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I Kissed A Girl: meet the cast, get the Instagram handle and IG account of every cast member, see who found love & where to watch!


May 03, 2024

I Kissed A Girl: meet the cast, get the Instagram handle and IG account of every cast member, see who found love & where to watch!

Calling all sapphics that know a good reality show when they see one.! BBC Three’s new lesbian dating show, I Kissed A Girl, is about to premiere this Sunday, May 5th, and it’s bringing the heat! This groundbreaking reality series throws ten amazing lesbian, bisexual, and queer women into a luxurious Italian villa for a summer of romance under the Tuscan sun.

Prepare for sparks to fly as these hopeful singles meet their potential soulmates with a blindfolded kiss! Buckle up, HER fam, because we’re spilling the tea on I Kissed A Girl – who the incredible cast is (and most importantly linking to every one of their Instagram accounts), the BIG question we’re all dying to know: who ends up together?, and where to watch in different countries!

Meet BBC’s I Kissed a Girl cast & Where to Follow Them

Cast of I Kissed A Girl: Cara, Abbie, Fiorenza, Naee, Meg, Demi, Amy, Lisha, Georgia, Priya

Source: BBC

1. Abbie, 24 (She/Her)

From: Brighton | Occupation: Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist & Salon Owner | Looking for: Abbie’s on the lookout for someone who’ll treat her like royalty, you know? Like, she’s all about that princess treatment! I Instagram: _abbiecole

Abbie, the 24-year-old makeup artist from Brighton, is on a mission to find her queen on I Kissed A Girl. This Brighton babe isn’t your average girly-girl, despite the long locks and flirty fashion. ‍♀️ 

Abbie describes herself as having a “femme” vibe. People don’t realize she’s a lesbian, so she finds herself having to “come out” a lot. So, she’s kinda fed up with guys hitting on her, assuming she’s into dudes. 🙅‍♀️She describes her ideal match as a sporty, masc-presenting woman who will treat her like a princess – basically, a real-life WAG (think footballer’s wife, but way cooler).⚽️

While Abbie admits she catches feelings fast, a major red flag for her is someone who jumps into a relationship too quickly. Spoiler Alert! This one-month dating experiment on I Kissed a Girl might be a test of her patience!

Abbie, 24 (She/Her), a cast member from BBC's I Kissed a Girl TV show, wearing an orange shirt. From Brighton, she's a makeup artist, hair stylist, and salon owner.

Source: BBC

Dating hasn’t exactly been Abbie’s strong suit. She describes her past experiences as, well, “disastrous” (yikes!), which is why she’s diving headfirst into the drama- (and hopefully romance-) filled world of reality TV. ️One thing’s for sure: Abbie isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. She credits I Kissed A Girl for creating a safe space where she could finally explore her sexuality without judgement. Plus, let’s not forget her super supportive grandad who was her champion when she came out at 12.

What I loved most about the show was how comfortable I instantly felt around all the girls, in a judgement free environment, allowing myself to be vulnerable in conversations around sexuality.


P.S. We have a feeling Abbie might be a total scene-stealer this season, so stay tuned for the ultimate I Kissed A Girl gossip coming soon!

2. Amy, 24 (She/Her)

From: Surrey, living in London | Occupation: Social Media Manager | Looking for: Amy’s on the lookout for her happily ever after! | Instagram: amy_spalding

Amy, a queen of social media by day and a hopeless romantic by night with a 90s fashion obsession, is all about finding her happily ever after and she’s bringing the drama, heartbreak (and the laughs) in her quest for sapphic love.

This 24-year-old sapphic siren describes herself as a “gay man trapped in a lesbian’s body,” and trust us, she means it in the best way possible. Amy’s got a love for all things femme – think flirty florals, chunky platforms, and enough Spice Girls references to make your inner Baby Spice squeal.

But don’t let the playful exterior fool you. Amy’s been on the London dating scene for a while, and she’s ready to find her happily ever after. Here’s the thing: she’s a self-proclaimed “femme for femme” looking for her own princess charming.

Amy says that “femme for femme” lesbians are kinda rare these days😅 (she clearly hasn’t used HER’s free Femme filter….) She feels like she’s always in the background compared to more masculine-presenting girls. 🌈Being single for three years has her feeling a little like she’s on the dating app shelf, but trust us, Amy’s got enough personality and banter to light up the entire Masseria.

Portrait of Amy, a 24-year-old woman (She/Her) from Surrey, living in London. She wears a see-through blue shirt with a white bar. A cast member from BBC's 'I Kissed a Girl' TV show.

