  • Least compatible – An independent Aquarius, a blunt Aries.

Successful example: Beloved late-night host Jimmy Kimmel (Scorpio) and writer Molly McNearney (Pisces).

There you have it, my cosmic sweethearts. Love can come in all shapes, forms, and zodiac signs. So the next time you log in on HER, make sure to double-check their birthday and make your decision on who to date way easier. Remember, though, we are complex individuals, and that’s why knowing a complete birth chart is vital to actually understanding someone. But having a Sun sign is a great start and an important aspect to consider. 

Enjoy your horoscopes, and happy dating! ❣️

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Renee Fonseca is a bisexual and bilingual writer with experience through multiple digital channels, always embracing her passion for creativity.

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