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Liverpool’s best queer and lesbian bars

Robyn Exton

Oct 10, 2022

Liverpool’s best queer and lesbian bars
  • There’s no shortage of fun spots for a night out in Liverpool. And if you’re after something a little more queer – a lesbian bar, specifically – then you’re in luck. 

    The city has a complex history with its LGBTQ+ denizens, but you’ll find a bustling queer community and the only official gay quarter in all of Britain: the famous Stanley Street nightlife line-up.

    But, of course, it’s almost always a little harder to find spaces that are primarily lesbian. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list to help make sure your party is just a little more sapphic. 

    Here are some of the most popular queer and lesbian-friendly bars in Liverpool, alongside what actual guests had to say about them.

    The Lisbon Bar

    Source: Lisbon Bar on Facebook

    If you’re looking for a solid all-rounder bar and have a thing for ornate ceilings, then this basement pub is for you. Smack-bang in the heart of Liverpool’s Pride Quarter, aka the Stanley Street Quarter, the Lisbon Bar boasts 40 years of food, dancing and decently priced drinks. 

    You’ll find staff of diverse ages and backgrounds, some of whom have been working at The Lisbon for decades. And there’s a smashing line-up of events, including Drag King shows and even Drag King workshops for those who want to perfect their inner (and outer) king.

    Patrons tend to rave about the beautiful decor, with one reviewer calling it “the best combination of the new and the past.” But it’s not just a pretty face/ceiling, baby – along with some pretty great burgers, another online reviewer says it’s their favourite queer/lesbian bar in Liverpool and that it “feels very safe and welcoming being a queer woman there.”

    To find it, follow the pink street, but beware the steps, especially if you’ve had a drink or two. 

    The Poste House 

    Source: Poste House on Facebook

    Want to inject your night with some history and intrigue? Not far from Lisbon Bar, this popular, cosy little venue boasts cheap drinks and one of the longest-running histories in Liverpool nightlife, established in 1820. The Post House – or “Postie” – attracts a diverse crowd and includes a gay-friendly upper level. 

    A more traditional pub than a nightclub, it’s been a drinking spot for famous people of all stripes. The establishment is renowned for its inclusivity and good times, with one reviewer praising the “good vibes everywhere” and others loving the combination of an older chilled-out crowd downstairs with a younger dancing crowd upstairs. 

    OMG Liverpool 

    Source: OMG Liverpool on Facebook

    OMG clubs are the “busiest and biggest gay venues”, according to their website, and OMG Liverpool lives up to the label. It holds a variety of events and parties for specific groups, including lesbian nights, and has a DJ and dance floor for getting a bit looser. 

    As one of the newer establishments in the quarter, reviewers often note its “clean” and “vibrant” atmosphere, though one reviewer complains that there are “a few too many women.” So, who else wants to go, like, right now?

    Masquerade Bar 

    Source: Masquerade Bar on Facebook

    Touting itself as “Liverpool’s friendliest gay bar,” Masquerade Bar is a great candidate for the next stop in a Pride Quarter bar crawl, even though it’s not exclusively a lesbian bar. Open seven days a week, the Mazzie is known for a thriving gay scene, generous happy hours and live drag shows on Sundays and Fridays. As one reviewer puts it, “We had a brilliant night out singing, dancing and laughing so much my jaw and sides were aching.”

    It’s actually a quiet place to catch up with friends during the day, but weekend nights are buzzing. Still, online reviews note that there’s usually a healthy amount of seating and that staff are attentive and lovely even when crowds are thick. 

    Plus, the live shows are worth it on their own – sometimes you can even catch British legends like Dame Shirley Bassey on stage, so follow them on social media to keep an eye out.

    The Navy Bar

    Source: The Navy Bar on Facebook

    The Navy Bar and Navy Social form yet another Stanley Street staple. Don’t miss this location if you want the freedom to mix things up a little – Navy Bar is known for unforgettable (read: extra) DJs, live acts, dancers and servers, while Navy Social has games, pool tables and cocktails. And if it’s a special occasion, you can book one of their five VIP books and get personalised service.

    Guests tend to rave about the music, so you can bank on some bangers and maybe even an opportunity to vibe with amazing performers. You’ll also frequently find amazing women DJs and singers like Robyn LQ or Holly Ellison.

    “Legend of a place,” gushes one reviewer. “No idea what it was actually like because I was off my barnet. But I know I had an amazing time.” That’s all we can ask.


    Source: GBar on Facebook

    This “after-hours nightclub” is a Liverpool institution and has been ruining a good night’s sleep since 1996. Only a few minutes’ walk from the bars mentioned previously, GBar is open until an eye-watering 7:00am on Saturdays. The all-night, multi-room dancers’ paradise also features amazing live performers, like former resident artist The Vivienne (yes, The Vivienne who won UK RuPaul’s Drag Race). 

    Plus, it’s a long-time mainstay of Liverpool’s LGBTQ+ scene, with its manager once telling an interviewer that it was more like “part of a family to some people.”
    That gives us all the warm fuzzies, but make no mistake: GBar knows how to deliver a good time. With incredible drag shows and a sexy ‘love lounge’, GBar attracts all kinds of partygoers and reviewers frequently praise the entertainment, vibe and service: “If my night out doesn’t end up here, it doesn’t feel like a night out.”

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