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Exploring El Paso’s Best LGBTQIA+ Friendly Spots & Scenes

Feb 16, 2024

Exploring El Paso’s Best LGBTQIA+ Friendly Spots & Scenes

El Paso’s got a secret sparkle, and it’s all thanks to the LGBTQIA+ friendly spots that are lighting up the city. These places aren’t just cool hangouts; they’re crucial for queer folks seeking community and self-expression. This scene is thriving with at least 8 inclusive businesses where diversity gets a big old cheer. There’s more magic around town! Locals spill on why these spaces buzz with life, making them go-to havens again and again.

But these joints do way more than pour drinks; they stand tall as advocates for rights and support networks too. Before you step out, grab some tips to enjoy El Paso without busting your wallet wide open. And hey, don’t stop exploring here—HER dishes out more than 54 guides for endless LGBTQIA+ adventures in this vibrant border city.

Why queer-friendly spaces shine in El Paso

In the heart of El Paso, LGBTQIA+-friendly businesses are more than just spots on a map; they’re lifelines for self-expression and community. They serve as beacons of acceptance where you can strut your stuff without judgment, connect with kindred spirits, and breathe easily knowing you’re embraced for who you are.

A toast to diversity

A group of diverse LGBT individuals at a Pride event

Imagine walking into a place that feels like a warm hug from an old friend—that’s what these inclusive hotspots offer. Here, every color of the rainbow is celebrated which makes them essential hubs for queer folks looking to find their tribe. In fact, with its vibrant LGBTQIA+ scene, El Paso stands out as a cultural mosaic, bustling with energy and rich diversity.

Diversity isn’t just nice; it’s necessary. It gives us spaces where we can all shine brightly in our unique ways while being part of something bigger—a community that sees us, hears us, and roots for our happiness.

Spotlight on El Paso’s inclusive hotspots

This hotspot isn’t just about serving drinks or cutting hairs; it’s where diversity takes center stage. Imagine walking into a place where your presence amplifies the room’s energy.

EPIC bar and nightclub

Vibrant neon lights and rainbow decor illuminate the spacious EPIC bar and nightclub in El Paso, Texas, a top LGBTQIA+ inclusive establishment for a fabulous night out

Source: Visit El Paso

El Paso’s sparkling gem where the nights shimmer with dance, laughter, and vivacious energy. From sultry gogo dancers to tantalizing Mexican flavors, and a terrace that calls smokers for a night chill, EPIC is unapologetically the beating heart of El Paso’s LGBTQIA+ scene. Whether you’re sashaying away with drag queens or mingling with friendly faces, every evening here is epic. Dive in or lounge back. This place embraces all vibes. Here, everyone’s ready to mingle!

“I have nothing bad to say about here. Everyone was so friendly.”

PterodactylKitten, a customer

Hair with Flair by Jess

Jess, owner of Hair with Flair salon in El Paso, radiates warmth and joy as she sits on a bench, smiling confidently

Source: Instagram

Hair with Flair by Jess beckons the contemporary woman seeking effortless charm. Famed for low-maintenance hues and vivacious color transformations, Jessica crafts an intimate, one-on-one salon soiree. With a flair for the dramatic, her “Vivid Dreams” paints audacious tales, while “The Makeover” whispers natural elegance. Yet, the pièce de résistance remains the “Luxe Cut”, an opulent spa-infused escapade.

“Jess is AMAZING!! She boldly accepted the challenge of turning me from dark brunette with choppy highlights to a warm sandy blonde for my wedding day. I’ve been bright blonde and dark brunette several times, and she was able to find the perfect medium I was looking for on our big day. She’s the sweetest to talk to, has her own private studio, so you know you won’t be tossed around to different stylists throughout your appointment, and, of course, gives you fantastic results. 10/10 would recommend visiting Jess if you’re looking to spruce up your style!! Looking forward to my touchup in a few months.”

Cassidy Woodard, a customer

Fdh Studio

At the heart of El Paso, Texas, lies FDH Studio — a revered sanctuary for all things hair. As a licensed Dual Shop, it doesn’t just offer services; it promises transformations. Every strand is treated with care, from meticulous haircuts to vibrant hair coloring. Visitors step into the studio seeking a change and leave with renewed confidence.

“Everyone is so nice and welcoming!!! I go with Cristina, who does an amazing job with my colors. However, I have been able to see all the stylists, and they all do a great job!!”

Stephanie Nunez, a customer

The Briar Patch

At the heart of El Paso’s Pride Square, “The Briar Patch” shines as a lively gay club. Expect friendly bartenders, a dance-inviting patio, and the cozy charm of your favorite neighborhood spot. Perfect for those nights when you’re feeling just a little bit fabulous. 💃

“I am so very impressed by the DJ they had tonight! He knew exactly what he was doing and I absolutely loved my time here for that very reason. The drinks were good and so was the ambience. Obviously I’d go back.”

S, a customer


Aurellia’s in El Paso is a modern brewhouse and restaurant that values sustainable energy and artisanal brews. A mother-son duo offers diverse beers and American cuisine. Rated 4.2, it’s a must-visit for craft lovers! At Aurellia’s, rainbows and brews meld seamlessly. This haven showcases energy-responsible brewing, artsy vibes, and an LGBTQ+-friendly ambience. Swing by for a sip of diversity!