Source: BBC

Growing up in a conservative corner of Surrey, Amy always knew she was different. Now, with two lesbian sisters by her side, she’s ready to find love in a place that celebrates all kinds of LGBTQ+ identities. Just imagine – the validation, the representation, the closet space they could have saved with a show like I Kissed A Girl around when they were younger!

From me, you can expect boots, boobs and a boatload of banter.


So, what can you expect from this flamboyant 90s fashion lover on the show? 

Well, get ready for a whirlwind of:

  • Boots: Because a good pair of platform boots can take you anywhere (especially straight to your soulmate’s heart).
  • Boobs: Because confidence is sexy, no matter your presentation! ‍♀️
  • A Boatload of Banter: Amy’s wit is as sharp as her sense of style, and she’s not afraid to use it.

We can’t wait to see who steals Amy’s heart (and maybe a few Instagram follows) on the show!

3. Cara, 25 (She/Her)

From: Ballycastle, Northern Ireland | Occupation: Support Worker/Aesthetician/Lash Tech | Looking for: Cara’s aiming to kick back and chill at the masseria, hoping to finally relax and let her guard down. | Instagram: carakinney98

Cara’s got a heart of gold, a wicked sense of humour that’ll have you snorting your tea, and a thirst for adventure that would make Indiana Jones blush. Her friends call her the life of the party, and with Cara around, there’s never a dull moment. 

Cara identifies as bisexual, and navigating the dating world as a Bi queen can be a rollercoaster. Her mum’s her number one supporter, and she’s got three brothers and two sisters backing her up too. Hailing from a small town in Northern Ireland where the “gay scene” is, ahem, non-existent, Cara sometimes feels stuck in the middle.

She’s dealt with men who see her bisexuality as a kink and some women in the LGBTQ+ community who view her as “not gay enough.”  The bierasure we all deal with persists and hearing it being talked about on a mainstream TV show is going to be huge.

Cara, 25 (She/Her), a cast member from BBC's I Kissed a Girl TV show, wearing a beautiful grayish dress. She proudly displays tattoos on her right arm and wears earrings. Originating from Ballycastle, Northern Ireland, Cara works as a Support Worker, Aesthetician, and Lash Tech.

Source: BBC

That’s why “I Kissed A Girl” is basically Cara’s coming-out party 2.0. This show is her chance to be surrounded by phenomenal queer women, explore her feelings, and maybe even find that special someone who can break down her emotional walls and steal her heart.

Cara’s looking for someone who can match her energy. Someone athletic, effortlessly pretty, and down for the craic (that’s Irish for nonstop fun!). Will she find that special someone under the Italian sun? We’ll just have to wait and see!

4. Demi, 23 (She/Her)

From: Hemel Hempstead | Occupation: Publishing Executive | Looking for: Demi’s on the lookout for her first relationship. | Instagram: demikode

Demi is a 23-year-old publishing exec with a heart of gold and a thirst for love. This “baby gay,” as she playfully calls herself, has had a few flings but never a full-fledged girlfriend. Think of her as your favourite coming-of-age rom-com protagonist, ready to write her own happily ever after on national television.

Demi’s a total bookworm with a Master’s degree in Gender, Media and Culture (because, hello, power couple potential!). By day, she wrangles manuscripts and edits prose, but by night, she’s swapping emails for epic dates (hopefully!).

Portrait of Demi, a character from the BBC's 'I Kissed a Girl' TV show, aged 23. She is wearing a white dress adorned with small flowers. Demi uses she/her pronouns and works as a Publishing Executive. From: Hemel Hempstead.

Source: BBC

Living with her Nigerian heritage family in Hemel Hempstead, Demi describes her mum as her biggest supporter, but her dad took a little longer to come around to the whole “loving ladies” thing. But Demi’s all about rocking her own vibe, and when it comes to her type? Let’s just say confidence is key. Think “owning your truth” with a side of “killer laugh that makes you melt.”

One thing’s for sure, this self-proclaimed “lover girl” isn’t afraid to put herself out there. She’s all about good vibes and interesting connections, and isn’t hung up on looks.

5. Fiorenza, 22 (She/Her)

From: Glasgow | Occupation: Drummer for Uninvited | Instagram: fiorenzacocozza

Fiorenza is a Glaswegian chef by day and a drummer by night, keeping the beat for her band, Uninvited (Side note: major props for winning BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge competition in 2022 – that’s seriously impressive!). But Fiorenza’s looking for a different kind of rhythm this summer – the sweet melody of love.

Don’t fall into masc stereotypes, this “golden retriever lesbian” is a total softie who catches feelings very quickly (falling fast and loving hard!) and swoons for a femme queen with an edgy vibe. Think edgy leather jacket and a heart of gold. Think fireworks and cuddles.

