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LGBTQ+ Womxn Talk about Dating while 30+

May 01, 2019

Congratulations!  You’ve made it to dating in your 30’s. At one point, you reflect back on your 12-year-old self that had dreams of graduating college, having a family, and holding a steady job by the time you were 25. No thanks!  It’s time to live your best queer life and do all the rainbow filled things you want.
Do you still want to do this with someone? Even being the strong, independent person that you are, it’s still nice to share experiences with that kindred flame. We reached out to the HER Community to see how they felt about dating when you are over 30 and there seemed to be a trend:
48 – GL – Dating as a 48 year old lipstick – trans woman has been rather awkward
47- RE – It’s hard dating people my age as I find they have different priorities
39 – RL – A nightmare, still cute enough to attract someone but as soon as my age comes up it’s sayonara
38 – LH – Dating? That’s a myth right?
30 – ZN – Maybe people around my age or over are probably married with kids…?   
And the list goes on. While this seems to be the trend, there were also many positive responses that left us excited and ready to get back out there.
41 – RI – I’m 41 (going on 25) and the dating app culture takes some getting used to. When you are deemed an “old fashioned romantic” (i.e. no genital pics and a date before a shag) It’s a potential minefield while also being a lot of fun.
30 – PB – Serious and stay with me in paradise
53 – TI – It’s interesting. I am 53, dated my first gf when I was 15. You couldn’t be out or proud of dating then.  I am very grateful I can date now and not be afraid
36 – NE – I love it. I know what I want and don’t want. Can go up and down in age. 20’s is what was the worst
See! There is hope yet – think of the perks that go along with dating when you’re over 30.  You’ve potentially found a career you love, get to travel whenever you like and know exactly what you want because you had the time to love yourself. You deserve the best, don’t stop until you find it.

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