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Nashville’s LGBTQIA+ Salons: Where Style Meets Pride

Jan 31, 2024

Nashville’s LGBTQIA+ Salons: Where Style Meets Pride

Honey, let’s get real. In a world where being authentic can feel like you’re shaking things up, queer-safe salons are absolute must-haves. They’re the chill spots where you can totally feel safe, kick back, and be unapologetically you, surrounded by good vibes and great people. These hair salons allow you to let your hair down (or whip it up), get hair inspo, and be unapologetically you. They’re not just about getting a fierce haircut; they’re about feeling seen, heard, and fabulously celebrated. Imagine walking into a space where the air buzzes with creativity, acceptance, and vibrant energy. That’s what queer-safe salons in Nashville are all about.

This spotlights salons that go beyond styling hair—they craft experiences inclusive of all identities. From The Hideout Salon’s dedication to safe spaces to Studio Strange’s radical inclusivity, you’ll get the scoop on where natural products meet personal hair care without compromise.

We’ll share stories from community members who’ve found their style sanctuaries and throw in some tips for your next salon visit. Stick around as we delve into these havens of hair artistry that make every strand count!

Why queer-safe salons matter

A lesbian woman smiling as she gets her hair styled in a queer-friendly salon, emphasizing a safe and inclusive atmosphere.

Hey gorgeous! Let’s discuss something important – feeling safe and celebrated while getting our glam on. In Nashville, we’re lucky to have a fabulous array of LGBTQIA+ safe salons and barbers where everyone can let their hair down (or get it styled up) without worry. These places aren’t just about snipping and dyeing; they’re about creating a space where being your authentic self isn’t just accepted; it’s applauded. Picture this: a place where you can let your hair down, quite literally, and be your true self.

A haven for all gender expressions

The buzz of clippers is more than just background noise—it’s the sound of barriers being trimmed away. At The Hideout Salon and Lounge, every snip brings us closer to showcasing our inner identities on the outside. This salon isn’t merely cutting hair; they’re crafting confidence.

Catering to all gender expressions means providing an affirming experience from start to finish—something The Hideout has mastered by fostering an environment free from judgment.

The importance of inclusivity in beauty spaces

Two queer women, united in solidarity and affection, clasp hands amidst the enigmatic shadows of a dark forest. This powerful image symbolizes Studio Strange's commitment to embracing and celebrating all genders, highlighting their dedication to fostering a welcoming, inclusive environment. Their unique approach to style and beauty is as diverse and unconventional as the mysterious woodland that surrounds them.

Source: Studio Strange

There’s been a radical shift in beauty parlors across Nashville—with places like Studio Strange leading the charge toward inclusivity. Here’s why it matters: When we talk about safe spaces in the LGBTQIA+ community, we often focus on bars or social groups but overlook something as fundamental as getting dolled up or styled out.

Serving diverse clientele with unique personal narratives is Studio Strange’s forte—they get that style is personal and deeply tied to identity for many within BIPOC, trans, queer, and neuro-divergent people. They don’t just welcome everyone; they celebrate them.

Spotlight on salons & barbers

LGBTQIA+ friendly salons and barbers in Nashville are a bold statement of identity, pride, safe space, and the queer community. At the forefront is The Beauty Parlour, where they believe beauty blooms naturally. Their commitment to all-natural products isn’t just skin-deep; it’s their mantra for nurturing an inclusive space that welcomes everyone.

The Beauty Parlour’s natural approach

An enthusiastic group of LGBTQ+ individuals from the Beauty Parlour salon, proudly standing together in front of a sign that reads 'Proud AF! We are stronger together', showcasing their solidarity and support for the queer community.

Source: Instagram

Ditching harsh chemicals for earthy vibes, The Beauty Parlour has become a sanctuary where your hair gets loved with only the good stuff—think organic ingredients that play nice with every hair type. It’s not just about looking good but feeling great in your own skin.

In this leafy haven, you’ll find stylists who know their way around scissors and curls like they were born doing it—and maybe they were. But more than skillful cuts and trims, what makes this place buzz is its vibe—a mix of down-to-earth charm with serious style cred.