Fiorenza, a 22-year-old drummer for Uninvited, from Glasgow, in a white top, smiling to reveal tattoos on both arms and hands. She wears a white pearl necklace and gold chains on her left arm.

Source: BBC

“I’m very proud to be a part of the show, especially the first season for the girls!…We need more representation for lesbian relationships and what the dating life of a lezza entails as it’s such a unique and special thing that should be shown everywhere!”


Fiorenza might be the only single one in her band (seriously, where are all the queer drummers at?), but that’s about to change. 

6. Georgia, 28 (She/Her)

From: Hunmanby, North Yorkshire | Occupation: Professional Footballer | Instagram: georgiarbrt

Calling all sporty sapphics, Georgia, the football pro who’s been kicking it since she was eight, isn’t just about scoring goals on the pitch. She’s ready to score a love connection too, but don’t be fooled by the stereotype! Forget the “playing the field” vibes – Georgia’s been on the dating sidelines for over a year, focusing on her impressive career. Here’s the tea on Georgia:

Globe-trotting Goal Getter: Her dedication to the beautiful game has taken her across the pond to Florida and South Carolina, before landing back in the UK with Rugby Borough Women’s Football Club.

She’s Got a Type: Georgia is looking for a femme girl with a touch of fire. Someone who’s got their own ambitions and can appreciate the demands of her athletic life.

Georgia, 28 (She/Her), confidently seated, wearing a dark blue top and white pants. From Hunmanby, North Yorkshire. Occupation: Professional Footballer.

Source: BBC

Proudly Owning Her Identity: Schoolyard taunts made Georgia shy away from the word “lesbian” in the past. But now, she’s rocking her sexuality with confidence and is ready to find a partner who celebrates it too.

Did Someone Say #GirlGangGoals? Georgia thrives in a team environment (hello, killer midfield skills!), so the I Kissed a Girl house full of amazing women might just be the perfect match for her.

Is She Single and Ready to Mingle? Absolutely! Despite her athletic achievements, dating life has been on pause. With the “football lesbian” stereotype, everyone just assumes she’s juggling a bunch of dates and talking to a bunch of girls, but truth is, she hasn’t even been on a date in over a year. Enter I Kissed A Girl: Georgia’s golden opportunity to find a funny, feminine partner who can keep up with her on and off the field.

7. Lisha, 22 (She/Her)

From: Caernarfon, Wales | Occupation: Psychology Undergraduate | Instagram: lishapaige_

Lisha, this self-proclaimed tomboy grew up playing football, getting down and dirty, and isn’t afraid to break the mold. ⚽️ She proudly came out to her amazing family at 13 and has the coolest Nan (that’s grandma for you non-Brits ) as her partner in crime for epic Sunday roasts. ❤️

Love is a battlefield, but this psych student wants peace (and maybe a little dominance ). Lisha tends to gravitate towards blonde and girly femme women. But it’s been a bit of a puzzle to find that sweet spot/ right dynamic. She clicks with femme girls and usually ends up being the one calling the shots.

Portrait of Lisha, a 22-year-old woman from Caernarfon, Wales, wearing a white top and a cross necklace. She has a nose piercing and is smiling. She is a psychology undergraduate. (She/Her)

Source: BBC

Here’s the catch: she gets frustrated when they only see her “masculine” side. ‍This girl wants someone who appreciates her full spectrum of awesomeness. It’s a bummer when her partners just wanna stick her in the ‘masc’ category and don’t give her space to show her feminine side, too.

Lisha’s a little worried she’s exhausted the dating pool in her small town of Bangor, Wales (whoops!), so I Kissed A Girl is her chance to find that special someone who appreciates both her dominant side and her inner girly girl.

8. Meg, 24 (She/Her)

From: Goole, West Yorkshire | Occupation: Fire Breather | Instagram: meghomer

If you love a woman who’s both sizzling hot and looking for a soulmate cuddle puddle, then get ready to be obsessed with Meg, a 24-year-old fire-breathing dancer from Goole, West Yorkshire, who’s setting hearts ablaze this summer. This fiery contestant isn’t just about the sparks—although she does know how to light one up with her professional fire-breathing skills (which she totally gets to showcase at the first MASSIVE party).

Meg, 24 (She/Her), from Goole, West Yorkshire, a fire breather on BBC's I Kissed a Girl TV show. She stands confidently in a white dress, performing fire breathing while dancing provocatively among other cast members, exuding sexiness.

Source: BBC

While Meg’s dated both men and women, she definitely leans towards the ladies. Meg describes herself as a bisexual who leans more towards the lady side of the spectrum. She’s down for exploring her type in the beautiful Italian masseria, and with her infectious energy and kind heart, we have a feeling she’s going to be a fan favorite.

