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Finding Authentic Connection on Dating Apps Has Never Been Harder: HER Gets to the Heart Of Compatibility With New Profile Addition

Feb 08, 2024

Finding Authentic Connection on Dating Apps Has Never Been Harder: HER Gets to the Heart Of Compatibility With New Profile Addition
    • HER gives users opportunity for deeper, more intentional dating with powerful new collection of issue and political-themed pride pins
    • Connect on aligned values–HER brings new, searchable profile pins to users

    February 8, 2024–HER, the bold sapphic dating app that everyone adores, is bringing users together based on the values and issues they care most about. The app has unveiled a new collection of 13 eye-catching, politically charged, and social justice-themed profile Pride Pins. HER recognizes the importance of alignment on key issues when dating. While users of other hetero-normative apps are reporting swiping fatigue at record numbers, HER invested time with its users, ran surveys and groups to understand what was key to their most authentic romantic connections. With this collection of Pride Pins HER is bringing a whole new level of first-glance compatibility to its profiles, placing the critical issues Gen Z and LGBTQIA+ folks care most about front and center.

    “Clicking with other sapphics on the issues you care most about sparks authentic, meaningful connection from the start. Caring about current events, injustice and social justice is queer culture at its core and we at HER recognize this is one of our community’s key love languages.”

    Robyn Exton, Founder and CEO of HER

    Pride Pins, first introduced by HER in 2020, are decorative profile stickers that encourage users to add more personal flavor to their profile pages. HER’s library of Pride Pins includes sexual, gender, location, and lifestyle pins like T4T, Butch, Dyke, Femme, and more. With the addition of the latest curated pins, sapphics are showing their pride for some of THE most important issues our community is passionate about. New Pride Pins include Pro Choice, Unban Books, No SWERFS, Eat the Rich, and more.

    “You just connect more deeply with someone after being at a protest or standing up to injustice together. You see each other in a new dimension. Being together takes on a cosmic meaning that goes beyond individual happiness.”

    HER user Emily, from Ontario, Canada about the importance of being aligned on important issues 

    Not only are HER’s Profile Pins a unique way to show personal expression on issues that mean the most to you. Sapphics on the app can also use profile filters to identify and search for folks with specific Profile Pins. Only interested in dating butch, anti-capitalists? App users can filter people by these pins to get deeper, closer connections and alignment to sapphics with the same values as you from the start–no more swiping fatigue or wondering if you share the same values on key issues. 

    The new profile pins will be available to users on both iOS and Android users starting today. 

    About HER

    HER is the largest dating and community app on the planet made for sapphic romance. HER was created by queer women for queer women and gender-diverse people. Our safe and inclusive space is perfect for connecting with fellow sapphics online and IRL. With over 13 million registered users worldwide and thriving communities in the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Thailand, and Brazil, HER is the perfect place to connect with like-minded queer humans.

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