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Top LGBTQIA+ Gyms in the US for Inclusive Fitness

Feb 01, 2024

Top LGBTQIA+ Gyms in the US for Inclusive Fitness

Let’s cut right to the chase. LGBTQIA+ gyms in the U.S. are changing the fitness landscape, offering spaces where everyone can work out without judgment. In Los Angeles and New York City, these inclusive havens double as community cornerstones—think strength training with a side of solidarity.

What will you get from reading on? Insight into how these urban gems weave inclusivity into every aspect—from gender-neutral facilities to group classes celebrating diversity. Plus, we’ll give you a peek at boutique hotels that cater to queer travelers looking for their fitness fix on-the-go.

Dig deeper and find Everybody Gym in LA—a place setting new standards for personalized fitness goals, whether it’s weight loss or bulking up. Stick around; this is just the start of your journey through friendly fitness studios designed with pride year-round—not just during Pride Month.

Spotlights of LGBTQIA+ gyms and wellness spaces in the U.S.

Showcasing LGBTQIA+ women in a gym, with one woman seated and resting her hand on a large exercise ball. The scene represents one of the top LGBTQIA+ gyms in the U.S., emphasizing inclusive fitness and wellness spaces for the community.

Hey, fabulous fitness enthusiasts and rainbow warriors! Are you tired of those one-size-fits-all beauty standards? Well, buckle up, because we’re diving into a world where diversity is celebrated, and every body is a beautiful body! Today, we’re spotlighting some of the most empowering LGBTQIA+ gyms and wellness spaces in the U.S., where “Queer as in ‘f*** your beauty standard’” isn’t just a slogan – it’s a way of life!

The Queer Gym

A joyful group of LGBTQIA+ individuals at The Queer Gym, posing with workout equipment. They are smiling confidently at the camera, representing an inclusive and supportive fitness environment. This image is a celebration of diversity and fitness, highlighting one of the top LGBTQIA+ gyms in the U.S. for inclusive fitness.

Source: Women’s Health

Get your fitness on at the Queer Gym, the coolest online spot for queers across the U.S.! Ditch the bro vibes and join a crew that’s all about diversity and empowerment. The coaches are there to lift you up, whether you’re LGBTQIA+, a person of color, or just looking for a welcoming space. No judgment, just gains and good vibes at the Queer Gym!

“I absolutely love Queer Gym. Everything about it is awesome. Several classes are available nearly daily so you can fit them into any schedule. The atmosphere is welcoming; the coaches are talented, encouraging, and friendly. Workouts are so flexible, adaptable, and accessible for any fitness level. The Queer Gym coaches I’ve worked one on one with have been excellent. They focus on health over the scale and are body-positive. Couldn’t say enough about how much I love Queer Gym if I tried.”

Cathleen Burdick

DEFINE body & mind

LGBTQIA+ women joyfully dancing and smiling at DEFINE body & mind, one of the top LGBTQIA+ gyms in the U.S. for inclusive fitness.

Source: Instagram

DEFINE is Houston’s go-to fitness haven, which is all about more than just gains. Their squad of expert trainers is dedicated to sculpting bodies and good vibes for the mind and soul. Spread out across Houston, DEFINE is a rainbow of options with yoga, Pilates, cycling, and heaps more. They’re serving up a fab mix of classes in a super positive space, making shedding those pesky pounds a total blast. Here is a gym and a community where every body is celebrated.

“I enjoy Define since I discovered it when visiting my mom in Houston. I am also a big fan of Kayla’s classes, and she teaches at several studios, including this Rivers Oaks one. During the pandemic, I also took livestream classes from Define from my home. The classes are a good price ($12) compared to the in-studio ones, and there are offerings from 5:30 AM to 7:00 PM across all types of workouts. The studios are renting equipment for people who do not have that at home.”