Meg, 24 (She/Her), a character from BBC's I Kissed a Girl TV show, is depicted wearing a white dress with a nose piercing. She is from Goole, West Yorkshire, and works as a fire breather.

Source: BBC

I will definitely be bringing some heat to the show… in many ways.


Will she find her fiery soulmate? We have a feeling Meg’s gonna bring the heat – both literally and metaphorically – and we can’t wait to see who she connects with!

Here’s the tea on this captivating contestant:

Double Trouble: Work Meg vs. Homebody Meg: Meg might turn heads with her sexy performance outfits, but deep down, she’s a total homebody with a love for funky style and tattoos (think comfy sweats and a killer ink collection). Her friends even call her “Mama Meg”—how cute is that?

World-Travelling Fire Goddess: When she’s not lighting up the dance floor (literally!), Meg travels the globe performing at events.Talk about an adventurous soul. Looking for Her Perfect Match: Meg wants a woman who can keep up with her energy, has a good heart, and would never make her feel like second best. Think fun, flirty, and fiercely loyal! She’s on the lookout to find someone to chill with for the long haul.

9. Naee, 25 (She/Her)

From: London | Occupation: Engineer | Instagram: laidbacknaee

Naee is an engineer, keeping those rides at iconic London attractions in check. Oh, and she’s totally used to riding the rollercoaster of lesbian romance. She loves rocking a look that screams “girlfriend goals.” She’s all about treating her partner like royalty. We’re talking chivalry with a capital “C” – carrying bags, opening doors, the whole shebang. Naee is here to show you what romance looks like with a capital “R”. 

I am proud to represent masculine-presenting women of colour who are gay.


Naee is a proud masc lesbian who wants to sweep her dream girl off her feet. We’re talking chivalry with a modern twist, because while Naee might enjoy seeing you behind the wheel, she’s got the door-opening and bag-carrying covered. Basically, this girl is here to treat you like the royalty you are.

Naee, a 25-year-old woman (She/Her), sits confidently, wearing a light green shirt and smiling. She is a cast member in BBC's 'I Kissed a Girl' TV show. Naee is an engineer from London.

Source: BBC

But hold on, it gets better! Naee comes from a super supportive Jamaican family, which is a breath of fresh air considering the complexities Jamaican LGBTQ+ folks can face.

She’s incredibly close to her mum, who she wants to shower with love and vacations once she finds success (and that perfect girlfriend, of course). So, if you’re a femme-identifying lady looking for a confident queen who’ll treat you like a princess, then keep your eyes peeled for Naee.

Will Naee find her dream girl on I Kissed A Girl? Will sparks fly, or will it be a recipe for disaster? We can’t wait to find out alongside Naee on her quest for love! Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @laidbacknaee and keep an eye out for her on the show – she promises it’ll be binge-worthy!

10. Priya, 23 (She/Her)

From: Newport, South Wales | Occupation: Hotel Customer Service | Instagram: pri.soha

Priya, a sassy customer service queen, is bringing her infectious energy and diva spirit to the I Kissed A Girl mansion! This 23-year-old Newport native is a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl” who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her family even gave her the epic nickname “Priyoncé.” Seriously, this girl’s got Beyoncé-level confidence, and she’s ready to find her love story under the Italian sun. 🇮🇹

Priya’s got a double dose of fabulousness – her Punjabi heritage adds a whole new layer of fierceness to her already stunning self. Being mixed-race and queer in South Wales wasn’t always a walk in the park, but Priya’s amazing family had her back when she came out. Now, she’s ready to shout her truth from the rooftops (and maybe the Italian countryside)!

Priya, a 23-year-old woman with dark hair, is gesturing with both hands as she explains something. She wears a stylish dark blue dress, accessorized with rings and a white necklace. She is from Newport, South Wales, and works in hotel customer service. (She/Her)

Source: BBC

But being a proud Punjabi woman and a total babe in South Wales hasn’t exactly been a recipe for finding love. The local scene just isn’t cutting it for Priya, and dating apps left her matching with girls across the pond! Embrace those lesbian stereotypes Priya. 

But wait, there’s more! Priya is all about celebrating diversity and feels incredibly proud to represent her South Asian background on the show. As she says herself…

This show embodies love, diversity and being unapologetically queer.



Keep an eye on Priya’s Instagram: pri.soha for a glimpse into her fabulous life and maybe even some behind-the-scenes!

🚨New arrivals alert!

