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Dattch Top 5 Dates: Roast Dinners

Oct 07, 2013

The success of a date can often hang entirely on where you take your lady. Do you go for quiet and intimate or exciting and wild? Somewhere you can be adventurous or low-key where you can talk about your childhood pets?
Decisions, decisions. Well, we’re going to give you a helping hand and provide you with some Top 5 date ideas to inspire you all to have great dates, first or otherwise. We’ve always got our eye out for a cool place for a date but if you spot one you’d like to recommend, send it in to heya @
This week: get nice and cosy in a London pub with the best roast dinners.

The Albion – Beautiful on the outside in the Summer and warm and traditional in Winter, The Albion has got you covered. Their mouth-watering Sunday menu is not to be missed; we recommend the Slow Roast Berkshire Pork Belly with Bramley Apple. Yum. Oh, and if you have 10-15 people to feed (or you’re just greedy and rich), you can throw £350 down and get a whole roast suckling pig.

The Crabtree – Just what the doctor ordered: a warm and friendly environment with delicious food, The Crabtree is a great Sunday hotspot. The staff are helpful and efficient, which is great because no one wants a cold roast. Also, tall Yorkshire puddings much?

The Ship – Wander over to Wandsworth to visit Chef Shaun Harrington’s kitchen at The Ship, featuring traditional flavours. Fresh ingredients are skillfully used to create dishes like ‘Old Spot pork belly, caramelised white cabbage, fondant potato, bacon dumpling and crackling’. Bet your mum never made that for you.

Brown’s Brasserie –  Book to avoid disappointment at central London’s Browns Brasserie.  The prices aren’t as shocking as you’d imagine given it’s location as you can enjoy ‘Breast of Duck, pan seared then roasted, served with baconwrapped chipolatas’ for £14. Don’t freak out; the roasts come with all the traditional trimmings.

Hawksmoor – Last but not least, this list wouldn’t be complete with Hawksmoor. Roasting big joints of beef on charcoal then finishing them in the oven creates a fuller flavour but a bigger pricetag but, come on, it’s Hawksmoor. P.S. turning up on a whim is not going to cut it; book a table and have a great Sunday roast.

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