Lisa R

O Athletik

LGBT women are actively engaged in a workout session at O Athletik, recognized as one of the Top LGBTQIA+ Gyms in the U.S. for Inclusive Fitness. They are utilizing various gym equipment, demonstrating strength and commitment in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Source: Instagram

O Athletik? Oh, they’re not just a gym; they’re a whole vibe! Nestled in the Heights, they’re serving major fitness goals with a side of fab. They get it – it’s not just about lifting weights; it’s about lifting each other up. Fierce fitness routines and real nutrition talk are all about that balanced life. Recovery and mindset? They’ve got you. And talk about LGBT-friendly? Honey, their LGBT clientele is thriving! Here is where everyone’s welcome to flex, flourish, and be their fabulous selves.

“Attended a group kettlebell and calisthenics fitness class here last Saturday with instructor Lee Davis. Left feeling great. He’s nice but holds you accountable. The cafe in the lobby is also cute. I like that memberships come with perks, and you can use points for guest passes.”

Rachel Johns

Houston Gym

A group of LGBTQIA+ individuals, radiating confidence and inclusivity, stand proudly in front of Houston Gym. They are smiling and flexing their muscles, showcasing their fitness achievements. This image represents one of the top LGBTQIA+ gyms in the U.S., promoting an inclusive fitness environment.

Source: Instagram

Houston Gym is where fitness dreams and rainbow vibes collide! They’re BFFs with icons like Nelson Vergel and Fred Walters, so you know they’re legit. With a squad of 15 trainers, they’ve got your back, whether you’re a gym newbie or a pro. They’re super picky about their crew, only choosing trainers who bring the fire and can amp you up. It’s all about that positive energy and motivation. No matter your journey, they’re here to ensure you slay your goals and have a blast doing it.

“Joined Houston Gym in June, and signed up for personal training sessions with Angie for 3 months. With her 5 star professionalism and guidance she has provided custom meal plans and custom workouts that have helped me attain any goal that I have thrown at her. She truly goes above and beyond when it comes to her clients and straight up gets results! Nothing short of 5 Stars for Angie and Houston Gym Overall!”

Stavros Kondylopoulos


Jess Thompson, an LGBT woman, is smiling and standing confidently inside getFIT615 gym, showcasing an inclusive fitness environment. The image highlights getFIT615 as one of the top LGBTQIA+ gyms in the U.S. for inclusive fitness.

Source: Superfit Hero

Jess Thompson at getFIT615 is the ultimate gym guru who’s totally shaking up the fitness scene! Jess is all about that “Wellness includes me” vibe, making sure everyone, no matter their race, gender identity, body type, or who they love, feels like they belong. Jess has been a total game-changer in just a year, launching a fab Wellness 360 program. Think dreamy two-day retreats and a six-week virtual course that’s all kinds of empowering.

“My all-time favorite gym. Great atmosphere, and it’s affordable. I feel so much better after leaving. It is an anti-diet culture gym, so the focus is always on loving your body. I have been going here for years and always will. Could not recommend it enough!!”

Cloe Clark

Solcana Fitness

Group photo of diverse LGBTQIA+ individuals at Solcana Fitness in the U.S., smiling and posing in front of a vibrant rainbow LGBT flag. The image captures the essence of inclusive fitness, showcasing a welcoming gym environment for all genders and sexual orientations.

Source: Facebook

Solcana Fitness in Minneapolis is run by Wydeven. Here is all about empowering queer folks with a focus on self-motivation and strength, not just the scale. In 2020, Wydeven even started Gyms for Justice, making moves in the anti-racism space. It’s a shame not everyone was down to join, but Solcana’s still making waves!

“Best gym ever! I joined Solcana as a newbie to lifting, and my relationship with fitness has totally changed in my year as a member. I look forward to going to the gym for the first time in my life! The friendly, nonjudgemental environment and all of the modifications that coaches offer have been really helpful in making me feel comfortable getting started and learning what my body needs. The community at Solcana is unbeatable– it is such a treat to work out with so many fun, kind people who are all working on their own personal goals.”