”I love this hair salon and everyone in it, especially corgi Cuddler-in-Chief Kimchi. Owner Lauren Augustine has been my trusted stylist for my entire decade+ living in Nashville, and her vision for her own shop has been *beautifully* executed in East Nashville.”

Celia Gregory, a customer.

Fruits Hair Lab’s colorful creations

a woman at Fruits Hair Lab, standing with her vibrant rainbow-colored hair being styled, showcasing a spectrum of vivid hues in her hair.

Source: Instagram

In 2006, Hayley Williams met Brian O’Connor at a salon in Franklin, TN. Their bond grew, leading to Brian crafting iconic hairstyles for Hayley’s band, Paramore. Recognizing a gap in the market, they dreamt of unique hair color products. By 2016, their dream materialized as “Good Dye Young.” Their journey evolved with rebrands and expansions. Today, they co-found “Fruits Hair Lab,” a testament to their enduring partnership and shared passion for hair artistry.

If you’re after some poppin’ hues for your tresses, Fruits Hair Lab, co-founded by rockstar Hayley Williams alongside Brian O’Connor, brings artistry to life through semi-permanent magic. They don’t shy away from vibrant palettes because why fit in when your hair can stand out?

This salon is as much about self-expression as it is about semi-permanent statements—it’s where color meets confidence head-on. And trust us; there’s no fading into the background here—not with Hayley at the helm bringing her flair for vivid shades straight to your strands.

“They listen and value all individuals who walk into their salon. Truly does feel like ‘an inclusive, safe space where you can express yourself through hair’ as they state on their website.”

Annette Kyzer, a customer.

“I cannot say enough good things about Fruits. All the folks working here are welcoming, kind, and fun. All the stylists are insanely talented, creative, and excellent at making your vision a reality in the best way possible.”

Anne Hale, a customer.

Studio Strange

A woman at Studio Strange, standing as she gets her hair styled with vibrant rainbow colors, showcasing a bold and colorful hair transformation.

Source: Instagram

Studio Strange is a unique hair salon locally owned by BIPOC, trans, queer, and neuro-divergent individuals. They champion inclusivity, welcoming every client with shears and a vision. Customers feel comfortable here. From classic cuts to extensions, they cater to diverse needs. They specialize in various extensions, wig installations, and even cosplay wig styling. Their treatments, like the K18 and VERB Reset, rejuvenate hair. The salon offers free consultations for personalized guidance.

“The best haircut I have ever had. As a woman with curly hair, no one has known what to do with my hair (I certainly didn’t). I sought a professional opinion and taking my own requirements into consideration; Studio Strange supported me in feeling safe cutting off more than two inches of my hair.”

Hannah Pierce, a customer.

Raving reviews

Truman Grey

Inside Truman Grey salon, a queer LGBTQIA+ friendly salon

If you’re on the hunt for a spot in Nashville that knows curly hair like the back of their hand, look no further than Truman Grey Salon. This place isn’t just about snips and style; it’s a sanctuary where curls are celebrated, coiled, and cared for with the utmost expertise. Customers can’t stop talking about finally finding stylists who understand every twist and turn of their tresses.

“This is the best salon I’ve been to since moving to Nashville. Rachel always does me right!!! She really understands curly hair.”

Shana Melancon, a customer.

The vibe here? Think warm welcomes meet cool competence. Clients rave about walking into an atmosphere that feels more like hanging out at your coolest friend’s loft than stepping into a salon chair—where everyone is welcomed and truly seen. That sets Truman Grey apart—it’s not just service(s) offered; it’s shared experiences. 

Truman Grey doesn’t just stop at hair; they’ve expanded into a market, showcasing a curated selection of home decor, from elegant planters to heartwarming candles.

But don’t take my word for it—this joint has become the talk of the town because folks leave looking fierce with frizz-free spirals to prove it. It’s all thanks to their specialized knowledge, which makes clients feel understood—and let’s be honest, when was the last time your hair got this kind of love?

Community connections

Atelier Upton’s commitment to non-toxic care

An empowered queer woman poses confidently in front of an artistically decorated wall. She sports a bold haircut from Atelier Upton, complementing her striking appearance. Her attire features a prominent 'feminism' shirt, symbolizing her advocacy and beliefs.