Hold onto your crop tops, because I Kissed A Girl just got a whole lot hotter with the arrival of Eva, a late-entry bombshell ready to shake things up in the Italian villa! 🇮🇹 

11. Eva 22 (She/Her)

From: Belfast | Occupation: Fashion Graduate | Instagram: pimptheimp

This Belfast-born fashion grad isn’t just about killer looks (although, let’s be real, the girl’s got major heart-eyes potential with her tall frame, long locks, and infectious humor). Eva, a self-proclaimed Gemini flirt, isn’t afraid to mix things up, both in her wardrobe and her approach to dating. She describes herself as a natural flirt, so sparks are bound to fly when she arrives at the masseria.

But is Eva all playful banter and no follow-through? While she’s had relationships, finding “the one” has proven elusive.

Eva 22 (She/Her), a cast member from BBC's I Kissed a Girl TV show, wearing a white top and smiling. She stands in front of beautiful trees and flowers. Eva 22 is portrayed as a fashionable graduate from Belfast.

Source: BBC

I don’t think I’ve ever been in love.


One thing’s for sure, Eva craves a partner who’s as confident, ambitious, and independent as she is. ‍And anyone who drops the “L-bomb” too soon? Major red flag.

So, can Eva find a love connection that goes beyond the initial spark? Her fellow contestants better watch out, because this football-playing “mummy” (part of a squad she calls the “football mums,” no less!) is ready to mingle with a “masseria full of fit girls.” Will she steal someone’s heart, or create a whole new love triangle? Only time (and episode two!) will tell.

Who’s Still Together? The Burning Question Answered! (Sort of…)

Two actors from BBC's I Kissed a Girl TV show sit by the villa's swimming pool, smiling and exchanging curious glances.

Source: BBC

Ah, the age-old reality TV mystery! Unfortunately, as of now, the show is still airing new episodes, so the final couples haven’t been revealed yet. But that doesn’t mean the sparks haven’t been flying!

Here’s what we can glean from social media and insider whispers:

  • Some contestants have been spotted hanging out outside the show, hinting at potential connections.
  • There have been some steamy moments and undeniable chemistry between certain couples.

But who will walk away hand-in-hand? We’ll have to keep watching and speculating!

Bonus: Stay tuned for post-show updates where we’ll dish on the final couples and spill the tea on who found their happily ever after!

P.S. Still wondering where to catch the show? Don’t worry, we got you covered (see our handy guide below for all the deets on where to watch “I Kissed a Girl” in your area). Now go forth and find your perfect match on HER, just like the IKAG cast who is about to appear on national television!

I Kissed A Girl where to watch?

Two actors from BBC's I Kissed a Girl TV show sharing a tender kiss

Source: BBC

Here’s how you can snag a front-row seat to all the action:

Where can I watch I Kissed a Girl in the UK?

Binge-Watching Bliss for Brits! Head over to BBC iPlayer to stream both episodes one and two bright and early at 6 am BST on Sunday, May 5th. New episodes will then air on Sundays and Mondays at 9 pm on BBC Three. Don’t have an account? Signing up is free, you just need an email address and a UK postcode.

Where can I watch I Kissed a Girl in the US?

Craving the Drama in the US? Patience is a virtue. While I Kissed a Boy eventually landed on Prime Video after its UK run, there’s no official word on I Kissed a Girl just yet. Stay tuned and we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Where can I watch I Kissed a Girl in New Zealand?

Our friends in New Zealand can cuddle up with some popcorn because TVNZ+ will eventually be streaming the show, although the exact arrival date is still under wraps. Signing up is totally free, so you can be ready to hit play whenever it lands!

Where can I watch I Kissed a Girl in Canada?

Looks like you might have to wait a bit longer. The network that aired the first season of I Kissed A Boy (we see you, CTV!) hasn’t announced plans for I Kissed A Girl yet, but a VPN can always be your portal to BBC iPlayer fun.

Where can I watch I Kissed a Girl in Australia?

Settle in for a September surprise! Just like I Kissed a Boy, we expect I Kissed a Girl to land on 10Play around September 2024. Remember, it’s Aussie-locked, so a VPN might be your best bet if you’re Down Under on a visa.

Where can I watch I Kissed a Girl in other countries?

Calling all international sapphics, lesbians, and allies, of course! BBC iPlayer, where “I Kissed a Girl” is premiering, is typically only accessible to folks in the UK with a valid TV license. But you can use the handy dandy tool called a VPN to watch all those juicy dates and girl-on-girl action.

Now go forth and get your lesbian reality TV fix, wherever you are in the world! Remember, this season’s all about the ultimate question: will these couples find love or leave each other heartbroken? Stay tuned and keep an eye on those social media handles – the gossip is bound to be epic!


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