Mia Farinas

410 Fitness

A group of LGBTQIA+ individuals joyfully running outside at 410 Fitness, an inclusive gym in the U.S. The person at the front, embodying the spirit of Inclusive Fitness, is energetically holding a heavy weight in their hands, symbolizing strength and determination.

Source: 410 Fitness

Nestled in Baltimore’s vibrant Hampden, 410 Fitness shines as a queer-friendly gem. This unique spot, woman, queer, and Latina-owned, is all about celebrating diversity and strength, not size. They’re rocking gender-neutral restrooms, a proud Pride flag, and a member photo wall complete with pronouns. Owner Andrea Alamo champions a no-diet-culture vibe. Here, it’s not about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food; it’s just food. And strength? That’s the real goal.

“Seriously love this gym! The coaches and members are all welcoming and encouraging, meeting each person where they are in their fitness journey and adding gradual individualized challenges/modifications to each movement. This atmosphere is why I’ve kept coming back over the past 4 years! :)”

Synteche Ribeiro

No Judgement Fitness

An LGBTQIA+ woman at No Judgement Fitness in the U.S., embodying the spirit of Inclusive Fitness. She is joyfully balancing her fitness and self-care, holding a weight in one hand and a donut in the other, with a bright smile on her face, symbolizing a harmonious blend of health and happiness.

Source: No Judgment Fitness

No Judgment Fitness is the ultimate safe space for fitness! Embracing all the fab vibes, they’re here for trans, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and yes, cis folks too! Whether you’re a gym newbie or a workout warrior, you’ll feel totally at home here. No side-eyes, just support and empowerment.

“Sophia is an absolute treasure. She has created something completely unique and separate from the toxic parts of the fitness industry. The sense of community in the classes is palpable. It’s a very welcoming environment for folks new to fitness but also suits more experienced people as well! Each class is money well spent, especially with the individualized attention you get. The class size makes it feel like we’re all getting a little personal training. I’ll be coming here as long as I’m in Seattle.”

Corinne M.

Everybody Los Angeles

A diverse group of LGBTQIA+ individuals posing confidently in front of a vibrant, colorful wall at Everybody Los Angeles gym, symbolizing inclusive fitness and community in the U.S.

Source: Instagram

Everybody Los Angeles is the ultimate inclusive fitness haven! They’re totally redefining gym vibes with an outdoor gym patio decked out in battle ropes, weights, and stationary bikes. Plus, they’re serving up a fab variety of online classes. But here’s the real tea: they offer sliding scale memberships, making fitness accessible and affordable for all.

“If you know, you know. Being visibly queer is a thing. I don’t make the rules. Luckily, we have our own safe space thanks to Everybody Gym. Not many people do! Take advantage of it. Take a tour and chat with them in-person about their local and low-income options. Working out without the classic homophobic stares is worth every single penny, every single time. Thanks, Everybody. Y’all know I love you!”

Jules Marasa

Autonomy Movement

Two women at Autonomy Movement, an LGBTQIA+ inclusive gym in the U.S., are high-fiving each other in celebration. One, a personal trainer, is dressed in athletic gear, while her client, proudly wearing a rainbow wristband, has just completed a workout. Their expressions of joy and accomplishment reflect the gym's commitment to promoting inclusive fitness for all.

Source: Instagram

Founded by the insightful Kim Gould, a licensed therapist and body positivity guru, they’re rewriting the fitness narrative. Skilled in autonomy-specific language, their trainers ensure every class is a safe, mindful experience. Autonomy Movement also offers personal training tailored to all bodies, mental health counseling for holistic well-being, and intuitive movement resources.

“I had such a great experience at Autonomy Movement! I went to a Barre: Strength class and loved the positive vibes and helpful support from the instructor. The studio itself looks brand new and is beautifully decorated. The class was challenging in a good way–I felt like I could do it and the time flew by. Highly recommend checking this studio out!”

Katie G.