Source: Instagram

Nestled in the heart of Nashville, Atelier Upton isn’t just a place for a trim or color; it’s a trailblazer in the movement towards non-toxic personal care. Committed to sustainability, clients are treated with non-toxic products, ensuring they leave looking and feeling radiant. As one of Nashville’s top 16 salons in 2022, Atelier Upton prioritizes well-being, community, and environmental respect in every strand of hair they touch.

Owned by Amanda Upton, this two-chair salon is an oasis where your well-being is priority number one. It’s not about following trends—it’s about fostering health and happiness from the outside in. Their choice of products says it all—every bottle and formula selected with client health as the cornerstone. And let me tell you, clients are noticing how good it feels to go clean with their beauty routine. 

“Atlier Upton is the best-kept secret in Nashville. As a salon, the atmosphere and personal touches are second to none. With only two chairs, it is clear that the focus is on service and community rather than churning out clients. Amanda herself is warm and inclusive. I constantly receive compliments on my color and cut. Regardless of whether I just saw her or haven’t been able to make my appointments for a few months due to my own schedule. I wish to spread the word and hope y’all don’t take my seat! ☺️”

Paige Cummings, a customer.

A haven for self-expression

The Hideout Salon and Lounge

Back view of a queer woman at The Hideout Salon and Lounge, showcasing her newly colored hair in vibrant rainbow shades. She stands with her back to the camera, highlighting the array of colors in her hair, symbolizing pride and diversity.

Source: Instagram

Over at The Hideout Salon and Lounge, they’re spinning self-expression into gold—or rather, rainbow. The mantra here? Be unapologetically you. They’ve built more than just four walls; they’ve crafted a sanctuary where everyone can unfurl their true colors without hesitation.

Beyond hair, The Hideout is a hub, hosting community events from live music to art shows. They even cater to brides with on-site hair and makeup services. And for those looking to embrace their natural beauty, they offer services like grey blending and natural-looking highlights.

“Love this place! You immediately feel welcomed when you walk in the door; everything is clean and inviting. I have major salon anxiety, and the people at Hideout made the experience so calm and easygoing.”

Alicia Whitaker, a customer.

This spot feels comforting beyond its cushy chairs—it celebrates being understood and celebrated for who you are. So whether you’re there for a bold new look or simply maintenance, authenticity never takes the second chair at The Hideout.

The importance of inclusivity in beauty spaces

You know what’s truly beautiful? A space that opens its arms wide to everyone—and Studio Strange does exactly that. This BIPOC/Trans/Queer/Neuro-divergent owned hair salon doesn’t just talk inclusivity; they embody it through radically inclusive services tailored to every identity under the sun (or spectrum).

Clients walk out feeling seen—not just on the surface but deep down where it counts most—in spaces like these that serve as beacons against marginalization within our communities.

Tips for your visit

Heading to a queer-safe salon in Nashville is like stepping into a kaleidoscope of self-expression and acceptance. Before you sashay through those doors, here’s some advice to make your experience shine brighter than a disco ball.

A haven for self-expression

First, know what you want but be open to expert guidance. The Hideout Salon and Lounge isn’t just about snazzy cuts; it’s where your hair meets artistry. They’re known for crafting safe spaces and making people feel comfortable, so trust them with your tresses—and maybe even try that daring style you’ve been dreaming of.

A lesbian woman is depicted in a friendly and respectful conversation with a queer hairstylist. She is enthusiastically describing the specific hairstyle she desires, using gestures to emphasize her points. The hairstylist is attentively listening and nodding, conveying understanding and readiness to create the requested style.

Remember, communication is key. Bring photos or references if that helps explain the look you’re aiming for. This ensures both you and your stylist are on the same page—literally.

The importance of inclusivity in beauty spaces

Inclusive salons like Studio Strange don’t just talk the talk—they walk the walk with radically inclusive services tailored to all identities. Here’s an insider tip: take advantage of their expertise in serving diverse clients by discussing any concerns upfront—whether it’s about pronouns or hairstyle preferences.

Beyond skillful snips, these places are community cornerstones where everyone should feel welcome from root to tip. And let’s not forget—they’re BIPOC, trans, queer, neuro-divergent owned.

