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In the mood for pan-tastic humor? Then you’ll love these funny af pansexual memes!

Robyn Exton

May 04, 2023

In the mood for pan-tastic humor? Then you’ll love these funny af pansexual memes!

First of all, we’re not actually into pans — though we do appreciate a good cookware pun! The beauty in pansexuality is about being open to love, whatever form it takes, since it entails being attracted to poeple regardless of gender. 

So even if people use humor to make fun of others with the typical pansexual stereotypes, what’s a better clap back than not being afraid to laugh at ourselves along the way?

We’re all about inclusivity and acceptance, and we want this article to bring a little laughter to your day with some of the most relatable content out there on the web.

Source: Wattpad

To all our fellow internet connoisseurs, pan hotties, and pan allies, we’ve curated a list of some fincredibly funny pansexual memes for the group chat, your family, and even to shoot your shot with your crush.

RE: The pansexual panic you feel when you see a cutie

When we say pansexual panic we don’t mean Panic! At The Disco, even if Mr. Brendon Urie is out and proud, but the paralizing feeling of seeing someone so attractive you don’t know what to do! 

For example, you ever see a person on the street, at your favorite coffee shop, at campus, or at a party, and the pansexual panic just consumes you? Well, the best thing to do is to say it with a meme.

Relax. Breathe. Oh dear they’re too hot!

Source: Pinterest

This one right here perfectly sums up the overwhelming feeling of seeing your crush out in the wild and not knowing what to do. Talking to them is definitely not so easy, especially if you don’t know them! So it’s easy to stay frozen for a few seconds before knowing what to do. 

But don’t worry, don’t be afraid to say hi! A friendly interaction will definitely make an impact.

Hey there cutie, are you pan? 

Source: Pinterest

Pan dating is serious business. Yes, you might not care about other’s gender identity, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, and this meme sums up perfectly the moment when you’re trying to figure out if the hottie in front of you is actually part of the alphabet fam or even an ally.

You might analyze their outfit or see if they order oat milk with that lavender latte, and on the outside, you probably look just like that cat in the picture.

A moment of true acceptance.

This one is for when you see someone from a gender different than yours, and you’re reminded exactly why you’re pan. 

It’s extremely satisfying to know that with so many attractive people in the world, you have the privilege to appreciate it on a deeper level than others. Amazing, right? It truly was never an option to be straight.

Gotta make fun of the “pansexuals love pans” stereotype too 

We might sound like a broken record with this one, but c’mon, don’t you want to reclaim the joke? Take it away from those who use it to ignore pansexuality’s true meaning, and own them, because the only thing that matters is that you know who you truly are.

Ah, yes. Gotta love the cookware.

Source: Cheezeburger

This one is a classic. We’ve all heard it; we all know it. It deserved an honorable mention on the list. 

This meme and its variations compose the majority of the pan memes you see online, and even if it’s not the most clever one out there, we can appreciate its historical value. I mean, many people only know the term “pansexual” because of a similar image and decided to Google it!

Please leave my Martha Stewart skills out of this.

Source: Memeroid

Now, this is a clever way to do it. Showcasing Will Smith in Men In Black III (2012), this meme has layers to it! – Get it? Just like cakes!

People like to joke about how pansexuals love to cook and bake to be close to pots and pans, and what if your hobby is making some killer cookies? That has nothing to do with who you love. I won’t be taking questions. 

No trying to be rude, but c’mon.

Source: Imgflip

Time to call them out. It really is annoying to hear the same automatic response over and over again. They should make a “try to understand my sexuality instead of joking about it,” challenge. It’s a long title, but you get the idea.

And if you’re not trans and you truly want to be an ally, avoid saying this as soon as you find out someone is pan. Believe me, it will not be the first time they hear it, so try to break the ice some other way.

Coming out memes:  “I am actually pansexual”

Trying to come out as pansexual in a funny way? Want to tell someone you’re pan without making it “a whole thing”? Then sending a meme might be for you: quick and easy to understand, —  it’s perfect.

Call me Pitbull, because I’m worldwide.

You can now consider yourself an official citizen of Pansexual Country, population: about 2% of the planet. National anthem: any hit by Miley Cyrus. National animal: the pan-da (we had to).

In all seriousness, though, this is a great meme to make a lighthearted nod to your sexuality. 

If they actually believe it’s a country that would be hilarious, but also they should be worried about their geography knowledge.

These hands are rated E for everyone (to hold).

Source: Reddit

This is a special one for videogame lovers, what’s better than saying “My heart is rated E for Everyone”? It definitely is the best option!

The true bliss of variety.

Source: Reddit

It really can be shocking sometimes.

These two sum up the pan experience perfectly. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to have so many options when so many people are your type, and if you’re polyamorous,  sometimes finding the “perfect person” can be a tough choice. So, sending these is a quick and easy way to express the struggle to others.

Attraction directly from Mt. Olympus, baby. 

Source: Imgflip

Being this cool and open to love so many people can feel like a superpower, right? Like if you were one of the chosen ones to use pansexuality for humanity’s betterment (with your awesomeness). Kinda like Thor, but instead of a hammer, you get a pretty flag and some flirting skills.

There is always a relatable “pansexuals be like” moment

These moments are what bring communities together, the oddly specific scenes that only a niche group may experience. And that’s so great! Because in the end, you know you are not alone in this journey towards understanding who you are a little bit better.

The daily internal battle.

Source: Reddit

Stop making pan people choose. Not even only their type! Where to eat? Negative. Favorite color? No can do. Being pansexual is about being able to love everyone and everything, and that may translate into other areas of their lives as well.

So yeah, when asked if you prefer goth girls or golden retriever himbos, just say “all of the above”.

All I do is win, win, win.

Source: Memeroid

The odds are always in your favor! Not only for doms or tops, playing all sides definitely sounds like a win for my subs and bottoms out there too! 

I’ll get back to you when I know, mom.

Source: Reddit

Luckily, there are many options nowadays to have a family, but if we’re talking traditional conception here, it really is a coin toss, so maybe have some fun with it and let your folks try to guess who your next partner will be.

And lastly, a great comeback for the haters…

Source: Tumblr

Panphobia is, unfortunately, still very prevalent in today’s society *pretends to be shocked*. There are people who insist it is the same thing as bisexuality or the ones that ask you to pick sides, and others that simply don’t understand the fact that people can be “not straight”.

You don’t owe these people an explanation or education, so sometimes you just gotta say “mamma mia” in disapproval of their actions, and move along.

And there you have it, my precious pan peeps! Hope these memes made you laugh out loud and made it into your camera roll in case you need them later.

Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER. Find her on Twitter.

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