13th Flow

Elisabeth Akinwale, a former professional CrossFit athlete now a social worker, and Kevin Brathwaite, an experienced strength coach, are seated on large exercise balls at 13th Flow, an LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive fitness gym in the U.S. They are smiling and looking directly at the camera, symbolizing the welcoming and diverse atmosphere of the gym.

Source: Instagram

13th Flow is the ultimate gym changing the game with its fierce dedication to inclusivity. Run by the dynamic duo, Elisabeth Akinwale, a former pro-CrossFit athlete turned social worker, and Kevin Brathwaithe, a seasoned strength coach, they’re not just fitness gurus; they’re revolutionaries. Their mantra? Functional training with a twist, embracing everyone’s unique journey, whether you’re flexing muscles or mental resilience.

“Prior to joining 13th flow I’d spent years trying to get fit, only to be met with nagging pains and injuries that hampered my progress. The approach that 13th flow that takes to fitness is one that was perfect for someone like me who’s struggled with consistency as a consequence of pain. Kevin and Elizabeth had an answer or solution for any problem or discomfort I experienced. Their instruction with respect to form helped me learn to do lifts I was previously too intimidated to attempt.”

Aberon Truneh

Strive & Uplift

An inclusive and diverse group of LGBTQIA+ individuals posing for a group photo at Strive & Uplift, a gym promoting Inclusive Fitness in the U.S. They are smiling at the camera with a backdrop of rainbow flags. One person is playfully hanging from a piece of gym equipment on the ceiling, adding a fun and dynamic element to the scene.

Source: Strive and Uplift

Strive and Uplift is the gym changing the game! They welcome all fitness levels, ditching gendered talk for a vibe where everyone’s heard. Whether it’s bodyweight flow or kettlebell training, they’ve got your back. Plus, their sliding scale membership makes fitness accessible for all.

“The gym is very personal, they seem to have really good talent, there’s something for everyone. Barbells, squat racks, kettlebells, turf. There’s a lot of good energy, and I hope this community grows and they can expand more classes. If you’re in the area and in the market to get fit, I highly recommend it.”

Khadijah L.

The OUT Foundation

group photo of diverse individuals smiling and posing together at an OUTAthletics event hosted by The OUT Foundation, showcasing pride and camaraderie.

Source: The OUT Foundation

Sweat it out with pride at OUTAthletics by The OUT Foundation! These are more than just CrossFit events; they’re nationwide celebrations of fitness and LGBTQ+ empowerment. Every rep, every sweat drop funds the OUTAthlete Scholarship, hooking up young community members with gym memberships. Get ready for diverse, dynamite WODs in partnership with cool host gyms. Check their calendar for events that are all about fitness, fun, and fierce community vibes!

Halfpence Moon Yoga

A pair of cheerful LGBT women in workout clothes, enjoying their time at Halfpence Moon Yoga, a welcoming gym and wellness center for the LGBT community in New York.

Source: Facebook

Step into the zen zone of Halfpence Moon Yoga! Allyson Higgins-Halfpenny is flipping the script on traditional gyms, creating a yoga haven where everybody rocks. Join in-person or online for classes that ooze inclusivity and body positivity. This isn’t just a studio; it’s a vibe. Where being you isn’t just okay – it’s celebrated!

Pop Gym

A diverse group of LGBTQIA+ individuals proudly smiling and flexing their muscles inside Pop Gym, a U.S.-based inclusive fitness center promoting a supportive and welcoming environment for all.

Source: Instagram

Pop Gym is absolutely slaying the fitness game with its fierce commitment to inclusivity. They’re all about empowering folks in and out of the gym. Think yoga, self-defense, and de-escalation workshops – all at little to no cost (yasss, budget-friendly!). Plus, they’re a haven for the LGBTQIA fam, offering a directory of friendly spots to sweat it out. Whether you’re flexing, stretching, or just finding your zen, Pop Gym is where it’s at.