The Beauty Parlour’s natural approach

If clean beauty makes your heart sing as loudly as birds on a spring morning, then The Beauty Parlour will hit every note perfectly with its all-natural product philosophy inside an inviting space meant for everybody and every body.

Fruits Hair Lab’s colorful creations

Photo of Hayley Williams, founder of Nashville Fruits Hair Lab, an LGBT-safe salon, standing beside her colleague. Hayley displays her stunning, colorful hair, symbolizing the salon's commitment to creativity, inclusivity, and artistic expression.

Source: PAPER Magazine

Dying (pun intended) to add some pizzazz? Fruits Hair Lab offers semi-permanent colors that’ll turn heads while treating yours gently—because who says bold can’t also be kind?

  • Schedule ahead because good things come…well, not exactly quickly when demand runs high due to stellar reputations.
  • Pronoun pins might seem small but speak volumes; wearing one could help stylists address you correctly without missing a beat.
  • Honesty really is the best policy when talking scalp sensitivities or color hesitations—you’re there for fabulous results minus discomfort after all.

Supporting queer-safe salons in Nashville is about affirming that every color of the rainbow deserves a spot under the salon’s lights, and spaces like The Hideout Salon and Lounge truly get it. They’ve built more than chairs for hair and they’ve constructed havens where being your authentic self isn’t just accepted—it’s celebrated.

Inclusivity is non-negotiable when it comes to beauty, right? That’s why places like Studio Strange are so vital—they’re not only owned by those who cherish diversity but also actively create radically inclusive services. Think of them as architects designing foundations strong enough for all identities to stand on with pride.

An early morning view in Nashville, Tennessee, showcasing the serene landscape bathed in the warm, golden hues of sunrise. The skyline is gently illuminated, with the rising sun casting a soft glow over the city's distinctive architecture and surrounding natural beauty.

Nashville has this down pat, from The Beauty Parlour’s natural touch to Fruits Hair Lab’s colorful splashes—co-founded by Hayley Williams herself—and let me tell you, these semi-permanent hues speak louder than words ever could. Meanwhile, Truman Grey Salon + Market turns curls into crowns within walls that echo ‘welcome home.’ And if we’re talking commitment beyond style, Atelier Upton proves care extends past cuts with its dedication to non-toxic products for everyone who walks through its door.

All set for a visit? Fabulous. Just remember: supporting these businesses means nurturing an ecosystem where love wins and fear gets snipped at its roots. So go ahead and make some noise—or better yet—make an appointment.

If you want even more LGBT-friendly spots or need help finding your next great connection in Music City or beyond—join us over at HER community. We have loads of recommendations waiting for you because no one should have to navigate this world solo.

FAQs in relation to LGBT Salon

A vibrant image of a drag queen, exuding confidence and flair, as she waves a fan emblazoned with the words
  • What is a gender-neutral salon? A gender-neutral salon caters to all, ditching traditional ‘men’s’ or ‘women’s’ labels for a comfy vibe that welcomes every identity.
  • What is a gender-affirming haircut? A cut that echoes your true self, reinforcing the way you see your own gender identity. It’s about feeling seen.
  • Is it OK for a guy to go to a salon? Totally fine. Guys hit up salons for skilled cuts and pampering just like anyone seeking quality grooming services.
  • What is a salon for men called? Often dubbed barbershops or grooming lounges, these spots specialize in men’s haircuts and styling needs with masculine flair.

Walking into an LGBT-friendly salon in Nashville, you’ve seen spaces that buzz with more than just clippers. You’ve discovered the heart of creativity and acceptance. Your journey took you through The Hideout Salon’s commitment to self-expression and Studio Strange’s inclusive embrace. Now you know where natural meets nurturing.

You’ve heard locals rave about Truman Grey’s curly hair mastery, learned Atelier Upton values non-toxic care, and Fruits Hair Lab splashes life in color. Remember these tips before your next snip or dye: pick a spot that resonates with safety and style; then relax—you’re among friends. To keep this vibe alive outside the salon chair—join us on HER. Connect, share styles, find community—it all starts here!

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