“Aurellia’s is our go-to brewery for unique and interesting beers in El Paso. Justin and his crew work hard to create something new every week and their pride in the craft shows. Their big ABV beer, like the barleywine and rye barrel-aged stout, are some of my favorites. Stopped in this time to sample the new collab release with Crave. The Cactus Squeeze Berry Fig was just as good as we expected it to be. Job well done!”

M P, a customer

The Tool Box

The Tool Box in El Paso, a well-known LGBTQIA+ friendly spot, featuring a vibrant logo of overlapping, colorful tools

Source: Facebook

Nestled in Pride Square, “The Tool Box” is a welcoming gay bar, open daily from 2PM-2AM. Located at 506 N. Stanton St., it’s a favorite in El Paso’s Pride District. With a 3.8 rating, patrons like Steve Macias and Jeannie Flores praise its fun atmosphere and friendly bartenders. Ted Williams highlights the low-key patio and attentive staff. Pilar Sanchez loves the drink specials, while Amanda Schaedig enjoys Friday night karaoke. Visit and experience the buzz for yourself!

“I had a wonderful time at this establishment. Staff was fantastic, environment was open, safe, and inviting. I would highly recommend. Steve is absolutely a gem!”

RJ Johnson, a customer

Touch Bar El Paso

Vibrant nightlife at Touch Bar El Paso, a premier LGBTQIA+ friendly nightclub with spotlights and purple hues

Source: Touch Bar El Paso

Touch Bar El Paso located at 11395 James Watt Drive, is the city’s premier gay nightclub. Since its inception in downtown El Paso in 2014, it’s been a beacon of upscale nightlife. Known as the #StageOfTexas, it boasts state-of-the-art lighting and effects. After relocating twice, it now offers a full kitchen and a spacious patio bar. Open seven days a week, it promises unforgettable drag shows, delectable food, and top-tier service.

“Touch Bar was once known as The Mining Co. – A cozy bar nestled on the corner of E. San Antonio Ave and S. Ochoa st. diagonal from The old OP and new OP with great beats and wonderful memories that took place on the patio. Having moved years ago, this place has expanded and given Eastsiders a chance to enjoy the beautiful and elegant decor, including the amazing drag performers and staff. Touch Bar remains in the same area of James Watt Drive and has moved further down to Suite A-16 and has expanded with a spacious patio.”

Nitro Dresden, a customer

Dillinger’s Bar

The charm of Dillinger’s comes alive as you step through its doors. Beneath El Paso’s glimmer, Dillinger’s hides with a charm. 🌈 Moody, yet inviting; darkness embraces diversity. Cheers to the bartenders, the heart and soul. But keep an eye on the tab!

It embodies what makes queer-friendly spaces so crucial: they’re about feeling welcome and being celebrated for who you are. With every pour and cheer, this bar stitches together stories and laughter in an environment where being different means belonging.

“The service and atmosphere are always amazing. No matter how busy it is, drinks get served quickly. And it’s a fun, comfortable place to enjoy a night out.”

Joey Montes, a customer

Raving reviews from the rainbow community

El Paso’s rainbow community isn’t shy about sharing their love for spots that keep them coming back. It’s like finding a hidden gem where you’re not just another face in the crowd but part of a family. The chatter around town says these inclusive hotspots are crucial to El Paso’s vibrant queer life – and there are at least eight businesses leading this colorful charge.

Community connections that count

El Paso’s LGBTQIA-friendly businesses do more than just sell goods or pour drinks. They’re cornerstones of a community, stitching together the vibrant quilt that is queer culture in this town. Think of these places as your favorite aunt’s living room where everyone gathers, debates, and supports each other—it’s family by choice.

Beyond business – advocacy and support

The magic happens when these spots transition from hangouts to hallowed ground for advocacy. They’re not just slinging beers; they’re throwing support behind local Pride events, offering up space for LGBTQIA+ meetings, or raising funds for queer health initiatives. Their walls hold stories of triumphs over adversity and their floors have felt the weight of countless first dances at weddings now legally recognized.

Sure, you could say every business has a stake in its clientele’s wellbeing—after all happy customers are return customers—but here it runs deeper. This isn’t about transactions; it’s about transitions towards greater acceptance and rights within society at large—and that starts with safe spaces like these where folks can truly be themselves without fear.

Enjoy the queer vibes in El Paso

Four LGBTQIA+ women in rainbow shirts and hats

Alright, you’ve sashayed through El Paso’s queer-friendly spots and honey, it’s clear – this city is more than cowboy boots and desert dust. It’s got a rainbow heart that beats loud and proud.

But why call it quits now? There’s an app where the magic doesn’t end. That’s right, HER, your ultimate LGBTQIA+ guidebook to all things fab in El Paso. With HER by your side, those 54 guides are like gold dust for your next adventure.

Sweetheart, these aren’t just any ol’ recommendations; they’re lifelines to keeping you woven into the tapestry of queer culture on the go. So grab that phone and let HER lead the way to even more vibrant connections.

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