Dean CrossFit

Group of diverse individuals standing and smiling together at Dean CrossFit, an LGBT-friendly gym and wellness space in New York.

Source: Instagram

This Black-owned gem ensures everyone feels seen and supported regardless of their fitness level. Dean CrossFit has an amazing outdoor space for those who love fresh air workouts, plus a top-notch indoor facility for all your fitness needs. And hey, if you’re all about that living room workout life, Dean’s got your back with options that bring the burn home.

“Dean Crossfit is my home away from home, and I couldn’t ask for a better community to be a part of! I primarily take the CrossFit and Olympic lifting classes, but the variety of other classes is so fun to participate in, like the butts and guts and boot camp classes. Great for any age and experience level. The coaches always meet you where you’re at and are always engaging and encouraging you to keep pushing yourself.”

Morgan Lozano

The Fit In

A group of LGBT women wearing vibrant sports attire, sitting and standing while smiling at 'The Fit In', a gym and wellness space in New York dedicated to the LGBT community.

Source: The Fit In 

The Fit In is where gym culture gets a much-needed makeover! This Black-owned gem is a rainbow of inclusivity, with BIPOC women instructors leading the charge. They’re all about Pilates, HIIT, and more, with a side of fierce community vibes. Their classes? Total bops! Think Beyoncé beats, Afro-pop rhythms, and 90s hip-hop vibes as you slay those squats.

305 Fitness

Group of LGBT women joyfully dancing under colorful spotlights at 305 Fitness in New York, symbolizing an inclusive and vibrant gym and wellness space for the LGBT community.

Source: Instagram

This fab gym, 305 Fitness, is where the party’s at! They’re all about that loud, proud vibe, welcoming every shape, size, and sparkle. They throw Pride-themed classes in NYC & LA with drag queen hosts – yas queen! Can’t join IRL? No prob, they’ve got you with their lit YouTube channel for at-home workouts. Perfect for your summer travels.

“My favorite workout, by far, is one of my favorite activities. I truly can’t say enough good things. Yes, it’s an excellent workout — you will be out of breath and sweating buckets — but it’s so much more than that. This place brings me up no matter how down I was when I first walked in. It makes me feel optimistic about life. It makes me feel happy to be a woman. It’s EVERYTHING.”

Erin N.

Exploring queer gyms in Los Angeles and New York City

Two LGBTQIA+ women embrace warmly in a gym setting in the U.S., symbolizing inclusive fitness. Behind them, a large rainbow flag, representing the LGBTQIA+ community, adorns the wall, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and diversity.

Los Angeles and New York City are shining beacons for the LGBTQIA+ community, offering many queer-friendly workout spaces. These fitness studios go beyond physical activity; they serve as safe havens where inclusivity fuels every squat, lift, and stretch.

The rise of queer gyms in urban landscapes

Two LGBTQIA+ women, symbolizing diversity and inclusion, are joyfully walking through an urban landscape in the U.S. They are chatting animatedly, with one of them wearing a T-shirt from an Inclusive Fitness gym, highlighting the importance of supportive environments in fitness spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community.

In LA’s bustling streets and NYC’s towering skyscrapers lie hidden gems: inclusive gyms that have become second homes to many. With one out of every eight adults identifying as LGBTQIA+, these cities understand the need for such spaces. They offer an open gym atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable—regardless of their identity or expression.

From pride month celebrations to year-long support, these gyms represent more than just places to work out—they’re pillars of strength within the community. It’s about having access to top-notch workout equipment and building connections with those who share similar life experiences.

Tailored fitness training in queer spaces

LGBTQIA+ people participate in a yoga session in a vibrant park, exemplifying the concept of Tailored Fitness Training in Queer Spaces. This scene captures the essence of inclusive fitness, demonstrating how gyms and wellness spaces in the U.S. are adapting to meet the diverse needs of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Fitness training here is designed with a deep understanding that one size does not fit all. Inclusive fitness options cater specifically to varied needs within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum—from weight loss journeys starting on day one all the way through intense strength training sessions tailored for trans bodies undergoing transformational changes.

