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Our New Website

Feb 02, 2013

Well a bit back to front but this may be the first post you read so we should probably tell you a bit about our  shiny new website!!
This is the new Dattch Life. It’s a space we’re going to use to show you all the weird and wonderful world of the webs about girls, dating, sex, coolness, weirdness, love, friends and anything else that takes our fancy.
People using the app always send us cool things or share cool things and we thought it was about time we had one place to share it all back.
We’re using some nifty colour coding so you can flick through things from the main view:
Blue – it’s just an image we like
Pink – Product – there’s an update for the app or some news and we’re letting you know
Yellow – Musings of a Dattch employee
Purple – Partners- People we think are awesome
You can submit content to us via – and we’ll be happy to post.
As always, you know our vibe, we want your feedback. So tell us what you think, we want the good the bad and the ugly.

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