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Making Dating Long Distance Work: Tips for Sapphic Couples

Robyn Exton

Jan 31, 2024

Making Dating Long Distance Work: Tips for Sapphic Couples

So you’re in a long-distance relationship, or maybe just considering it. You’ve got questions, and that’s totally fair. Long stretches of highway, sky-high flight paths—dating long distance has its own roadmap.

You’ll discover why sapphic folks often navigate these waters and how they keep their ships sailing smoothly. We’ll dive into communication strategies to stay connected because, let’s face it, talking is the glue in any distant love story.

And hey, we get creative around here! From snail mail to surprise gifts, there are many ways to stoke those romantic embers from miles away. Plus, we’ve got tips for weaving your lives together even when geography isn’t playing ball.

Making time zones irrelevant takes work but believe me—it can feel good every step of the way!

Understanding the phenomenon of dating long distance as a sapphic person

Sapphic individuals often find themselves in long-distance relationships, especially during that rollercoaster first year of college. It’s like suddenly you’re not just juggling textbooks and late-night study sessions but also time zones and heart emojis. The stats don’t lie: these relationships are all about commitment, communication, and a good chunk of creativity.

Dating from afar can be tough when your love language is physical touch or quality time—so we get creative. We’ve got sapphic couples holding onto their phones like lifelines, thanks to apps like HER, which let love flow freely across miles without fearing hefty phone bills.

But let’s keep it real; this kind of relationship sometimes requires much more work than regular ones. Those feelings need tending with everything from nightly goodnight calls to surprise snail mail letters that smell faintly like her favorite perfume—it feels good knowing someone’s out there thinking about you.

Communication strategies for staying connected

Keeping the flame alive in a long-distance relationship can feel like juggling flaming torches, but it’s all about proper communication. We’re talking beyond your everyday texts and calls here.

Embracing technology for daily conversations

We have tools at our fingertips that would make sci-fi writers blush. Video chat isn’t just a nice to have; it’s essential for seeing those smiles in real-time. Making a video chat through FaceTime, Zoom, or WhatsApp is essential to stay connected.

Social media takes sharing life snippets from ‘meh’ to ‘wow,’ with every check-in and story adding layers to your daily exchanges. But remember, while technology is great, nothing beats hearing their voice on the other end of the phone after a long day.

Creative communication beyond words

If pictures are worth a thousand words, shared online experiences are priceless. Keep things fresh by playing games online together or starting movie night traditions where distance doesn’t dim the excitement one bit. Surprise them with love letters sent via snail mail—it feels good old-fashioned romance isn’t dead yet.

A heartfelt message out of nowhere can turn an average day into something special—because sometimes these unexpected moments mean everything when you’re miles apart.

Nurturing emotional connection from afar

Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but it doesn’t make things easier. Sapphic couples in long-distance relationships often grapple with not just physical separation but also the emotional rift it can create. The good news is that there are ways to feel connected and keep your love lives vibrant across miles.

Regular virtual dates to keep the spark alive

Scheduling virtual dates isn’t just a good idea; it’s essential for making a distance relationship work. Whether you’re enjoying dinner over video chat or playing games online together, these shared experiences help bridge the gap between “me” and “we.” It helps avoid that creeping sense of disconnection that so many distance couples fear.

A study highlights jealousy as a significant hurdle in long-distance relationships—a reminder of why nurturing trust through quality time matters immensely. Consider setting up movie nights where both of you hit play at the same moment or have deep conversations into the night—it feels good to hear them say “good night” even when they’re worlds away.

If you need more inspiration on what activities to do during your virtual date nights, Loving From A Distance has plenty of ideas tailored for long-distance partners looking to keep their spark alive despite being apart.

Overcoming challenges unique to long-distance relationships

Sapphic couples in long-distance relationships often face a unique set of relationship problems. It’s like keeping a plant thriving without being able to water it daily; you need the right strategies and tools. Jealousy can rear its ugly head when you’re not around each other for long, so it’s vital to keep trust at the forefront.

Communication is your lifeline—it has got to be as strong as steel. Regular video chat sessions are more than just catch-ups; they’re windows into each other’s lives that help bridge the emotional gap. And don’t forget about those good old love letters. They bring back nostalgia and show thoughtfulness—plus, who doesn’t get excited over snail mail?

To make sure jealousy doesn’t morph into something bigger, remember compromise is essential. If one partner starts developing feelings elsewhere or if jealousy becomes overwhelming, it might be time for a heart-to-heart talk—or consider whether this distance relationship requires reevaluation.

Planning trips and creating future plans together

Making a long-distance relationship work means having something to look forward to, especially when the distance seems endless. Scheduling regular visits enhances your bond and provides hope—a light at the end of what can sometimes feel like a very long tunnel.

Meeting up in new destinations

Dating from afar sparks creativity—why not meet up halfway? Exploring new places together serves as a fresh terrain for making memories. Travel plans become shared adventures, carving out chapters in your love story that are filled with discovery and joy.

Spend time diving into local cultures or finding hidden gems; each trip becomes a page in your journey together. Plus, having an escape plan from daily routines feels good while simultaneously fueling the excitement between you two.

Always have your next visit planned

The moment one visit ends, knowing when you’ll next hold hands eases separation pain. It’s like finishing a great book but having another from the series ready on your shelf. You’re part of each other’s lives despite miles apart because those travel plans aren’t just about fun—they promise to bridge emotional distances until you can shorten them physically once more.

Maintaining independence while growing together

When navigating the waves of a long-distance relationship, keeping your boat afloat with self-care and personal growth is as vital as sailing together toward shared dreams. Think about it: thriving in your separate hobbies adds color to what you share with your partner. It’s like each of you brings unique brushstrokes to a joint canvas, making the big picture more vibrant.

Balancing individuality with relationship goals

Your solo adventures—rock climbing or reading marathons—jazz up dinner date convos and boost your well-being. Studies show that having an independent life outside of lovey-dovey chats leads to happier hearts on both ends of the line. So make pottery or hit those high notes at karaoke—it’ll give you more sparkly tales for pillow talk later.

But let’s keep it real; balancing me-time and we-time isn’t always smooth sailing. Making time for individual interests might seem tough when you only want to teleport to cuddle town. Yet remember, investing in yourself isn’t just good sense; it keeps that magnetic pull alive because distance couples who nurture their independence often find their reunions are even sweeter.


Is it worth dating long distance?

Dating long-distance can be rewarding if both parties are committed and willing to put in the effort required.

Can long-distance dating work?

Absolutely. With trust, communication, and shared goals, many couples navigate their long-distance connections successfully.

How hard is a long-distance relationship?

It’s challenging; frequent communication gaps and lack of physical closeness test even strong bonds.

What is a red flag in a long-distance relationship?

Sudden lessened communication or avoidance of future plans may signal underlying issues in the relationship.


Dating long-distance means mastering the art of patience. Remember, communication is your lifeline; it keeps love thriving across any map. To shrink those miles, embrace video chats, phone calls, and social media.

Stoke intimacy with creativity—love letters aren’t just old-school romance but a bridge between hearts. Surprise gifts can whisper ‘I’m thinking of you’ louder than words ever could.

Nurture that emotional connection, share stories, and play games online together—it’s all about feeling close when you’re far apart. Trust builds over shared Netflix nights and dreams sketched out for two under different stars.

So stay connected through technology as it helps avoid the disconnects that distance can bring. It’s tough but woven with opportunities to grow closer in ways geography can’t measure.

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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