The trainers at these facilities are well-versed in diverse training methods ensuring that each individual feels seen and supported during their fitness routine—a testament echoed by gym members across multiple locations.

Community events at LA and NYC queer gyms

A vibrant, inclusive fitness event taking place in a spacious outdoor field, reminiscent of a concert area, filled with a diverse group of LGBTQIA+ individuals. Participants from various queer gyms in Los Angeles and New York City are joyfully engaged in a dancing workout session, illustrating the unity and community spirit within the U.S. LGBTQIA+ fitness scene.

Beyond dumbbells and treadmills lies a robust schedule brimming with social events that turn exercise into exhilarating shared experiences among friends old and new alike—the kind you might see mentioned on social media feeds filled with smiling faces from small group gatherings set against backdrops like rooftop lounges or courtyard gardens.

Mental health workshops sit alongside self-defense classes highlighting how deeply ingrained wellness is in everything offered by these urban sanctuaries—with even beauty treatments available post-workout because why not celebrate your hard work?

Inclusive amenities at LGBTQIA+ fitness studios

Gender-Neutral Facilities for Comfort and Safety

An LGBTQIA+ woman and man are comfortably using a gender-neutral facility in a gym in the U.S., promoting inclusive fitness. The space is welcoming and safe, designed to support the diverse needs of all gym members, reflecting the principles of equality and inclusivity.

Finding a gym where you feel comfortable can be tough, especially when locker rooms and restrooms are often gendered. But queer gyms get it right with gender-neutral facilities, making them safe spaces for everyone, regardless of their gender identity. These places aren’t just about fitness; they’re havens where respect is part of the workout routine.

A recent survey showed that 5 out of 6 people in the LGBTQIA+ community would prefer a gym with inclusive amenities like these because let’s face it—safety isn’t just about how much weight you can bench press. It’s also about feeling secure enough to even step into the squat rack without fear or discomfort.

Group classes that celebrate diversity

A group of LGBTQIA+ women joyfully dancing and playing together in a gym in the U.S. The scene represents an Inclusive Fitness class, celebrating diversity and community spirit in a welcoming and supportive environment.

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable during a mainstream fitness class, then group training sessions at an inclusive gym might just change your tune. Picture this: classes where diversity is accepted and celebrated—a place where every high-five comes from understanding hands.

The energy in these group classes goes beyond calorie burn; here lies an opportunity to connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts who share similar stories. The stats speak volumes—with over half reporting greater mental health benefits from such communal experiences than any solo session could offer—and who wouldn’t want that extra dose of happiness alongside their body pump achievements?

Boutique hotels with fitness offerings for the queer traveler

A vibrant scene of LGBTQIA+ individuals gathered at the edge of an indoor swimming pool in a boutique hotel in the U.S., poised to jump into the water. The atmosphere is lively and inclusive, with diverse people of various identities chatting and laughing together. The pool area is adorned with rainbow flags symbolizing LGBTQIA+ pride. Nearby, gym equipment from the hotel's Inclusive Fitness program is visible, showcasing the hotel's commitment to providing a welcoming and accessible fitness environment for all guests.

Travelers who identify as LGBTQIA+ often seek out destinations that embrace their lifestyle, including hotels with fitness amenities tailored to their needs. Boutique hotels have stepped up, blending luxury stays with queer-friendly workout experiences.

A workout with a view – rooftop pools and terraces

A diverse group of LGBTQIA+ individuals participating in a warm-up session at an Inclusive Fitness gym located in the U.S. The gym, situated on a rooftop, is surrounded by large windows offering panoramic views of the city skyline. The members, representing a spectrum of identities and expressions, are engaged in various stretching and light exercise activities, promoting a sense of community and well-being in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

The allure of a rooftop pool or terrace is undeniable, especially when it doubles as a space for invigorating fitness classes. Imagine starting your day gazing at the skyline while engaging in an early morning yoga session or high-intensity interval training. These boutique accommodations don’t just promise comfort; they deliver an inclusive workout experience that turns exercise into a memorable part of your travel journey.

