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The Best Lesbian Meetups of Boston

Apr 17, 2015

  • From secret parties to yogi gatherings, Meetup has been one of the best platforms to meet similar groups of like minded lezzies from your area. There’s literally something for everyone but how do you know which ones are actually active, where is the best location to meet women and which ones are actually going to have some great women to meet? In celebration of our Boston launch, we’ve pulled together a special post on the best Meetups of Beantown.

    Wicked Awesome Femmes of Boston

    Members: 337
    The Vibe: “Yeah right, you’re a lesbian?!” The phrase every femme has had to deal with WAY too often. Well this Meetup group decided enough was enough and pulled together a meet up just for femmes. This group meet for a monthly Happy Hour as well as one off activities like picnics. Drinks are cocktails or coffee, and if everything goes to plan, some dancing should be on the cards.
    The community: All ages and interests are welcome at the group but there’s one stand out call – you got to have an affinity with the femme! Expect to meet about 15 other fabulous women at each event.
    Next Event: An art reception on Saturday, April 25th
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    Lesbians Who <3 Horror

    Members: 40
    The Vibe: It’s literally just been set up, but this Meetup has got to be one of the coolest that caught our eyes. Lesbians + Horror = our kind of Friday night. It’s a relaxed vibe and is open to a whole bunch of interests outside of horror but if you get your kicks from the scary screen then the likelihood is, you’ll get on with the other women that dig it too. And with It Follows coming out soon – you’re going to need another girl there to hold your hand.
    The Community: Everyone horror fan is welcome, all ages, all sexualities. You just better be into the scary stuff.
    Next Event: To be announced. Join the group for more details.

    Boston Lesbian / Bi Fun Fitness and Adventure Group

    Members: 200
    The Vibe: This new Meetup group has hit the scene with a bang and is growing fast. It’s an outdoor and activity led crew who are warm, welcoming & just like hanging out and trying new things. From rock climbing to bowling, it’s a ‘get up & go’ kind of group.
    The community: Ages range from 20s to 40s but no matter how old you are there’s one common thread between these attendees – a friendly and supportive community that give you a helping hand to try your next challenge.
    Next Event: To be announced. Join the group for more details.

    Boston Queer Polyamorous Women’s Group

    Members: 483
    The Vibe: This casual Meetup is a perfect meeting of minds. With a clear objective and clear audience, they know how to run a simple yet perfect event. Each meet up gets a group of women together for a drink or a snack, to discuss anything from sexuality to sexual ideas to relationship questions. We can reel off the list of labels welcome, (bisexual, lesbian, transgender, intersex, kinky, questioning, curious etc), but as the organizers say, they’d rather not list labels. Just rock up and get stuck into a great chat over drinks and nibbles and if you’re lucky, some chocolates at the end of the meal.
    The community: You can expect to find 5-15 women attending each event. Ages range from early 20s to mid 50s, and it’s usually a good mix between brand new attenders and regulars. The majority of the community is polyamorous queer women but those who attend range from poly-curious to poly-experienced.
    Next event: Monday, May 4th. Panera Bread. Drinks & Chats.
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