Sipping on post-workout smoothies at the rooftop bar isn’t just refreshing—it’s about basking in an atmosphere where diversity is celebrated and everyone feels welcome. From strength training under open skies to sunset stretches beside shimmering waters, these venues understand that wellness extends beyond physical health to include mental peace and social connection.

Finding an inclusive gym near your stay

LGBTQIA+ women, smiling with joy, discover an inclusive gym in the U.S. dedicated to Inclusive Fitness on their smartphone.

Convenience matters when you’re exploring new cities. Staying within walking distance from inclusive gyms means more time spent enjoying workouts rather than commuting through busy streets. Whether you prefer functional training sessions or self-defense classes designed for all body types and gender expressions, finding accommodation close to friendly fitness studios ensures no interruption to your routine.

These select spots offer not only state-of-the-art gym gear but also foster safe spaces where being yourself isn’t just accepted—it’s encouraged. After all, feeling comfortable during workouts goes hand-in-hand with achieving long-term health goals—whether it’s weight loss or muscle gain—and boutique hotels get this right by ensuring proximity to community gyms imbued with pride year-long.

Setting and achieving fitness goals at Everybody Gym

A vibrant scene of LGBTQIA+ women joyfully dancing together at Everybody Gym in Los Angeles, embodying the spirit of inclusive fitness. The gym, known for its focus on providing a safe and welcoming space for the LGBTQIA+ community in the U.S., is filled with diverse individuals celebrating their identity through movement and exercise.

If you’re looking to mix up your fitness routine, Everybody Gym in LA is the place where inclusivity meets ambition. With a mantra that celebrates every body type, this gym has become a haven for those who’ve felt uncomfortable or unwelcome in mainstream fitness spaces.

Personalized training services for everybody

Two LGBTQIA+ women celebrate their success at an inclusive gym in the U.S. by high-fiving each other.

The personal trainers here are more than muscle; they’re magicians of motivation. They get that we all start from different places and have our own mountains to climb—be it weight loss, strength training, or just finding some peace on the mat. The one-on-one attention ensures workouts are tailored not only to fit your goals but also to match your vibe. It’s no wonder four out of five members rave about the transformative experience.

From weight loss to strength training – a versatile approach

An LGBTQIA+ personal trainer is coaching a woman in a strength training exercise at an inclusive fitness gym in the U.S. The gym is equipped with modern training equipment, and both trainer and trainee are focused and engaged, embodying the spirit of inclusive fitness in a welcoming environment for the LGBTQIA+ community.

This isn’t just another cookie-cutter gym where you blend into the background among rows of intimidating equipment. At Everybody Gym, variety spices up life—and workout routines. Whether it’s through dance-inspired cardio blasts or powerlifting prowess classes, there’s something here that’ll spark joy (and sweat) regardless of what shape you’re in when you walk through their doors.

Fancy shaking things up? Check out their class schedules, packed with everything from high-energy body pump sessions to zen yoga flows—all designed with an inclusive twist so everyone can step off the sidelines and into action.

So you’ve toured the top LGBTQIA+ gyms in the U.S., diving into places where workouts meet acceptance. You’ve seen how LA and NYC are pioneering spaces that do more than just pump iron—they build community.

Remember those inclusive amenities? They’re game-changers, ensuring everyone feels comfortable while getting fit. Group classes aren’t just about burning calories; they’re celebrations of diversity.

Ponder boutique hotels offering fitness with a flair for travelers—rooftop views included. Think of Everybody Gym’s tailored approach to your health goals as a beacon for bespoke training services.

Your takeaway? Whether it’s lifting weights or self-esteem, these gyms stand out all year long—not only during Pride Month. Fitness is personal, so find your space and make it yours.

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